aka DAN Adoption Documentary pt. 8

We return to bring you the final chapter of this amazing documentary. Dan Matthews performs for the first time in Korea with his brother and sister in attendance and says goodbye to his family at Incheon Airport. Watch here:

The vignette highlighting the impact of being a Korean adoptee speaks volumes about how this unique experience will affect future generations. Likely, they will experience present, local culture but some cultural values may be lost. It’s similar to my own experience as the child of immigrants. We’ll just have to wait and see what the impact will be.

Saying goodbye is never easy. I couldn’t help getting emotional seeing him with his biological mother. Her emotions literally jump from the screen every time I watch it. Be glad to know since then, Dan returns to spend time with his family in Korea. My hope for him is that this experience continues to shape him and his world view.

I hope you enjoyed us bringing you this series. I feel that we all relate to Dan’s journey. Knowing and accepting who you are is the first step to accomplishing big things. How did you guys enjoy it? Want to see more stuff like it? Tweet me at @999HP!

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Special thanks to Dan Matthews. Learn more about Dan on his website (here)
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