Get Up!

It’s morning and the mattress and pillows seem to literally be exerting a physical force on your body. There is an unexplainable pull reaching out from the soft surface of your bed and forcing you to stay in bed and ignore the issues of the day. This morning featured an especially strong pull, I’m still struggling to get myself ready for work, so I’ve decided to throw the above track on here not only for all of you but for myself also. J Cole makes quite the funky head nodding assortment of good music and I find this track to be of the perfect variety to make me hop out of bed and start head nodding around the room like I was too cool to actually dance at a club. Time to make moves folks.

Dom’s Still Callin.

domkennedy1_1_610x0(Image Via: BlazinStreetz)

Dom Kennedy serves up some visuals to accompany the release of “Get Home Safely”. “Still Callin″ to me was the stand out track from this particular tape, so it’s only proper that it gets the full video treatment. I’ve said it many times before in my writing and I will continue to make sure that it is said. Dom Kennedy has next where the West Coast is concerned. Kennedy has one of the most layed back, graceful voices to lace a rap track in years and whether or not he stuns you with his lyrics you will no doubt leave a listening session with at least four phrases to raise your ego in the face of any situation. Dom is the kind of rapper who effortlessly laces beats in a manner that makes listening to his tape an absolute pleasure. If these record label folks don’t see it, then they continue to prove again and again that they’re blind and out of touch with the industry. Never mind a rushed and oblivious XXL review, Kennedy spits raps that seem to come as natural as Cali kids wearing flip-flop’s and socks. Not to mention the fact that Kennedy seems determined to make sure the only thing that leaves his camp are quality, completed projects. You don’t see random leaks and throw away tracks on off days. If there’s a method to this industry madness, they have the recipe.

The video is a continuation of Kennedy’s laid back approach. Simple but dramatic, the video is an entrance to a larger national stage, a statement of purpose. Hard work be payin’ off but only if you can manage to just be cool along the way.

Lil B X Final Fantasy VI…Thank You Based God

I’m going to assume a lot you are familiar with Lil’ B and his new peculiar approach to the rap game. If not, prepare to laugh, abhor, or tilt your hat in regard to thy Based God.

I’m going to save most of this harangue in hopes of a more in-depth feature. You may or may not remember him from the bay area group, “The Pack”. He’s come along way from rapping about slip-ons. Nowadays, the Berkeley rapper feeds listeners with this based-induced rap. Going against the norm seems to bring all the attention to the 23-year-old artist. I like Lil’ B’s music because it always makes me laugh. Remember when music was just about having fun?……..Me neither.

Thank You Based God


Chrono Jigga

So if you’re a music head/gamer you probably stay up a night and wonder when someone will do a mash up of one of the GREATEST RPG’s of ALL TIME and Jay-Z…no? is that just me then?
I don’t know what it is about Jay-Z songs that mash up so well with other instrumentals. Any of you heard Jay-Z and Danger Mouse’s ‘Grey Album’? that sh*t was PERFECT.

Click HERE to listen to the mixtape.

(credit: Francis for the find)


wu tang list logo

Crafted in some deep, abysmal, iron kettle in the shadows of Staten Island, 9 original practitioners of rhyme from the hells of urban plight to lace unforgettable dungeon instrumentals with vibrant tales of their everyday life. Wu Tang easily made it’s way into my top 3 ‘Greatest Rap Groups of All Time’ list.

Method Man

Method Man is not my favorite member of the group (That title belongs to Raekwon) but It would be impossible not to mention his colorful career.  Originally the Clan member donned in dirt biking gloves and a ridiculous assortment of Busta Rhymes-esq headwear, Method Man went on to release a number of mainstream singles, star in Hollywood pieces, put together what I feel was a pretty horrid television show and still retain the raw energy that made him Meth. Method Man was hard…and then he did this

We can argue all we want about Supreme Clientele vs Only Built for Cuban Linx because Method Man has now made every Wu released album/track obsolete.  ‘The Worlds Gone Sour‘ is a homage to Sour Patch Kids. In an interesting bit of marketing they’ve taken a rebellious route and allowed Meth to spit a not-so-kiddie-friendly rap (penis pumps are mentioned). According to the track, Sour Patch kids are a scrappy bunch of pricks who like fucking with you. Not exactly screamin’ out  Shaolin, but this doesn’t surprise me coming from the star of Fox’s Method and Red.

Just Around the Corner: 5&A Dime

5&a Dime from EQ Culture on Vimeo.

For the past couple of years, I have been working w/the store 5&A Dime. Many of my friends would ask me what that store was and what it was about – some people even thought it was a bar because we have monthly parties where booze is usually present. To be honest, the 5D store and family is something I only recently got to know. I, like many of my other friends, initially turned away because we thought their steeze was all about Filipinos and dance crews. When I walked in two years ago, it was way more than that.

First off, I found out the owner was white. I didn’t necessarily expect Filipino – but I certainly was not thinking white! That was surprise one. Second surprise was that 5&A Dime was actually cool. Not only is everyone chill there, w/a crazy sense of humor that is in the style of my own family, but their aesthetics and interests were nothing short of… and I hate using this word again, cool. That’s the best word to describe walking into the store and seeing all their products.

I’ve been helping w/their marketing and public relations (I even interviewed Ellen Wong for them – there is an awesome pic of her w/a mustache pillow floating about somewhere) and I can tell you that they are a mix bag just like Team Mixed Nuts. It’s skate culture, hip hop, a little old timey, w/a dash of nerdiness (they love Comic Con and sell vinyl toys in addition to mens contemporary apparel).

I’m quite proud of 5D, even if they frustrate me sometimes. But watching this video makes me feel all tingly to be a part of something that feels so genuine. I am sure many of you have at least stopped by the shop at least once, but even if you have – linger a little longer and get to know everyone. I promise, everyone is chill. Even if you’re weird.

– Eileen

Dom Kennedy and the Secret of the Forest

Dom Kennedy has one of the most layed back, graceful voices to lace a rap track in years and whether or not he stuns you with his lyrics you will no doubt leave a listening session with at least four phrases to raise your ego in the face of any situation. Dom is the kind of rapper who effortlessly laces beats. Never heard of him yet? thats because he’s GOOD. They don’t play GOOD hip hop on the radio.
Back in 1995 I was just a little nerdy asian kid living in Lemoore. I spent most of my days inside playing a game called Chrono Trigger on the SNES.  Chrono is a fantasy role-playing game based around time travel. The main character, Crono, has a series of misadventures that throw him and his two lady friends into a grim, dark future. There, they learn about a parasitic alien life form named “Lavos”…Do I really have to describe the game to you? If your on this blog, chances are your just as big a geek then I am about the game. 
I’ve probably played and beat the game hundreds of times so you can imagine me going ape shit when I heard Dom Kennedy’s track for the first time. Click the jumps below to hear what im talking about.     

Dom Kennedy – Locals Only