Kicks Out At 2 1/2

Salutations all! As most of you might have heard, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair is currently being hospitalized, in a medically induced coma, and is awaiting surgery from what I hear is organ failure (Please don’t quote me on that though). Honestly, I’ve been kind of confused from all the stories that have been coming out but i digress. I’m writing this here post to share what kind of influence Ric Flair had on my life. I’ll try to keep it short.

As long as I can remember, while watching WWF or WCW. I’ve always been a fan of the “heel” or the “bad guy” if you’re unfamiliar with wrestling insider terms. Growing up, there was no better heel than Ric Flair. The 16x World Champ was extravagant, cocky, brash, and villainous during his in-ring career. He bragged about his skill in and outside the ring, how much money he had, and how much better he was than all of the fans in attendance and watching at home. All these qualities and traits that would make me absolutely HATE any other man, didn’t apply to Flair. He made being the bad guy ‘cool’.

“I’m every woman’s dream, and every man’s nightmare”

– Ric Flair

In a world (of wrestling) filled with ‘Do gooding’ gigantic tanned meat heads in ripped shirts. Flair stood alone, looking proper in his gator shoes, perfectly quaffed hair, and custom tailored suites and robes. He was unique in every way. Watching Flair break the mold of what a Wrestler should look and act like changed me. I didn’t want to be like everyone else. I didn’t want to like what everyone else liked. I didn’t want to dress how everyone else did. I strived to set myself apart from the people around me at a young age and that’s definitely something I still do to this very day. Sure I became a little bit of a snob or as some of you would call it “a hipster” but being that way helped me develop appreciation for originality in all walks of life. I loved being different, the feeling was freeing to me. I credit Ric Flair for teaching me something that most people don’t get until their late 20’s. Now I know I could have totally misinterpreted what Flair was all about when I was young. if so, it was probably the best mistake I’ve ever made.

I’m Hoping and praying that he pulls through this ordeal. Me and the rest of SSB would love to see him recover and strut out of that hospital and straight into a limousine. 

Have you seen us WWE?

Daniel Bryan was glaringly omitted from the WWE Royal Rumble this passed Sunday. CM Punk lasted over 50 minutes in the Rumble but did not play any significant elimination role.

Daniel Bryan was recently in a short-lived (and somewhat strange) feud with the Wyatt Family. Had the story drawn out longer, the WWE creative team may have looked like geniuses. Unless WWE creative is deaf and can’t hear the YES! chants, the fans want a relevant Daniel Bryan storyline. Fans know crap when they see it and Batista was infuriated with the reaction to his Royal Rumble victory. Bryan dropped the belt to Randy Orton and his career has not been the same. His gets a title shot at Elimination Chamber but I doubt it’s gonna matter. An Orton/Batista story leading up to Wrestlemania may be the obvious path and may involve WWE legend Ric Flair.

The path is not looking as good for CM Punk. This above apology from Kane pretty much sums up the company’s attitude. His recent lackluster feud creating cracks in The Shield (pun intended) left him practically beaten into a vacation. After an amazing 434-day title run, during which he was the most hated person in the company, outsold everyone but John Cena in merchandise and helped put The Shield over, Punk dropped the belt to The Rock without proper build up. Ever since then, his bright star has been all but put out. Instead of working toward a CM Punk vs. The Authority angle and bringing in anti-establishment legends like Stone Cold Steve Austin and Rowdy Roddy Piper, breaking news this morning says CM Punk was sent home and pulled from future WWE promotions. No one knows if this  means he’s released or if he’s going on hiatus. Sure, he’s obnoxious but a guy like Punk can create great storylines and build other guys.

In other news, Batista and Brock Lesnar are back! However, with the long list of greats returning part-time for diminished roles, the lack of push for the WWE current roster is disturbing. Where are guys like Antonio Cesaro, Fandango and Dolph Ziggler with real in-ring skills? I mean, God bless Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus but build up other dudes instead of having them job for bigger names…


THE VERDICT: WWE Creative… what are you thinking? Give the people a little more of what they want… If you’re concerned about selling merchandise, give guys in the locker room some proper gimmicks and story lines. You wasted the indestructable Ryback and a handful of other great talents just to unify both belts and put it on Randy Orton without anyone on the current roster worth facing. Hell, they can’t even find anyone worthy to push against AJ Lee (yeah, I said it).

I know we’re still going to watch Wrestlemania but let’s hope the WWE is saving something better for us because I feel like I’m watching Total Divas.
Video clips taken from WWE YouTube channel. Articles from Bleacher Report WWE and eWrestlingNews. WWE wrestler images were taken from WWE and  WwePhotomontagePNG on deviantART.