S.S. Burnout: Tae Kwon Do

There comes a time for growth, there comes a time for change, and there comes a time to completely smack the world over the head with something no one saw coming. You guys have been the loyal faithful and the dedicated followers. It’s high time that WE (Team Mixed Nuts) return the love and provide you guys with an outlet like none other. Tomorrow- the first issue of  our side project- Strawberry Scented burnout: Tae Kwon Do, will be featured in the brand new issue of the Korea Daily! these are exciting times for the team. Be sure to pick up your copy!  Consider yourself well read.  Be excited my brethren.

What i’m about to show you is TOP SECRET! so keep this on the low low…here is the FIRST unofficial cover of SSB:TKD…

it. is. so. beautiful.

Big Boss Man Twitch decided to put ME on the first issue EVER. What can I say, except I desserve it. thank you very much. I love you all…

edit: Man, Handsome Justin gets a cover and I don’t.  Boo.


Number 2 pencils sharpened.  A thin film of Eraser dust covers the workspace.  A never ending, and ever changing playlist of epic battle music carries through the background.  Classes and work more or less being left to the wayside.  The same t-shirt starts to see more than a few days of wear in a row.  Inspiration starts flowing from the strangest places…it’s here…

Four SSB artists are after the Title and bragging rights in today’s “Battle Royale”. All four artists were given the task to draw a certain character from the comic AND, if i may add. One of SSB’s more Dashing members of the group. The winner is determined by YOUR votes. (Poll’s close NEXT Friday at noon 5/11/12) 

Introducing the Artists

  • First. Fresh out of Gotham City University where he Majored in Poly Sci but he minored in LOVE!!! BRUZEWAAAAYNE

  • Next. He’s a proud Leo and a Horrible Dancer! JAAAAAAAAAN!!!

  • Next. Hailing from Tijuana Mexico, He doesn’t speak a lick of English, but we still love him…BNMOOTIIIIVE!!!

  • And finally. The new blood in the SSB family, He makes beats and once ate 20 hot dogs in an hour. JINXHAAAAAAAND!!! 

Now Ladies and Gents, you’ve seen what the Team can do and it’s all on YOU now. VOTE! and make sure your favorite wins…VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

Feeling Great, How are you?

Howdy, hello, greetings, salutations and such. Reporting alive and well from the desk in the corner of my room at approximately 1′o clock in the afternoon and things appear to be all sorts of grand. Did you ever find yourself amidst one of these invincible moods where nothing can touch you? It doesn’t even have to come after some grand accomplishment. Some days I wake up, roll out of bed, click my computer back on and allow a glorious soundtrack of Ranma 1/2 to go tearing through my ear drums while the afternoon is still young.


With an 90′s anime soundtrack of sheer victory now encompassing my body I proceed to consume a corn muffin with the ruthlessness of a Hun warrior. Standing a not too shabby five foot eleven inches clad in nothing less than Evisu Jeans and an Target Brand v neck t-shirt I take the keyboard in one hand and the mouse in the other and proceed to weaving a masterful symphony of mouse clicks and keyboard taps within Photoshop to create new banners and images of grand proportions.

It goes so much farther than the design work though. It’s amazing to wake up inspired and be able to crack out hours of work before most are getting their day started, but that’s not the end of the deal. It’s that feeling that you can really do whatever you want. In literature they refer to it as the confidence of the youth. The invincible armor many of us seem to be able to throw on that consist of blind ambition and never ending drive. It’s a beautiful thing when that becomes an everyday occurrence and you feel empowered just by waking up. I started writing this post and had no idea what it was I was writing about but it’s pretty abundantly clear to me now by the end of the post.

I’m having an amazingly wonderful time living life right now and I’m only getting started. If you’re not doing something that gives you that same feeling then my only advice would be to stop at nothing to find an occupation where you are doing exactly what it is you want to be doing. And if it turns out what you thought was for you really wasn’t. Drop everything again and move on. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to skip around your room in dances of euphoria but I am able to do that because simply living is making me happy right now. All the things that should be considered “work” are a pleasure. Once you’ve gotten to that point my friends it doesn’t get any better. Let’s make it happen, the sky isn’t even the limit, it’s only the beginning for us. No offense to the big man from Brooklyn.

Here Comes a New Challanger!

GUESS WHO SUCKAS! Here’s the polyvore for myself. featuring relaxed black skinny jeans. Tailored jean jacket and fitted HEATHER GRAY hoodie should be worn like the combo pictured below. This gettup also features zebra striped supreme edition Vans authentics and supreme backpack and Gray beanie (no logo) which should be worn like the rapper T.I, but less stupid.


Jared 2.0

jared 2

So my second attempt at Jared’s wardrobe…You have 2 options.
HEATHER GRAY crew neck tee feauturing black chest pocket, relaxed skinny jeans and brown Paladium boots. Second option features the same jeans, basic black Vans Authentics, graphic tee (which can be anything you want to draw as long as the colors go with sweater) and a Cardigan sweater which should be worn opened and loosely fit (but not baggy) 


Me and Heather

So it would seem I have somewhat of an unhealthy obsession with heather gray. The infamous fabric material has probably been on your very own back on more than one occasion whether it be a mandatory gym uniform in middle school with your schools name pasted proudly across the front in some Serif type set or if you have bought any number of Supreme, Dior, or Givenchy pieces. remarkably almost all of which are released in some sort of heather gray whether it be Ash, Salt and Pepper, Eco, or Charcoal.I have encountered hate for the color in the past, for some people it may awaken repressed memories of being stuffed in gym lockers as a young student but I cast all of these doubts to the side. Without a doubt my favorite color/option purchase, heather gray offers the perfect balances between neutrality and a touch of off base-ness. It sure isn’t white, but it definitely isn’t as definitive as black either. Something about that speckled nonsense keeps bringing me back for more.
Sorry to rant about something like t-shirt materials for the whole post but it’s all so necessary!  eyemusing and myself will be designing SSB tees in the very near future. So get your moms credit cards and start saving all your birthday money kiddos!

Ja red


So I tried to pick clothes that were just as handsome as Jared is but it’s just not possible. Here’s a few items that are cautious, cunning and also says “hey guys I’m in a Frat and i’m handsome”… The white dress shirt should be buttoned like the model in the picture and left untucked with the skinny black tie loosely around the collar. The jeans should taper at the bottom and rest comfortably behind the tounge of those bomb ass Paladium Boots.