State of the WWE – Post WM30

It’s been a hellacious of a couple weeks in the WWE. Now that we are two weeks removed from Wrestlemania (in the Silverdome, brother! lol), enough time has passed to gather my thoughts and see what the programming may/may not have in store for us. Here are some key thoughts I had:

First, let us reflect on the passing of the Ultmate Warrior. He is perhaps the most enigmatic superstar of all time. Just as it seems he buried the hatchet with Vince McMahon… His chilling RAW speech the Monday after which was most intriguing. Warrior almost certainly foretold the end of his own legend and told the fans how to maintain his legacy. My heart goes out to his family, especially his young daughters. He is an icon for all the ages. We’ll always have your cryptic promos.

Was there ever any doubt about Daniel Bryan? No. That’s all. He’s a great worker and they built up to this so well (and almost for too long). Evolution is back and they will have their hands full against The Shield. All that left is to turn Hulk Hogan “Hollywood” again and bring back the nWo to partake in this stable feud.

21-1: The Streak is over. Oh yeah, spoiler alert. Brock Lesnar beat the Undertaker into a severe concussion on the greatest stage of them all. If there is anyone worthy of it, it is the former NCAA and UFC champ Lesnar. What interests me most is how the WWE capitalizes on it. Who will Lesnar face next? Batista has already become a victim of bad booking. Maybe Lesnar takes a break until next Wrestlemania because Cesaro is also a Paul Heyman guy and may finally receive his more than well-deserved push (eh negatron3000?).

Let’s face it, with the world watching, CM Punk was (and still is) a no-show. Maybe we have seen the last of Phil Brooks. It would have been the perfect time for him to surface, even for an instant. Alas, Stone Cold mentioned on his podcast that he’d regret not being there and time will tell if that’s true. However, Rob Van Dam is back and stars from NXT like Paige, EmmaRusev, Adam Rose and Bo Dallas have bigger parts on the main roster. Triple H, you did well by revamping the developmental system. Now if only they’d let Big E Langston do the five count… The world keeps turning and the WWE doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

P.S. Bray Wyatt and John Cena. Best promos ever.


Video clips taken from WWE YouTube channel. Articles from Bleacher Report WWE and eWrestlingNews. WWE wrestler images were taken from and screencapped from WWE programming.