Study Breaks.


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that time of the year again. Number 2 pencils sharpened. A thin film of Eraser dust covers the work space. A never ending, and ever changing itunes playlist carries through the background. Twitter and Instagram are more or less being left to the wayside. The same t-shirt starts to see more than a few days of wear in a row…Sounds like another All Nighter

SSB offers our blessings and the ability to stay awake all night and study! For all those at school who will need the well wishes for the approaching exams, Good Luck. Handle all those academic responsibilities and prepare to celebrate the completion of those exams and papers with a RAGER.

Geek or not? The struggle continues.

Char is best IS.

Char is best IS.

Recent events have come to light where I’ve started questioning the fabric of my being.  Am I a geek?  Or not?  Why am I doing SSB?  Is it for the geeks?   Or for everyone else?  Will sacrificing content to reach a wider audience benefit us?


I spent the past week with a bunch of my geek friends and I always come from the meetings with a sense of purpose.  We do what we do because we love to do it.  Like my homies Mark and Ivan, who do films and video editing because they love doin’ all that.  Or Fernando, Keith, and Neil, with Jabronie Pictures, making Tokusatsu youtube movies because they love to do it.  Then our friends at RhythmEmotion.Net, Mylene, Lester, and Abe (RALLY’S ASADA FRIES), who are truly all about that geek life.  They’re awesome.  Darryl and Mike’s cosplay pics are legit and awesome.  I could go on and on…



There’s a sense of love and passion that you get from people that are into the geek life that you just don’t get from people that aren’t into that geek life.  People that are just there to get youtube views, praise from people, a cheesy network deal, etc, those are the people that I can’t stand.  It makes my skin crawl.  They’re not about that geek life.


What does that mean for SSB?  Well, we’re gonna keep doin’ what we’re doing, but we’re not trying to curry praise from people, or trying to get more views (but that wouldn’t hurt), and we’re not trying to cater to the mainstream crowd.  That’s never been our M.O. and it never will be.


Our M.O. is to cover the geek world, and to put our own unique spin on it.  We’ll put our spin through our manga, this website, and any parties/gatherings we hold.  Yes, we are all about that life, and it’s not to the exclusion of anything else.  Just don’t try to align ourselves with us because you’re hoping to get some more views on your channel, or you think you can make some money off of us.  If you’re down to chill and discuss how awesome Star Trek is, or why Charlotte Dunois is the best IS pilot (SHE JUST IS), then by all means, join us.

*Alissa, nice work with the categories 🙂


Traditions and Revelations

Anyone ever heard of the Seven Churches Visitation? Well, it’s an annual tradition that usually occurs on Holy Thursday of Lent. It involves visiting 7 churches and praying before the Blessed Sacrament. Supposedly the number 7 came from one of the popes visiting the 7 churches in Rome. It is a tradition in my family to attempt this feat in under about 2 hours after Holy Thursday mass. We succeeded this year again and ate a late dinner at Chili’s to end the night. =)

Here is our timeline:
7:00 pm – Mass at St. Charles, Imperial Beach
8:15 pm – 1st church: St. Charles, Imperial Beach
8:30 pm – 2nd church: Most Precious Blood
8:49 pm – 3rd church: St. Pius X
9:02 pm – 4th church: St. Rose of Lima
9:17 pm – 5th church: St. Anthony of Padua
9:25 pm – 6th church: St. Mary
9:50 pm – 7th church: Corpus Christi
10:00 pm – Dinner at Chili’s

So I wasn’t exactly sure what type of prayers I was supposed to be saying while I was in the church, and I decided to just say one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and one Glory Be at each church. After reading about the Seven Churches Visitation online, turns out I was doing it correctly the entire time. Yay me! =) Even though there are no set prayers, but saying each of those basic prayers was good enough.

I’m still trying to understand as best as I can why some people seem to have such a grand disdain for organized religion. It’s like all some people see are the negative characteristics that have been exaggerated and popularized by the media. There are such wonderful things in religion, and institutions in general. I’ve heard various arguments on religion and institutions, and it’s funny to me how they always focus just on the negative things. I’m not trying to get all preachy because I respect everyone’s opinions and choices, but honestly sometimes it feels like people think it’s weird to be religious. It’s almost like I’m a religious geek, outcasted because I dare to have faith in God and in His church. Weird how people can make freaks and geeks out of almost anything. Just pick whatever is not the majority, and it can be deemed as a freak or a geek. It would work the same if most of America was religious, then the few that weren’t religious would be considered weird. Our world is weird. No wonder we have so many weird people in it (me included). =P

Microsoft Excel RPG

Arena RPG in Microsoft Excel

I saw this on a Gizmodo site today. I work with Excel everyday so I am quite impressed at what this accountant created. I’m no gamer, but I must say…this is what I call geektastic!!

Here is a link to the article on Gizmodo: RPG Inside Microsoft Excel

The RPG is called Arena and was created by Cary Walkin who is working on his MBA in Canada. Now, the only RPGs I’ve ever messed with are World of Warcraft and Aion. World of Warcraft I found to be quite dreary and I just couldn’t relate to the game nor was I able to remain interested in it for too long. With Aion, everything was so pretty and magical that of course I would naturally find it amusingly entertaining. =)

Anyway, this probably isn’t the first time someone created an RPG in Excel but this is the first time I’ve heard of it. Here is Cary Walkin’s blog for more information on the RPG: Cary Walkin’s blog. So again, geektastic!

(Side note: Wouldn’t hackers be able to use this to their advantage? Haha. Thought I’d throw that thought out there.)

From Geek To Chic

So I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a “geek” and all that comes with the territory. Stereotypically (keyword), a geek has a difficult time attracting the opposite sex which is usually a direct consequence of being a social dunce. We’ve all been there. Misguided folk who just need a hand to lead them down the right path. I’d like to believe that absolutely anyone can be socially savvy. And don’t get me wrong, there’s more to being socially savvy than just looks, like confidence and charm, but there is a progression to perfection (or imperfect perfection, whichever you feel more comfortable belonging to). Typically, if you know you look good, you feel good, and in turn you build confidence. Confidence allows one to release certain fears, and the release of those fears can help one develop charm. With that in mind, I found it appropriate to keep an eye out on current fashions that might help guide the misguided to at least know where they are in the let’s call it “map” of fashion.

I started a From Geek To Chic Pinterest Board of images that I found a normally geeky person might wear, but the outfit has been pizzazzed or tada-ed. What I hope for with this project is to help turn-the-wheel in people’s minds as to what they can do to be a little more stylish or chic-y in order to be a brighter beacon that peaks the interest of the opposite sex. Turning geeky looks into chic-y stares. Dun dun dun!Chic-y chipmunk stareBelow is my favorite outfit that I pinned on my pinterest board. I just love how it’s called a grandpa cardigan but looks fabulous on the girl. The color scheme is so muted, but that hint of green gives it enough pop to make it look stylish. Stay chic-y folks! But don’t worry you can also still stay geeky!! =P