Why Air Jordan remastering is a big deal!

Sole Collector reported last Friday Air Jordan Retro shoes will receive remastering starting Spring 2015, a move approved by Michael Jordan himself! While many sneakerheads have prayed for this for years (along with bringing back Nike Air), this will come at a price point increase of 10-15%. This undoubtedly also increases re-seller prices. Why should people care about this? Well, it’s a simple story involving economics and a dream to fly.


The renaissance of Reebok, Adidas and Nike classics compete with Jordan retro models. Jordan Brand’s highest profit gain remains in retro-ing classic models every year. Enthusiasts and collectors continued to urge the company to increase the quality to justify a high price point of $150-175 per pair for classic silhouettes. The article points out Jordan Brand is going to “get back to exact replication” of each model they retro. Even if they can get really close to the original, I say it’s about damn time!

I am definitely looking forward to this change. My personal opinion is Jordan Brand’s quality has dipped since the early 2000’s, coming out with sneakers described as having “thin cardboard leather, heavy plastic smells and cheap paint.” I’m excited to see the changes made in future models. So far, the Columbia 4’s, Oreo 4’s, French Blue 7’s and Red/Cement 10’s are announced to undergo remodeling.

I, personally, value quality. If I have to pay a little more for something I know is going to last, I will do it. I came from a very modest, savvy household rarely experiencing luxury. However, don’t twist this with being irresponsible with money. Do not lump me with people who buy sneakers but borrow money for bills. Jordan Brand, thank you for considering this shift as “doing your job.” I look forward to what you will do as a shareholder and sneaker enthusiast.

Negatron’s Broken Joystick: Power Stone

Oh holy crap! did I pour an insane amount of hours into this game. Why? because it delivered a coherent and endless entertaining fighting mechanic that was truly novel, maintaining the essence of a 2D fighter and seamlessly adapting it to a 3D arena. I actually had two long periods of play with this game, an initial one upon it (and it’s sequel’s) releases, then a renaissance if you will throughout high school and college.

A party game par excellence, Power Stone features great characters who have relatively simple fighting styles, but the variety is introduced in the levels and items. Opening up the player space as they did, including multiple levels and interactive objects, was outrageously invigorating. More than any other discontinued fighting franchise this game is just purely so damn fun to play. I would love for them to make a new one, but i doubt it…WAY TO GO CAPCOM!