From the CEO’s desk: On the Other Side

Going to comic conventions and such growing up, I always wondered what it was like for the people on the other side of the table.  Yesterday I got that chance.  Joining me for the ride was Justin and Jesse.

Thanks to Matt Dunford, we were part of a grassroots comic convention held at So Cal Comics.  

It was pretty damn fun.  We got to show off our comic, talk to people, and have people read about a group of people that eat cheese-covered onion rings and talk shit about thirsty artists that wanna get their dick wet.   I also met some cool comic creators and we all bonded over our shared love of geekery and all types of ill shit.

I only wish I brought a chair.  For as fun as it was, it also showed just how much of a gap there was between us and comic creators that have been doing the con thing for a while.  They had banners, tablecloths, and comics for sale.  We just had the beta runs for our SSB mangaZINE for reading.

Oh well, you live and you learn.  I wound up heading to HIVE and hung out with Ferris and some of my gym friends from The Boxing Club.  We watched the triple G fight.  I’ll leave my comments on that fight on a later post.

I think Megan had a birthday karaoke thing too.  I wound up going to SoHo afterward.

It was a long day.  I spent most of today being a potato playing Destiny 2.

Time flies when you’re having fun right?

Oh yeah, we should be having our comic for sale within a month.  Things are happening, friends, so stay tuned.

Peace, love, and SSB’s on Instagram now?   WTF when did this–,


Study Breaks.


(image via: Anime Vice)

that time of the year again. Number 2 pencils sharpened. A thin film of Eraser dust covers the work space. A never ending, and ever changing itunes playlist carries through the background. Twitter and Instagram are more or less being left to the wayside. The same t-shirt starts to see more than a few days of wear in a row…Sounds like another All Nighter

SSB offers our blessings and the ability to stay awake all night and study! For all those at school who will need the well wishes for the approaching exams, Good Luck. Handle all those academic responsibilities and prepare to celebrate the completion of those exams and papers with a RAGER.

“Nice Guys”

This may not seem like a big deal to all of you in the blogosphere but, I personally can’t stand when I see “Nice Guy” status updates or tweets. I’m sure you’ve seen them…you haven’t!? allow me to show you some examples.

“In the movies, the good guy gets the girl. In real life, it’s usually the prick”

“I’m a great catch, why can’t I find a girlfriend?” 

“All the girls I talk to keep asking “where have all the good guys gone?”. I’m in the FRIEND ZONE, where you left me.”

So guys pull this b!tcha$$ sh!t for a couple of reasons. Hopes that a particular crush ‘likes or responds’ to the status update, alerting any and all females that he’s single and is a “genuine” good guy, Thinks the girls who respond “want the D”. Guys most likely have some kind of ulterior motive OR they truly believe in the stuff they’re saying. Which in my book, is the worst.

4OVPAcomic from Alligator Sunglasses (link here)

The problem with the nice guy mentality is that they think every guy who isn’t them is a “jerk”. They seem to blame there inability to get into a relationship on everybody BUT themselves, What “nice guys” fail to realize is that maybe they’re not getting any love because they’re insecure, passive aggressive, whiny, clingy, submissive, and boring. Nice guys constantly blame their failures on women having bad taste in men, and fail to even think for a moment that maybe they’re issue is that they have HORRIBLE taste in women and are bad at gauging whether or not a women is interested. Now I’m not telling you to go out in the world and act like a dickhead to women. Just grow a pair, stop being thirsty, and have the confidence to be yourself. and if your saying “it’s not that easy” well NO DUH! what in life is? 

now listen to this Player Hater Anthem from the ultimate “nice guy” Drake…

Late Night Snack: Cupcakes

So I’ve been really lagging on blog entries the past couple of weeks. Sometimes I just get a really bad case of writer’s block, and I refuse to post anything that doesn’t feel genuine. My mind finally feels free to express itself. =)

Since I tend to be up pretty late on weekdays, I decided that I might try a daily blog entry I will call Late Night Snack. This is because I love snacking, I love food, and I love staying up late at night. There’s just something about being awake when everyone else seems to be sleeping that makes me feel so rebellious. I loved doing it as a child, and I still love doing it as an adult. I remember when I was younger I used to pretend I would go to bed when my parents would tuck me in, but I actually had a flashlight and was reading books underneath the covers. I felt so badass. Ya I know. Lame. I was still reading and learning. Some rebel I am. Haha. But even so, here I am still up late at night reading on the computer … on a work night! Woo hoo!

Anyways, so for Mother’s Day this year we went to Café Sevilla. We were trying something different this year than the regular hotel buffets that we normally go to. The food was quite delicious, and they had an Instagram build-your-own cupcake challenge. At first I scoffed at the contest thinking I wouldn’t even be able to compete because I didn’t think I could come up with something creative enough that I thought was worthy enough of the competition. Well, I eventually acquiesced and just created random cupcakes for fun. They were just mini cupcakes so the canvas was quite small, which means the ideas could remain fairly simple.


My first attempt was very simplistic. Just tried to create some sort of pattern with sprinkles. I wasn’t happy with it, so I wanted to make another one. My second attempt was my way of kissing a$$ to the restaurant, thinking that might sway their vote. Can you see the sad ‘S’ I horribly made? Well, in my defense the icing bag had a large opening (that’s … what he … said?…) and so it was quite difficult to mimic the ‘S’ in the restaurant’s name. Definitely wasn’t happy with my literal brown nosing mini cupcake. I was about to wave my white flag and just admit that I sucked at being creative, but my brother and one of my closest friends made a good point that the odds of one of us winning was quite high. We had all checked out the competition on Instagram, and there really weren’t that many entries, so that definitely was a good push that my efforts wouldn’t be so futile. I wanted to give it one last try to see if I could create the winning cupcake, but just one more as I wasn’t about to waste any more food just for my amusement. I came up with something simple, yet put my little twist on it. It’s kinda funny how it just flowed and the creation just came alive on it’s own. I took the blue icing bag and just went around the perimeter of the cupcake. Then I took the pink icing bag and followed suit. Then I grabbed the yellow icing bag and I just saw it as the center of a flower. That is what I went with, just a flower. I didn’t think to use real strawberry leaves until I arrived back at my table and felt that the cupcake felt incomplete. It just felt too blah. Just looked like a carousel of colors. I saw the leftover strawberry on my plate and thought it would look well as leaves for a flower. And then voila! I felt happy with my creation. =)


Well … as it turns out … I won the cupcake challenge!!! … with the last cupcake I made. I couldn’t believe it. The last cupcake I made. One of the simplest designs that I could come up with. But something about that last cupcake just felt right and felt complete. Reminds me of what a good friend keeps telling me … to always listen to myself. He is right. I listened, and good things resulted. =)

Ok I’m done snacking. Time for me to bid adieu!

Happy Birthday SSB!

“Relaunching a comic from a hiatus is tough, but I’m not gonna let that stop me.  Let this be the first step towards something bigger, epic, and strawberry-scented.” – Me, 2012.

This was the first entry in our new home, this website that you’re reading now.  Bigger?  Definitely?  Epic?  Sure.  Strawberry-Scented?  Well, we haven’t gotten to the point where we can transmit smell-packets through the internet, so…  I still have hope though.

I’ve assembled a crack team of creative geniuses, and watched as it condensed to the size that it is now.  I can truly say that it’s good.  There’s not one person that’s in it for themselves, or overly thirsty and willing to name-drop people in order to get ahead.  We’re not about that life.

You guys are probably wondering what I’m gonna do to celebrate our birthday.  It’s simple, really.  I’m going to channel all my social networking energy into the blog.  Read this:

bets are on

Simply put, Neggy bet me 20 dollars that I couldn’t go the rest of Lent without my social networking tools.  I stuck to my guns, and the ante got higher and higher.  In the end, I agreed to it if and only if a “special” condition was met before midnight on the 14th of February.  Well, it happened.    Much to my surprise.

I don’t know how I’ll be able to manage the people in the Anime Conji volunteer squad/Staff group, but I’ll have to try.

So…to discuss the stipulations of this bet, I’ll let Neggy handle it on his entry.

All I can say is that the ante’s been raised, and it’s time to meet it.  SSB will continue to raise the bar ever higher and higher, and I hope you’ll continue to follow us in the days, months, and the years ahead.