Destiny: Rise of Iron. A peek at PvP

Welcome back to another installment of Destiny: Rise of Iron. Today I’ll be reviewing all released information regarding the Crucible and PvP (player versus player) in general.

Ready for Battle

To start things off, I’ll be diving right into the main Crucible changes coming with Rise of Iron. There will be 4 new maps, one of which will be Playstation exclusive. First up is Last Exit: A subway terminal on the Ishtar Sink of Venus that has been eroded away by the ocean. It provides players will a lot of close-quarter combat opportunities as they explore abandoned maintenance hallways along the tracks. Next is Skyline: Clovis Bray was an exo science group that performed technical research and engineering in a variety of fields. Years ago the group built this way station, which overlooks Mars’ vast landscape, as a kind of welcoming center for human colonist looking to settle on the planet. This map features a lot of vertical combat space. Following is Floating Gardens: This map focuses on the Vex. Players will be treated to a stunning sunrise as they do battle in a massive circular shrine, which the Vex built on top of a huge spire in Venus’s upper atmosphere. Lastly is Icarus (PlayStation Exclusive): Icarus is the name of a massive Golden Age solar collector that has been built into one of the craters on Mercury’s surface. The sun looms large in the background as players duke it out in Mercury’s harsh elements. The solar collector is also full of mirrors used to collect the sun’s energy. Salvage is also getting the scoring system revamped.

destiny game supa hot fire supahot matt oishi destiny hot fire

Now for probably the most exciting news to come from Bungie is PRIVATE MATCHES! This has been on the “Bungie please” list for almost two years from fans. The ability to have bare-knuckle brawls with your best buddies, clan mates and fellow players. No worries about being booted from the match and not being with your friends, you can just jump right back in without a random player taking your spot. Ever wanted to make your own machinima video? With private matches you can and so much more. When ROI launches you will be able to choose the:


-Game type

-Score limit

-Time limit

-Light Level

-Time of Day

Also you can set the team type, whether you want 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 6v6, and 6v1, whatever you want. Private matches will be available to anyone who owns The Taken King expansion. You can still earn loot from the post-game rewards, but it will be restricted to only rare drops. Exotic engrams cannot drop from private matches and Three of Coins and the exotic particles will not be consumed upon completion of the match. Progress towards daily crucible bounties, test weapons, and grimoire can be earned, but progress will not be awarded towards quests, record books and weekly bounties.


There will also be brand new game type called Supremacy in which you try to collect the crest from Guardians to kill in the crucible. If you’ve ever played Kill Confirmed from Call of Duty, this will feel familiar. Supremacy will come in 6v6, 3v3, and Rumble Supremacy. Check out this video for an early look:

Lastly I’ll be discussing the changes coming to both Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris. First up Iron Banner will be getting a few changes:

Tempered buff will be removed.

-Iron Banner Class Item, Shader, and Emblem, will lose the percentage boost.

-Reaching rank 5 will be made easier. Bungie is hoping that players will reach rank 5 and then keep playing because the loot is good.

The very first Iron banner in Year 3 will Supremacy, so brush up on those PvP skills. Iron Banner will also boast new Armor, Weapons, Ghost, and Ship. Trials of Osiris is currently on a break until September 30th. When it returns there will be new Trials of Osiris Armor, Weapons, and Ornament.

Well that was all I have on what’s coming to PvP with Rise of Iron. There’s still time for more information to come out and I’ll do my best to keep updated on it. Destiny: Rise of Iron launches September 20th for 29.99 USD. If you want the Iron Gjallarhorn and Iron Gjallarwing make sure you get your pre-order in before then. Also if you’re new to Destiny or looking for a deal, there’s Destiny: The Collection which sells for 59.99 USD which comes with Vanilla Destiny, all 5 expansions and some other goodies and is available for pre-order to gain the Iron Gjallarhon and Gjallarwing.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Review

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell_20160717161520


Ever wondered what it would be like to shoot Satan in the face? Unleash that pent-up murder you’ve kept locked away inside? Well Johnny Gat does just that.


Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell is the 5th installment to the Saint’s Row franchise, in which you take control of either Johnny Gat or Kinzie Kensington. Following the events of Saints Row 4, which I will leave unspoiled for those who haven’t had a chance to play through it yet, it is Kinzie’s birthday and all the Saints have decided to throw her a birthday party and what better way to celebrate than with an alien artifact Ouija board. Things go from “ha ha” to “oh no” when the leader of the saints gets sucked into hell to marry Jezebel, Satan’s daughter. Now it’s up to Gat and Kinzie to jump into hell and save the boss like any loyal companion would. I won’t spoil too much of the plot here and jump into my main thoughts.

I'm coming For YOU Satan!

I’m coming For YOU Satan!

Saint’s Row: Gat Out of Hell is more of an expansion than a full game at $14.99 because the size of it was too large to be a simple DLC (downloadable content) according to the developer. I have to agree that adding it to the already expansive game that Saint’s Row 4 was. The scenery was refreshing from the usual cityscape that players were used to seeing from previous iterations. Everything was dark, dirty and hellish, lots of lava too. There are new characters including some old favorites and favorites from history like Blackbeard. The comedy that veteran players were used to make a return and is just as good. There’s even a special piece of dialogue I’ll keep a secret, but it was a nice breakaway from the usual sarcasm, murderous threats, and dirty puns.


Now I’ll get into the gameplay, which isn’t much different from the full game of Saint’s Row 4. What I mean is, if you’ve played the full game, going into this will be no different. The controls are just as familiar and comfortable to work with as they were before. You have super powers that you gain through various activities and can power up by collecting soul clusters that are scattered through the city. Keep in mind though, if you want to max out all your abilities, there’s over 500 to collect, so get collecting. Mission and activities aren’t much different from the full game, which to be quite honest, doesn’t surprise me. Missions are repetitive, but that isn’t much different from previous Saint’s Row games.  This is an expansion, not a brand new game.


As much as I did like that game, it was not without its bugs and quirks. While playing I ran into 3 critical errors which exited the game to the console dashboard. Now normally that wouldn’t raise any flags for me, but seeing how this is just an expansion, I wonder if this was properly tested and optimized. I’m no expert, but when researching the error codes I received, I learned that they were all game related and not a product of the console misbehaving. There was texture issues occasionally while just running around the city and were exasperated while using certain superpowers, such as super speed. Sometimes while using the super sprint, the camera would just bug out and lose tracking on the character. Those are a few of the weird bugs I encountered during my playtime.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell_20160717160526


Overall, the game was enjoyable enough to play especially as one of the free games of the month for PlayStation Plus. Although at a $15 price tag, it’s a tad high for the bugs that come with the game. As much fun as I had with it, the game just doesn’t feel like it was given that AAA title finalization. The one thing that left me wanting though, was the two characters that you can swap between at any time. There isn’t much in terms of unique dialogue between the various characters you meet, especially between some former acquaintances. All in all, the game is enjoyable to play if you’re looking for some casual, co-op enabled mayhem, like having your own reclining death chair.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell_20160717161053

Thank you PlayStation 4

FACT: I don’t own a PlayStation 4. Francis and Ferris do. I don’t. Now before you say that I’m 200-and-late on next-gen consoles, hear me out for a second! I am a big proponent of the PS4. I love what it can do and what it will be capable of doing. I will own one when the time is right. However, I would like to remind you guys about a little something…

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3

During the typical console cycle, content improves as the cycle progresses because developers learn how to maximize game output using console hardware. The PlayStation 3/XBOX 360 cycle is currently over 8 years with (give or take) a couple years left. However, the latest and greatest content has only recently released only. Titles such as The Last of Us, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Beyond: Two Souls represent the zenith of PS3 game development.

Even though PS4 released last holiday season, it’s a great time to own a PS3!
– HD remakes of classics are still pouring onto PlayStation Network
Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns completes the next-gen story
– The entire Bioshock franchise!
South Park: The Stick of Truth provides a fun JRPG-style experience
The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 leads an army of exciting PSN content
Persona 5… WOO!
– Not to mention PS3 ports of PS4 titles Watch Dogs, Rayman Legends, Thief, The Evil Within, Wolfenstein, Destiny

PS4 did all of us PS3 gamers a favor: MASSIVE PRICE DROPS! If you go into your local GameStop, most of the the games you’d want to play but never bought are under $20 used. I’m not even kidding. So rejoice, PS3 owners! Your backlog of games has just increased tenfold! Better get started now…

THE VERDICT: As of now, I highly recommend not to ditch your PS3. No need to upgrade your console (and TV if you don’t have HDMI inputs like I do) just yet. But if you want to, we totally understand.

So, thank you PlayStation 4. You’re the gift that will keep on giving. Happy Valentine’s Day. Game on dudes!

Twitchy’s Videogame Rocking Chair – Bust a Groove/Bust a Groove 2 Dance Tengoku Mix

Shit’s gettin’ real. Shorty’s dancing on Japanese letters.

First off, a quick shoutout to the peeps at rhythmemotion, ‘cuz they’ve covered Bust a Groove already.  However, I’m going to add my own sardonic wit to this entry, like I always do.

Geeks…normally can’t dance.  I’m no exception.  I can do martial arts just fine.  Throw me into a ring and I can shuffle around with the greatest of ease.  Throw me onto a dance floor and I start tripping over my own damn shoelaces.  Plus, like most other filipino-american youths at the time, I was thrown into obligatory piano lessons.  I had a teacher that would hit my wrists whenever I screwed up a note or two (Vince, Richie, you know who I’m talkin’ about).  Suffice it to say, music and I weren’t homies.

You know who was my homie though?  Forreal?  Videogames.  They provided a way to escape the normalcy that was my childhood/adolescence.  I could kill robots, kill goombas, beat up Chun-Li, people with whips, goblins….(I could go on, but I don’t want to)  It wasn’t until Parappa the Rapper and Bust a Groove, that I started liking dance and rhythm games.

Dancing?  In my videogames?  At the time it was more likely than I thought.  My cousin Charlie let me play Bust a Groove, and boy was I hooked.  How hooked?  More hooked than a crackhead on his second 8-ball.  Check out this clip and it’s easy to see why.


Leave it to Japan to combine an animé aesthetic with some jammin’ tunes and a wonderfully simple, easy to control game to make something mind-blowingly FUN.  This game was FUN.  F-U-N. YOU HEAR THAT SQUARE ENIX?! YOU USED TO MAKE FUN GAMES BEFORE YOUR MERGER!  BRING BACK BUST A GROOVE!


The fun didn’t stop there.  Oh no no no, they later released Bust a Groove 2, or in Japan, Bust a Move 2: Dance Tengoku Mix.  I picked up a copy of this game in the Philippines, back when Playstation games cost $0.50.  Seriously.

They tweaked up the gameplay, making it flow better with better variety.  The animations were smoothed out as well.  And as for the music, well, there are some tracks I like more than the Part 1 counterparts, and some that I could do without.  Plus that final stage….hoo boy.  Psychotic ballet panda.

There are people that have an irrational fear of Pandas.  I don’t blame them.  Fuck this panda.

When I turned 21, I was disappointed when I walked into PB Bar and Grill for the first time.  There weren’t any dance battles that involved fire dragons, giant cakes, spaceships, or house dancing mad scientists.  

Games like Bust A Groove paved the way for rhythm games to come.  Later we had Dance Dance Revolution and the Bemani series of games…which I’ll cover at a later issue.  Until then, loyal readers!