SSB vs. Asian Cultural Festival 2013!

First off, a big shoutout to my team at  Back in the game, baby!

Today was the Asian Cultural Festival, the brainchild of one very awesome Dennis-Michael Broussard.  And like so many of his events, this event was poppin’, creative, and eye-opening.  Don’t believe me?  A few of our team members all split up and covered the event in their own way, either by bringing in musical guests, taking pictures, or doing JoJo poses.

Take a look at these pictures below:


Twitchy and Supergirl. I’ve really gotta come up with a cooler nickname for her.


You’re a grand old flag…


*guile theme*

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And for those of you that can’t handle the silliness I bring, then I say to you, good day.

SSB vs. Nolbu!


I’ve been going to Convoy Street for a while now.  I’ve eaten at their restaurants, drank at their tea shops, knocked back a few brews at the bars, and for the most part, those places have one thing in common.  They seem to be more catered towards an Asian crowd.  Makes sense, as Convoy Street is San Diego’s version of Chinatown, or Little Seoul (it depends on where you are, I guess).  And the only way to survive on that street is to blend in.




Nolbu is a bar that flies in the face of those conventions.  Managed by Patrick Chan, Nolbu is a bar that, in his words, “reflects what growing up as an Asian-American was about.”  While you’ll find Korean food on the menu, their drink selection is not what you’d expect to find at a bar on Convoy Street.  They carry a lot of local craft beers.  Ballast Point IPA’s, Blue Moons, Arrogant Bastards, and many other craft beers are being served, and according to Patrick, they go well with their normally spicy Korean dishes.  I’m not one to argue that, since I’ve got a cat’s tongue.  Plus, my love for beer helps things.

I'm liking this.

I’m liking this.

IMG_1204 IMG_1208

Earlier today, I had a chance to sit down and chat with Nolbu’s manager, Patrick.  However, things got busy and I had to order up a Soju Melon or two.  That wasn’t a complaint.


You know you’re facing some stiff competition, how do you stick yourself up against all the establishments already here on Convoy? – It’s got an Asian-American flavor, WE ARE SAN DIEGO, and we have the San Diego lifestyle down pat. We’re small, so we’re intimate, but large enough that we can offer something for everyone.   We are the one spot on Convoy that isn’t…Convoy.  We’re doing something that encapsulates San Diego, not Convoy.  
(Did I mention that they also sell craft beers?  This is important.  Write it down somewhere..  -twitch)

What has been your biggest hurdle since starting Nolbu?
Setting our standards high, and keeping the standards high.  As the originators of the Soju watermelon and the white gummy Soju, we know that we have to keep our standards high because, well, there will eventually be copiers.  We can never be satisfied, and we believe there always is room for improvement.

How did you come up with the Soju Melon?  And how do you make one?
Through traveling, we found that a lot of people already do this in Asia.  Summer’s coming, so we figured, why don’t we give this a try here?   We hollow out the watermelon, take the pulp out, and fill it up with Soju.  Any Soju will work.  We tend to use the more popular ones.

I really want to take one of these to go.

I really want to take one of these to go.

What is your favorite food here?
Definitely the bossam. (Pork underbelly with pickled vegetables.)

What are your hopes for Nolbu?
Our hope is for Nolbu to be the premier spot for Asian/Korean food and local craft beers.

What do you have to say to our readers?
Nolbu is a place where you can stimulate your palate and feed your soul.    If you’re looking for a chill bar, with good food and a chill atmosphere, then look no further!  We’d love to have you over.

So would I recommend this place?  You bet.  Not only is the décor awesome and inviting, it’s really fun to look at!  The food’s delish, and nothing is too overpowering.  Every one of their dishes is presented tastefully and appetizing.   The staff is really helpful and friendly.  My only gripe?  I’ve got a cat’s tongue, so eating some of the dishes require me to drink lots of liquid to keep my tongue cool.  The liquid may or may not have alcohol in it.

4633 Convoy Street #102, San Diego, CA.

this pork fell off the bone, son!

this pork fell off the bone, son!

Anime Conji 2013: Too sugoi to live, too kawaii to die!

Anime Conji 2013 is over and done with, and we’re all still in one piece.  Except for my voice.  That hasn’t come back fully.  Before anything else, I’ve got a few shoutouts that I gotta make.

  • Team SSB – We did work at our panel, I’m proud of you guys.
  • Dai-Conji Dan Staff: Alissa, Jared, Ivan, Gail, and Andrew, you all kept that shit going, checked out volunteers, got booze, and kept it real.  Proud of you, team.
  • Dai-Conji Dan Crew: You all worked just as hard as the volunteers and then some.  Good going.
  • Dai-Conji Dan Volunteers: Did work.
  • (Lester and Mylene):Mylene is the supreme CAH champion and is evil.  Lester, YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
  • Venus is ratchet as fuck.
  • Ivan Cheong is dope.
  • Deanna and her cousin with the dope-ass name, which I forgot.
  • Ate Paula and Kuya Todd of PMX, whassup!!
  • CJ got all crazy.
  • Kamia is hype as fuck.
  • Brian Bacsal is the dopest photo dude.
  • Richie and the reg crew, holdin’ down that exhibit hall
  • Vero, my judo kohai workin’ twice as hard.
  • Jabronie Pictures keepin’ it real..
  • Wesley and Darryl were the dopest room guests.  Donald could’ve crashed too.
  • Vince bombaclot bok bok bok


How to train like an MMA Fighter!

Coach Shannon is serious.

Coach Shannon is serious.

As many of you know, I’m currently training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Coach Shannon Gugerty.  He’s got experience as a UFC fighter underneath his belt, and he’s got a wealth of knowledge.  I mean, he is my coach :P.

I’m still training with Coach Caine for my Muay Thai skillz.  He’s coo.

So after my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu session, I asked him if he could tell me what the average training schedule is like for an MMA fighter, and he agreed.  I learned that it’s involved, and yet, somewhat approachable.

Before we go any further, know that neither Coach Shannon or SSB take any responsibility for any injury or bodily harm you may come across if you try this regimen out.  Consult your doctor before doing any strenuous exercise.

Coach Shannon’s MMA training schedule:

*Note – They are broke up into two sessions, one in the morning, one in the evening, with a 6-8 hour rest in between.  This is critical.

Morning Session: Jiu-Jitsu Based grappling for MMA.
Evening Session: hour of padwork, Striking Practice, Bagwork.

Morning Session: Wrestling training, hopefully cage-based
Evening Session: Sparring (striking)

Coach Shannon hadoukens us.  Every day.

Coach Shannon Hadoukens us. Every day.

Morning Session: Jiu-Jitsu Based grappling for MMA. (more practical approach, lighter)
Circuit Training: Plyometrics, Kettle Bells, Sprints (No longer than Half and hour, full strength)
Evening Session: hour of padwork, Striking Practice, Bagwork. (Maybe take a period off, depends on how you feel)

Morning Session: Wrestling, Cage Wrestling
Evening Session: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (with an emphasis on MMA tactics),

Morning Session: Hardcore Sparring 1-1.5 hours.
Evening Session: Sprint Workout, Roadwork. 0.5 hours

Morning Session: ONLY STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING.  Not weights, but plyometrics, kettle bells, ropes. 1-1.5 hours.

Sunday off.

Basically, this schedule would run for 6 weeks.  For the last two weeks, you would taper everything off as the fight approaches, and forgo sparring entirely.  He also advised me to eat clean.  Then again, you should be doing that anyway.  Right?  The lack of weights for strength training surprised me.  He’s a big advocate of circuit training for strength, so again, consult with your doctor or trainer.

Yeah, I try to eat food that either flies or swims.” Coach Shannon

So there you have it.  Now…I’m gonna try to give this workout a go!

I’d like to give a shoutout to my homies and the staff at The Boxing Club in La Jolla.  You guys rock.  If you’re interested in joining, give them a look!

The Boxing Club
8650 Genesee Avenue, San Diego 92122
(858) 622-1903