Um, What?: Robot Phlebotomist

Uh, ya. You read that right. A machine that will draw blood instead of a phlebotomist. Now I understand the pitfalls of human error, but technological error can be even more vast. I can only imagine those who have a fear of needles already are even more freaked out by a machine doing the poking. Check out the video in the Geekologie article here. Or check out the video below.

So 83% of the time the machine will find the right vein. I definitely hope they can up that percentage to more than 90%, as that is what the tech company hopes to achieve before going to clinical trials. The last time I went to get my blood drawn, I had the most horrible experience ever. Supposedly my veins collapsed twice, and it freakin hurt like a mofo once the lady actually pinpointed a viable vein. It didn’t make any sense to me how the phlebotomist couldn’t draw blood from me easily. I could seriously look down on my arm and see prominent veins with ease. All I remember thinking in my head during that dark, horrible time is that the girl drawing my blood was a newbie, and the last thing I wanted to do is freak her out or piss her off so that she could hurt me even more. Haha.

This machine does look pretty cool though. Side note: Doesn’t Epson also make printers? Anyhoo, the use of ultrasound technology is awesome, but the machine still needs to be operated by a human. Sooooo … I’m not so sure I see the cost-benefit being worth it. Even if some humans suck at drawing blood, I don’t know if I want to risk a robot messing up my arm. My imagination goes to the worst case scenario where the machine goes haywire and the human operating the machine can’t control what the machine does anymore. Is this a Final Destination scene unraveling? Haha. But really. What if the machine pokes too deep (har har har). Just doesn’t seem practical to me. I’m not a believer just yet in robot phlebotomists. I guess in a couple years, after the clinical trials, maybe there will be more hope. But for now, all we have are worst case scenarios. =P


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Geek Eek!!!: Art Imitating Video Game Life

So I stumbled on Geekologie‘s article on Mario Power-Ups in the Style of a Classic Still Life. Toronto artist Elizabeth Sherry painted a classical still life with Mario Bros. items like mushrooms, turtle shells, or flowers. Quite clever! This and other pieces are available for print at her Etsy store here.


I must say. I love when art imitates video game life. It’s such a subtle and quiet tweak to a classic form of art. In addition to an homage to the classic Mario Bros. video games, Elizabeth also pays tribute to other classic video games such as Megaman and Zelda. So so clever!! If I had a game/entertainment room, I would totally put up these prints on my walls!


So classic. So ornate. So clever. I love it! =)


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Eye Spy: Panties


If you’re from San Diego, I’m sure you’ve probably heard this weekend we will have extremely warm temperatures. Glad to feel summer’s slap early on! I’m done with the cold weather, and am ready for warmer weather, even if it means I’ll have a sweatlodge at my place. =)

So I stumbled on a 10News article regarding the hot weather, and couldn’t help but notice a weird sentence. Please tell me I’m not the only one that thinks it’s a little strange. Haha. The article alludes to the fact that because more people will be at the beach this weekend, there will be a higher rate of trash being left on the beach. Read below for the snippet (full article located here).

“George Lusk of Chula Vista knows the local beaches well. Many like Lusk said they’re concerned of the belongings and trash being left behind at beaches.

On Friday, Lusk scanned Pacific Beach with a metal detector. He scooped up a pair of women’s underwear and tucked them in his pouch.

‘[It’s] litter on the beach,’ said Lusk.”

Hahahahah. Really? So the author of the article watched this man with a metal detector pick up women’s fabric underwear … and then tuck it into his “pouch”. Now, I’m sure you’re thinking what’s the big deal. He could’ve put it in his trash bag of other items picked up at the beach, BUT wouldn’t the author use a different choice of words? Using the word “pouch” leaves much to the imagination … more specific, much to MY imagination. Haha. And why would George Lusk keep it? Why not throw it in the trash? Why even mention that George Lusk picked up women’s underwear? So many questions! Unless he considers it a treasure, much like the many other coins and pieces of jewelry he might find along the beach? (No offense Mr. George Lusk. 10News just made you sound creepy. I’m sure you’re a nice man.)

Speaking of treasures. I found this geeky treasure on the Geekologie site today (full article located here). It’s Zelda Map underwear you can apparently buy for $18.99 on Seems just as newsworthy as finding underwear on the beach.


Stay cool San Diego! Walk around with just your underwear on, you know you want to! Oh and if you happen to purchase this Zelda underwear and accidentally leave it on a San Diego beach, there is a likely chance that someone like George Lusk will find it and tuck it into his “pouch” … because he is obviously a geek like us! Duh! =P

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