Nostalgic Nibble: Something Like You/Say It

One characteristic from my teenage years is the plethora of R&B and Pop music from a variety of boy bands and girl bands. No matter how much people hate on it, there will never be a time period like it ever again. N’Sync. 98 Degrees. Backstreet Boys. Spice Girls. Kai. Devotion. Innerlude. Hanson. SWV. All Saints. O-Town. LFO. New Kids On The Block. Boys II Men. Immature. Five. And so on and so on.

More specifically, the slow jams from the 90’s to the 00’s will forever be near and dear to those of us who grew up during those times. For me, it was a time of incessant hopeful thinking and naïve searching for a brainwashed concept of reality that seems so trivial now. I smile when I think back to who I was before because even if I no longer hold onto those same concepts, the thought of having once believed is comforting. =)tdk-cdr

Below is a video for a sweet song by N’Sync called “Something Like You.” When you hear this song, what place in time does it bring you back to? I am brought back to a time where CDs were filled with love songs downloaded from Napster or Kazaa, and pleasant thoughts of one day falling in love. I stumbled on a YouTube video of the song in sign language. Check it out!

Don’t you all miss this type of slow jam music? I was discussing this with a friend awhile ago, and the funny thing is that there are bands out right now that are producing music similar to how it was back in our day. One of them is Legaci. I would love to see slow jams make a come back. Our 90s styles are coming back into fashion. I’m curious to see if legit harmonized boy/girl bands will also make a return. Here is a cover to Voices of Theory’s “Say It” by Legaci. (check out their YouTube Channel here)


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I Love The 90s: Platform Sneakers

Hey gals! Remember platform sneakers? Well apparently they’re baaack … with a heel. So not only does the platform give you an extra chunk of height, but the heel gives that extra umph lift to nudge you to the sky. And forget about being just sneakers, they are now heel sneakers so you can wear it casually AND dressy. Winning!! (insert sarcasm emoticon here)Bakers-Platform-Sneakers-I-Love-The-90s

As someone who enjoys a little style and fashion here and there, I’m going to have to give a thumbs down to this sad attempt by Bakers to revitalize the 90s classic platform sneaker. It was a nice try. A mix between the platform sneaker and the mary janes. I see where they were going with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if I did see some people wear this in public, but I think it would be fairly difficult to match it with the current fashion trends in the stores today. I look forward to seeing these styles on the clearance racks in about a month (or less). Maybe I’ll buy a pair then for a 90s outfit. If I stare at them long enough, they don’t seem as bad. But the longer I stare, the farther back in time I feel. I guess that was the point? To feel nostalgic enough to buy shoes that are no longer really relevant to today’s current fashion trends and that only succeed in making me feel older than I felt before I bought said shoes? First world problems. =P