The Boxing Club’s July Fight Night and UFC 162. WTF.

This afternoon, I was able to spend some time with my homies at The Boxing Club during their Fight Night.  I caught some good matches, especially my own Coach, Coach Jessica.  She launched a superman punch during her exhibition match with one of our own muay thai students.  It was awesome.

UFC 162 did not disappoint either.  Cub Swanson did work, Mark Muñoz did work, Tim Kennedy did too…but Chris Weidman…holy fuck.

WHAT THE FUCK ANDERSON.  REALLY. (props to Sherdog for the picture, I'm just hosting my own copy so I don't steal their bandwidth)

(props to Sherdog for the picture, I’m just hosting my own copy so I don’t steal their bandwidth)

I expected a KO, but not like this.  Anderson spent the better part of the two rounds taunting Chris Weidman, trying to get a rise out of him.  Weidman did not fall into Anderson’s web, and instead, became the rain that washed the spider out.  The rain being Weidman’s fists.  He punched Silva right in the face, then as Silva hit the mat, Weidman followed up with some strikes to the face, one of which knocked out Silva cold.  I saw it.  COLD.

I was watching the event with my coaches at TBC, and one of ’em had some words for me.



With that, Chris Weidman is now the UFC Middleweight Champion.  Anderson Silva held that belt for six years, eight months and 22 days.  Can Chris Weidman match that?  I doubt it, but it would be great if he did.  Also…the UFC middleweight division is going to be a lot more hectic now.  So…fight fans, what matches would you like to see?  A rubber match, perhaps?  Silva pretty much said that he’s done fightin’ for the belt so….

Mark Muñoz?

Is that a gun in your pocket? or are you just happy to see me…

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