The Madness Begins – SDSU Wins in OT


Image via UT San Diego

It’s better to win ugly than to lose gracefully. Fortunately, the fourth-seeded San Diego State University Aztecs went with the prior.

SDSU had built a 14-point lead early in the second half; however, the 13th-seeded New Mexico State Aggies came charging back after a 14-4 run. With 16.9 seconds left, the usually reliable senior guard Xavier Thames mishandled the inbounds pass which eventually led to New Mexico State’s Kevin Aronis making the clutch 3-pointer and tying up the score 60-60 at the end of regulation. It was the fourth overtime game on the first full day of the NCAA Tournament.

However, in the end SDSU was victorious outscoring New Mexico 13-9 in OT. Up next the Aztecs face the North Dakota State Bison who beat the Oklahoma Sooners in overtime earlier in the day. Tip-off is at 3:10 p.m. PT on TNT. The Bison are a team best known for their offense averaging a nation-best 50.9 percent from the field. Nonetheless, I Believe…

SDSU final four = Shave my head!


Yes, you have read the title correctly if my beloved SDSU Aztecs reach the final four I will shave my head. Let me preference this by I effing love my hair by going to Moga Salon and using only Shisiedo hairwax. You must be wondering “why would you do such a thing if you love your hair that much?”. I am doing it because I love SDSU that much more and have been saying this for 9 years now. I remember in 2005 when i was a wee freshmen and SDSU was no where near as good as it is now in sports, I would say it as a joke to my friends knowing it would never happen ever. Also it might be quite selfish of me to do so because I miss that wonderful time of being a college kid where I had really no real responsibilities and I was with my frat (what up Alpha Phi Omega!), my nursing family and girls who would break my heart.  So I would do anything to relive those days even if it is for a moment and at the cost of my hair. Well here we are now and this might be the team SDSU fielded so I say get that damn final four berth and let me shave my head! And yes there will be videos of me cheering/crying if this ever comes to pass. I hope there is pizza and beer at least…..