SSB 2016-2017 season

We’re back, for real this time!

Yep, sorry about the long wait.  It’s been madness since I came back from Japan.  Ran a marathon sorta, and now….I’m preparing for AX.  There’s a lot of stuff to cover, along with new additions to the team.

Clan SSBurnout

A few of us are still active Destiny players (yes people still play Destiny).  We’re obviously hyped for Rise of Iron.  There’s going to be more coverage on games with our new guy Jairus spearheading everything-game related.

“First of my name, King of the andalls, slayer of the betrayed, Lord of dragons, first to the fight, 1st of the sunbreakers, and lover of pandas.”
-Jairus F.

The 7 Layers of Aidoru Hell

We’ve added a certain magical Joshua to our ranks, and he’ll be writing about more otaku leanings, especially Love Live.  I’ll join in on occassion.

More comics

We’re still working on more comics.  Promise.  Rounding out our writing ranks is Jesse, and he’ll be adding another pair of eyes to our scripts.



There’s gonna be more videos, streams, lets plays, and collabos with other sites as well.  But for now, be prepared for AX and Comic Con, people!


OtakuFighter #2 – Meal Plan

Since I’ve started on this journey I’ve dropped 9 lbs.  That’s within a month or so.  Not bad.  I’ve also built up some muscle mass as well, thanks to the training that Coach Jess has been putting me through.

I’m sure that you’d like to know what I eat, don’t you?  Here’s a partial breakdown of my meal plan:

Breakfast (6AM):
Oats, Muscle Egg

Morning Snack (9AM):
Rice Cakes and a piece of fruit.  Garnish with Almond Butter.

Lunch (12PM):
Decent portion of clean meat, veggies, and brown rice/quinoa.

Afternoon Snack (3PM):
Greek Yogurt (I’ve started adding walnuts too)

Dinner (6PM-8PM depending on how long training goes):
Bowl of quinoa with veggies and chicken/salmon

Evening Snack (If needed):
Protein Shake

I won’t go into specifics (like portions and sizes) because my coach tailored my diet for my exact body type and training schedule.  Your dietary needs will vary and I can’t have you guys blindly copy my diet and possibly keel over.  I’ve also really cut down on the amount of alcohol I consume, and the amount of fast food I eat.  I can only have 2 cheat meals a week, and they’ve gotta be spread out.


Pictures on the left side are before, right side are after. The result of a solid month of training and clean eating. Big thanks to Coach Jessica and The Boxing Club for helping me get back in shape.

Guess you can say that the proof is in the pudding.  Or Greek Yogurt, in this case.

OtakuFighter – Reborn!

Being sick of being sick, and constantly watching my weight fluctuate, I decided to take a stand.  2 weeks ago, I’ve started a formal training regimen and diet plan with my fitness coach, Coach Jessica Lopez.  Before I began actually training with her, we had a meeting to discuss my goals, eating habits, and training schedule.

What it all boiled down to was:

  • Training too much
  • Eating improperly
  • Beer is like 7 slices of bread.

She established a few guidelines for me.  Notably my RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate of 1877).  With the way I train, I need a steady supply of good nutrients to foster muscle growth and fat burning.  I’ve also significantly reduced the amount of alcohol I drink.  That one’s probably a no-brainer.

My training schedule was more formalized and streamlined to include weight lifting and running.  After running through some lifting drills I learned that I had been doing it wrong my whole life.

What’s my goal?  I want to eventually get down to 165 lbs, and get shredded in the process.  I started out at 190 lbs.  Currently I’m hovering around the 180-185 lbs range.  Is it possible?  Follow me on the road to getting ripped on my new weekly series, #OtakuFighter, with updates every Sunday!

OtakuFighter No. 4. Music!

When I train at The Boxing Club, I usually don’t have time to listen to music.  That and I don’t bring my headphones into the ring for obvious reasons.  During the workout portions where I’m by myself, I usually have a playlist of songs that I listen to.  Right now it’s mostly J-Rock.  Or is it…?

babymetal throws up the horns

BABYMETAL, what happens when AKB48 and Slayer have weird freaky sex on the Warped Tour.

I’ve been hooked on this group called BABYMETAL, one of the subgroups of the J-pop group Sakura Gakuin.  It consists of Suzuka Nakamoto (SU-METAL), Yui Mizuno (YUI-METAL), and Moa Kikuchi (MOA-METAL), and a really really dope metal band.  You’re probably asking why Japanese Pop would be thrown together with hard furious metal, and believe me, I was asking myself the same damn thing.

I decided to just let it go and have a listen.  And I was hooked.  These are the BABYMETAL songs that are in my iPhone right now.

“Megitsune” (Vixen)

“Catch Me If You Can”

“Ijime, Dame, Zettai!” (No More Bullying!)


“Iine!” (It’s good, right?)

“Uki Uki ★ Midnight”

And since I’m the otakuFIGHTER, I’ve gotta have some anime music on rotation. Obviously.

LISA – Crossing Field (Sword Art Online Opening 1)

Metal Figher Miku’s Opening “Kaze Ni Naru Made”

Hironobu Kageyama – “WE GOTTA POWER” (Dragon Ball Z’s 2nd opening)

Kana Yazumi – “Be Strong” (History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi’s 1st opening)

Featured slider Image can be found here.

All other images are clickable and go straight to the original source.

#otakuFIGHTER No. 3 – The training environment is important!

I’m quite sure I’ve mentioned it past entries, but just in case you’ve forgotten, I train at The Boxing Club in La Jolla, CA.  The trainers there are all friendly, though they can be pretty strict.  At times, they remind me of the masters at Ryouzanpaku, of Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple.  And they’ve all got their own personality quirks and traits that makes each coach unique.



Yeah, I don't see a difference.

Yeah, I don’t see a difference.

What my gym has in common with the Ryozanpaku dojo is the effort, time and care that they take into making fighters out of everyone that walks through the doors.  Not once have my coaches ever made me think that I wasn’t capable of pushing myself to my limits.  Though I can’t say that my coaches have ever tied me over an open flame or made me walk on my hands…wait, Coach Caine did.


Anyway, for me to be an #otakuFIGHTER, I had to find a place to train and get stronger.  I found my Ryozanpaku dojo.  And I’m glad that I stuck with it.

#otakuFIGHTER No. 2 – Training for a Joe Higashi cosplay.


Currently, I’m trying to burn off the fat and build some muscle for next year’s comic con.  I’m gonna be cosplaying as Joe Higashi from the Fatal Fury/KOF series.  Just in case you needed a quick reminder:

And since this requires me to be shirtless, I’ve gotta do this right.  I’ve already increased the intensity of my training sessions at The Boxing Club.  I train for 4 days a week, and this is how it usually goes down:

My training sessions at The Boxing Club usually come in 3 parts.

Part 1. Muay Thai – As I’m training in the art of Muay Thai, class becomes really important.  My coaches and training partners all help to improve our technique, speed, and strength.  The conditioning drills and workouts are very intense and challenging.  Sparring…is a whole other beast.

Part 2: Running – Coach Caine (featured in the previous entry) makes me run an additional 30 minutes after EVERY CLASS I take.  The run is done at a medium-to-high pace, and serves as my stamina/cardio training.  This is the hardest part of my training sessions, and it usually leaves me pretty winded.

Part 3: Weights.  I use the various exercise machines to build muscle strength.  Depending on the day, I work on different muscle groups.

I aim to take at least 3-4 weekday trips to the gym.  My Saturday workouts are different.

Part 1: Spin.  My spin coach is a beast.  Taking a spin class should not be taken lightly.

Part 2: Power Kickboxing/Bagwork.  The Boxing Club’s power kickboxing classes are a fun combination of aerobic exercise and striking technique.  I use this class as a means to fine-tune my striking combinations and distance judging abilities.

Part 3: Weights.  Again.

Diet?  I’ll cover that in the next entry.  For now, enjoy this video of Joe beating Shin Akuma in CVS2.

#otakuFIGHTER No. 1. Yours truly.

From its inception, SSB existed as a geek anomaly.  Refusing to be tied down to the constraints that held down normal geeks, SSB was a webcomic, then a geek website, and now, an all-encompassing site that covers not only geek shit, but other subjects as well.

And so I ask you, what defines a geek?  A obsession with certain types of fandom that borders on the insane?  I’d say so.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that a geek has to be physically weak (contrary to popular belief).

With that in mind, I present to you the newest segment of SSB, #otakuFIGHTER.  Every month, SSB will feature an #otakuFIGHTER in their element.  Be it Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kyokushin Karate, Krav Maga, Boxing, or even Taekwondo, #otakuFIGHTER will bring you the hardest hitting, the fastest punching, and the geekiest fighters we can find.  And who better to start this all off…than yours truly.

As some of you may already know, I’ve been practicing Muay Thai on and off for the past year or so.  This year…I’ve been taking it up a few notches.  What you’ll see in the gallery is a glimpse of how I spend my Friday afternoons.  I usually have a padwork session with Coach Caine Gayle of The Boxing Club, in La Jolla.  That’s followed by a Muay Thai class, and usually a run immediately afterwards.  The other days are spent in much the same fashion, afternoons training…until traffic dies down and I can go home.

I’m still very much a geek, and everyone can attest to that.  Like I said, being a geek/otaku doesn’t automatically mean you have to be fat.  Because fuck that.  I ain’t about that fat life.

Salam Alchi, our gym’s manager and the rest of the staff are also making sure I eat right and not get too crazy.  It’s working…I think.

So before I go any further, I’d like to thank my coaches Caine Gayle, Artem Sharoshkin, Shannon Gugerty, Jessica Lopez, Brian Blake, and Joshua Vongsvirates.  Salam, Tiffany, and Anthony all get special mentions for keeping The Boxing Club running smoothly :).  Also, a special shoutout to my #otakuFIGHTER crew, Brian Bacsal and Ivan Li for the pics and for watching me get my ass kicked.