Old Man Diary


Someday in the not so far away future my daughter is going to laugh and shake her head at the concept of a “blog” or a “taxi,” or “Twittering.” Think about how drastically our world has changed just from three decades ago when the internet was a novelty. Than consider how far we could be only five decades from now into the future, a time in which you and I will still be alive but the picture and reality of our world could be completely shifted.

Every morning I wake up and consume a massive bowl of granola cereal and then wake my daughter up so she could get ready for school. Every time I see my daughter, I realize how fast she’s growing and how old i’m getting. I seriously cringe at the sound of my age and find myself thinking of my life (so far) more and more often.

Like most people taking a stroll down memory lane there is always something you wish you could take back and re-do. I, being a perfectionist for most things, have a huge amount of things I wish I could have re-done, but the point is that you do what you have to do, and don’t look back with regret. I’ve changed a great deal since my “Hypebeast” days and way more since my dragonball hair days. Things ALWAYS change and as long as you carry that same youthful energy that you’ve had since you were a kid, and make it shine through everything you do, you can’t go wrong. which is why I can’t be anything but happy with the outcome of my life.

Just know without a doubt that every season incites more growth. who really knew what they wanted growing up anyway? When I was younger I wanted to be a Weather Man by day and a Cop by night. Fast forward 20 something years and I’m a elemantary school teacher…and then a leasing agent..and then a teacher again.

Life is a trip.

Increase The Peace

Ssoooo I’m just going to quietly begin typing and act like I haven’t been on a three month hiatus.

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Love is tough to talk about…it really is. It may not seem that way at first . We think there’s so much to say because there’s so much that we feel at the time, but when someone asks us to describe how we feel, we just spit out incoherent nonsense. It’s probably why we would all much rather send out texts with !!!!!, or bruuuuuuuh, or spam heart and flame emoji’s.

Another reason love is hard to talk or write about is because it’s been kind of absent. It seems like the past couple of years we see less and less of it playing out in social media and news. We focus on the hate, the murders, the tragedy. It’s no wonder a lot of peoples mind sets are warped. I don’t think there’s a single group of people that doesn’t think society is against them. Some of these groups have a much stronger, legitimate case for this feeling than others, but you get the point.

We need something to adjust our focus.

2016 is almost done already, so for now on, regardless of what’s going on, let’s try to move in a direction where we can make things better. I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t care about current world issues but, for starters, share something on your Facebook wall or IG that isn’t fcked up more often. We may not be able to solve the worlds problems but, we’re capable of fixing ourselves. Help someone find their smile, Reach out to someone, rebuild those bridges you burnt, forgive someone, squash your beef, do something. This world is depressing enough and we owe it to ourselves to be happy. We need this.

For the Hundredth Time.

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At some point last eve, perhaps around midnight or so, a distant corner in the far reaches of the SSB room was lit by the dim yellow glow of a tired old lamp. Hushed whispers punctuated the soft warbling of a Dom Kennedy record in the background. I decided to return to this here forum. It’s been..2 years or so since my last post? I don’t really have any good excuses for not posting. I just got burned out I guess, It’s been a long and involved road, and for some strange reason, I thought that after joining SSB, I would somehow magically become less busy. Of course the complete opposite of that has occurred. but I hope you’ve all been doing well. Despite neglecting my duties on this here particular forum like the wrestling god’s neglect Danielson’s (Daniel Bryan) right to stay healthy enough to return to the WWE, I haven’t been sitting on my hands or partaking in absolute nonsense. I’ve been busy on our YouTube channel. If you haven’t already, check out what we have to offer. I definitely recommend it if you lack randomness/jackass-ery in your life.

check out our collaboration with our good friends Jimmy and josh of SwoletakuTV. We played the “newly weds” game but with our own spin of course. Hope you enjoy and see you again in another 3 years or so…lol jk….maybe.

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Life As We Know It

As I sit outside on a bright, sunny San Diego Friday afternoon, I can’t help but appreciate life. From the sounds of people going on with their day to day business, to the hustle and bustle of cars going in and out of the parking lot. This morning while waiting for an oil change on my car, I sat in the lobby watching CNN discuss the manhunt on the second bomber of the Boston marathon. The conspiracy theorist in me of course went rampant. I couldn’t help but wonder, does the media have it correct? How do we know for sure that these are the guys that did it? Will we ever know the truth? We live in a world where truth is scarce. Even growing up, our parents shield us from many truths in order to protect us. And upon becoming an adult we all soon realize that the government also does the same in trying to protect the public. One truth that is evident is that we don’t always get the truth.

This morning at the dealership one of the workers came into the lobby just bubbly with happiness. He was getting coffee at this awesome Starbucks machine. I was amazed at this thing. Look at it!!!! I want one at my work!!!


Anyways, he smiled at me, and I reactively smiled back at him. That of course opened the door to him conversing with me, which I welcomed. He began to say how people think he is crazy for choosing to be so happy all the time. I reply with how I don’t think it’s crazy for him to choose to be happy and how more people should realize that happiness is a choice, not an uncontrolled emotion. We exchanged a few more statements and he went on to his daily work, as giddy as a child with Fun Dip at an amusement park. 😉

I finally got my car back with some new oil and a complimentary car wash, which is perfect for this amazingly beautifully sunny day. I mosey on over to the San Diego convention center for a real estate expo. It is my first time attending and I had no idea what to expect. So I walk in, get my badge, get my free bag, walk around the outer perimeter of the exhibit hall, then I went back to my car. Haha. Yes I know, I probably should have spent a little bit more time there but I honestly didn’t feel like schmoozing with people or being sold to. Y’all know how those things go. Maybe next year I’ll network better and get more free stuff at the booths. For some reason, I just wanted to be outside. Walking towards the convention center was so nice, even if I’m wearing black pants. I spend so much time indoors being reclusive that today I just wanted to be outdoors. I wanted to connect with the world. I wanted to breathe civilization. 😉

One other truth that is evident is that we all seek connections. We all seek to connect with someone or something. People even connect with inanimate objects! That’s how much people have a need to connect. No one wants to be isolated from the world, a lone human being, never belonging. Although sometimes we might want to disassociate ourselves from things and people that are not congruent to what we would like reflective of ourselves, we all have this innate desire to connect to something. These connections drive us, they motivate us, sometimes they can hurt us, but generally they mold us.

We are all connected to one another, no matter how close or distant the connection, it is still a connection nonetheless. Whoever planted bombs at the Boston marathon must accept responsibility, but as a society we must refrain from scapegoating and passing judgment on those responsible for such a horrendous act. The actions are reprehensible, but what worries me the most is the thought process of people to go through such an action. And what also worries me is the witch hunt that automatically ensues in order to point fingers and punish those whose hands are stained with blood. The media succeeds in creating panic and desperation without knowing all the facts. In their noble gestures to report the facts to their viewers, they sometimes relinquish integrity and compassion in order to satisfy the hungry appetites of those in society that have no other option but watch as future movie plots unfold.

Truth is scarce. Happiness is a choice. Connections are necessary. These are but a few of life’s lessons that we all eventually learn. It’s amazing to me that as I sit on this bench, people with various journeys in life pass me by, events around the world are stirred, and the world on this planet continues without any hiccup. We all need to sometimes just stop moving, stop thinking about ourselves, and just take a moment to be in awe of the world. We might find more truths, choose more happiness, and create better connections with one another. Maybe probably possibly perhaps ya never know? ;P