Crossing Over – SSB X Jabronie Pictures (Pow!)

You’ve got a geek blog that’s too bro’d out for its own good.  You’ve got a studio that’s known for hard-hitting action.  What do you get when you combine the two together?

Anti-KuyaZone madness.

That’s right, Strawberry Scented Burnout and Jabronie Pictures (the studio behind the tokusatsu series “Battle Hero Absolute”) are teaming up to bring you more hard-hitting geek action while fighting off the denizens of the KuyaZone!  SSB will be providing behind-the-scenes coverage of Battle Hero Absolute and maybe a few of us will be appearing in future episodes.  Some of the Battle Hero characters will be appearing in SSB!  Be prepared.

Bite the pillow, WE’RE GOING IN DRY.

Strawberry Scented Burnout: Taekwondo #2 – Mina’s first fight!

Property of Team Mixed Nuts, so don’t steal this. Serious.

Without further adoo-doo, here’s issue #2 of Strawberry Scented Burnout: Taekwondo!  Mina and Jay are about to have their first fight, but not before Jay goes over the rules.  Rules are important, you know.

S.S. Burnout: Tae Kwon Do

There comes a time for growth, there comes a time for change, and there comes a time to completely smack the world over the head with something no one saw coming. You guys have been the loyal faithful and the dedicated followers. It’s high time that WE (Team Mixed Nuts) return the love and provide you guys with an outlet like none other. Tomorrow- the first issue of  our side project- Strawberry Scented burnout: Tae Kwon Do, will be featured in the brand new issue of the Korea Daily! these are exciting times for the team. Be sure to pick up your copy!  Consider yourself well read.  Be excited my brethren.

What i’m about to show you is TOP SECRET! so keep this on the low low…here is the FIRST unofficial cover of SSB:TKD…

it. is. so. beautiful.

Big Boss Man Twitch decided to put ME on the first issue EVER. What can I say, except I desserve it. thank you very much. I love you all…

edit: Man, Handsome Justin gets a cover and I don’t.  Boo.

The Beginning of Something Special

I am BNMotive, but you may call me BN. In short, I am a Mexican college student currently working on my Illustration mayor. However, what truly matters is that I come here to share with you my experiences as an artist. Why? Well, I didn’t have much guidance as a kid, and so I want share some of my experience with the readers.
That being:
-my art techniques (occasional tutorials)
-stories and photos of my trips
-and my views on entertainment. (like  games, comics, movies and shows).

Talking about sharing experiences, I think the 90’s entertainment made a huge impression in my life as an artist. Those were the times in which I was completely oblivious of story archetypes and clichés, so I was very open to anything I could get my hands on even if i didn’t understand it’s intended meaning. however, never the less we can all agree that we could never wait for new episodes of our favorite programs to show on TV, specially the ones with our favorite theme songs.

now days I can always come back and look back at that precious nostalgia and re-interpret all those theme songs and shows as an adult and bring a whole new light of appreciation for the things I love.

take Dragonball and Digimon in this case, back then I only saw the Mexican version since it was the only thing available at the time. but seriously, how was I supposed to know that all these great series came from a different country called Japan? and to make it even more intriguing, how was I supposed to know that each version of these series came in different languages and had variety of editing choices? knowing that information blew my mind. so I was hooked to know even more about the matter.

thankfully the internet these days are great sources for such things, so now we can appreciate the work of the people who made these shows possible. I went out there and did some small research, so here are some of the interesting samples I got for DragonBall and Digimon. personally, I like the intros the same in their own particular ways. in addition to that, I found a very interesting site that links to the portfolio site of American composer Shuki Levy. this man was involved in an incredible repertory of series that probably most of us grew up with, so give it a try and see what you can find, you could probably find something that you had forgotten in the past! also, here I sign out. enjoy!

Dragon Ball Z

Rock The Dragon by Shuki Levy and Kussa Mahehi. (United States)

Chala Head Chala By Hironobu Kageyama (Japan)

Chala Head Chala By Ricado Silva (Mexico)


Digimon: Digital Monsters by Shuki Levy:
The Biggest Dreamer by Koji Wada
Gran Sueño by Doblaje Intertrack Mexico