San Diego Comic Con 2016

One of my Muay Thai teammates told me that he appreciates my outlandish geeky personality and the fact that I don’t hide my trash fandoms.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, I promise.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, I promise.

There’s a reason why I am the way I am now, and Comic Con is the main reason for it.

It was a little over 8 years ago, when I was in a long-term relationship with a girl I knew since we were little.  Slowly, as time went on, she took more and more measures to keep me away from my family and friends, and she tried to keep me away from anime and manga.  She wanted me to become the ideal boyfriend for her that was into One Tree Hill, hip hop anonymous dancing, and eventually, her flesh vibrator for her own personal use.


She was totally Yukako Yamagishi.

Still, it takes two to tango.  I can’t blame her for everything that happened.  It was my fault for letting things get that far.

Things came to a head in July of 2008, when she wanted me to forgo Comic Con for that year to go to her cousin’s 21st birthday in Vegas.  I’m sorry, but if you’re a San Diegan and you schedule anything during Comic Con weekend then you seriously need your head checked.  I held out, naturally.  By this point, I had had enough of turning myself into someone that I wasn’t.

I eventually got dumped, and I went through a really sad time.

It wasn’t long after that that my homegirl Jenny told me to pick myself up and turn this into a positive, and here we are.  I started a manga that was basically a self-insert fanfiction that was part Gurren Lagann, part Metal Gear Solid, and all types of ill shit.  (Too bad that manga’s script was on my old laptop, that no longer turns on).  I put that on a website, and became comic-con professionally approved, as my comic was published!

I’ve really gotta find that manga, somehow.  Maybe get it redrawn.

Within those 8 years, I made some new friends, discovered Muay Thai, joined an anime convention, ran a half-marathon, and discovered the fact that nothing comes with holding yourself back.  For better or worse.  So yeah, that’s why when I’m not training my butt off at the gym, I’ll be out there catchin’ them Pokémon.


Osaka was lit, fam

Strawberry Scented Burnout grew as well.  Not just a manga (though we need to get back on that, seriously) anymore, today our website comprises of my little brother Ferris, homeboy Justin, my little sister Ericka as our webmaster, Brian our videographer, Jairus on games, Joshua as our aidoru hell gatekeeper, Mario as our graphic designer, and you readers, reading this crazy website.

Comic Con weekend always gets me nostalgic from where we began, and I can’t help but wonder what lies in store for us next.  I should really look at the panel schedule and see what’s good.  That being said, if you run into me, I won’t ignore you or anything!  Say hi!

Summer Beaters


There are certain days in the Summer when you simply are not allowed to have plans. You roll out of bed sometime around 11:48 to the sound of your cell phone ringing underneath your pillow. You probably fell asleep in the same clothes that you were wearing last night, and most likely you were planning on sleeping off whatever night time antics occurred the previous evening. The cell phone has very different plans however, and is absolutely relentless in requesting that you open your eyes.

When you finally get around to finding the phone and picking up the call, without doubt it is one of your close friends who, unlike you, is already wide awake and in front of your house to pick you up to head down to the beach for the rest of the day. Because it is far too early in the morning to formulate any sort of effective argument as to why you can’t go you roll out of bed, you throw some water on the face, brush your teeth and proceed with going downstairs, grabbing a poptart, throwing on your summer shoes and jumping into the car.

The reason for my narrative (Besides the fact that I just like writing a whole bunch with a generally uneeded amount of extravagance and fluff.) is to speak on the idea of the “summer beaters.”


When it comes to the Summer schedule there has to be a shoe/shoes that get worn absolutely every single day regardless of the destinanation and without a second thought. The shoes will usually start off the Summer in great condition: brilliant color, fresh laces. Than by the end of the season they will most likely be fully destroyed with holes, rips, tears, stains, and exsisting in a completely different color than the one they started as. It’s all part of the beautiful process that only comes about in summer…i guess.

I went with 2 pairs of Jordans this year. A pair of Jordan 3 “True Blues” and a pair of Jordan 9 “playoffs”
and in a way I feel kind of bad, They both were completely unaware the amount of pavement, skateboard grip tape, grass, sand, and utter life that they are about to come into contact with the last couple months.

VIDEO: 2014 World Cup Economics

With all the buzz surrounding the 2014 World Cup in Brazil beginning this week, it’s no secret that FIFA stands to gain from this event. The follow-up question is usually, “How much?” John Oliver (of Daily Show fame) paints a cheeky picture on his show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver about the economic effect of this this year’s event on Brazil and how it factors in to FIFA’s shady reputation.

Of course, the video is biased but it sums up everything I’m feeling about the information I’ve encountered about FIFA in recent years. Especially about Qatar hosting World Cup 2022.
Just some food for thought.

I’m sure I can speak for most of us when I say: We are still watching World Cup football.
And I leave you with the feature image. It’s just too good not to leave out.
Featured images from FIFA and
Video from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver YouTube channel

Go-Busters? More like Maybe-Busters

FACT: Japanese tokusatsu (masked hero shows) have been in Japan for over 40 years. They are also loved by both children and adults alike, including man-children such as myself. I’ve been powering through season after season since a friend recommended them this passed Anime Expo,


The latest series I finished is Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. It’s hard for me to hate on Super Sentai but here goes… Suits, weapons and buddyroids are great. The robots are kind of meh compared to past seasons. The premise of stealing energy supplies is innovative and futuristic. However, when it comes to Go-Busters, I have two honest recommendations:

1) Watch the series from Episode 28
2) Watch the Go-Busters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger movie

I say this to spare you a great deal of trouble. I initially watched the first 20 episodes of this show and did not feel like continuing. After suggestions came from fellow Sentai fans to continue, I tried again and felt the same way. The core group was really boring until Jin Masato/Beet Buster and J/Stag Buster showed up to add humor to the cast. Other than that, it was really hard to like the show.


However, there is a notable change in the series. From EP28 onward, the opening credits change to an uptempo, more “anime” sequence. After this change, the style and pace of the show improve dramatically. Not sure if they picked up on low viewership numbers or if the show was hard for kids to watch but the overall quality increases after this shift.

The final episodes are very good. Plot lines evolve and give more depth to the core group and enemies. The show’s second act almost makes you forget how horrible the first half was. Keyword: ALMOST… Either way, you’ll be tearing up a little by the final mission.


THE VERDICT: Follow my two suggestions or just watch Hikouin Sentai Akibaranger. It also focuses on a team of three and is really funny! Go-Busters has its good points, but those good points cannot will you through an entire season. And to think… Saban is skipping over this gem to adapt Zyuuden Sentai Kyoryuger… (/end sarcasm) lol. More on that to come.
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters was created by Toei Company, Ltd. Original run was from February 2012 to February 2013 on TV Asahi. Modified screencaps taken from Orends: Range.

The Japanese Think of Everything: The Hangover Miracle in a Bottle

ImageSo, last night you had too much fun–this morning? Not so much. Whether your reasons are “I shouldn’t have had that last shot. or two.”–OR it’s from downing way too much liquid courage as you paced the bar/club/event attempting to talk to that girl across the room. I won’t judge you, but I will share a secret with you.

Wanna know how all those Japanese business men can survive drinking all night long and functioning the next morning? Well, here it is. Ukon no Chikara. It’s a turmeric “shot” that they drink BEFORE they start their night or the next morning for those nasty hangovers. I waited so long to write about this because I wanted to make sure it worked, tried and true. Do you get that Asian glow? Try this, it won’t get rid of it but it may tone it down a tad.

The turmeric in this drink actually helps your liver process the alcohol. I’d be a nerd and tell you all the medical reasons why it works but I know you will all do this regardless so I’m saving myself the time. I’ve used it before and after drinking and I swear by this thing. One booze filled weekend, my best friend and I drank these each night and by the end of the weekend, we were the only ones left standing who didn’t puke or have a hangover. On my birthday last month I drank one of these lovely magical potions before my shenanigans and the next morning when I woke up more drunk than when I fell asleep—SAVED.

Give it a go. Let me know what you think. Oh, and if you didn’t know, I’m the Asian health secrets professional here at SSB. I’ll get you geeks into shape in no time. But, that shall be for another entry. In the mean time, party hard my dweebs and dweebettes.