I’m gonna be 34 years old this Friday.  Yep.  Time flies when you’re having fun.  I’m not gonna lie to you guys, it’s been an absolute blast making the occasional comic and blog entry with you all.  And for that, I’m grateful.

Also, SSB’s been around for close to 9 years now.  I really need to nail down a definite start date for SSB…I’ll wait for my Timehop to let me know when I made that post with Jenny.

Anyway, I seriously can’t express how happy I am to be around such cool fuckin’ people every day of my life.  Just some things to look forward to over the next few weeks:

  • More Hood Tours.
  • More playthroughs
  • Destiny’s “Look Back” streaming
  • And more comics.  For sure.
  • Otakufighter posts again!

Soooo, to Jared, Ericka, Brian, Justin, Josh, Jairus, Jesse, Mario, you have no idea how much I appreciate you guys putting up with my random shenanigans and even more random schedule.  Thank you.  I appreciate all of you guys more than you can ever know.

I blacked out for a minute.

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Okay, Destiny.  All that’s left now is the grind to 400.

My Titan is at 397 now, and man, I had one helluva run yesterday.  Ferris and I made a group on the100 and reddit, and we ran Heroic Mode Wrath of the Machine, and managed to get Challenge Mode done as well.  I must have done something to please RNGEsus because I got the complete Heroic Made Raid Armor set.  I must say that my Titan does look rather fetching.

You can review my current gear in the gallery above.


Let’s see what lies in store for us tomorrow…election results notwithstanding.


So…yeah, this one took a little longer than expected, but it turned out great.  This one was written by yours truly and drawn out by shida214 over on fiverr.

Yes, this is truly how SSB gets down before a con.

Forever was a lie!

Ferris didn’t take Jessica Jung’s departure from Girl’s Generation very well.


From the CEO’s desk

Greetings SSB fam, it’s me again, your lovable CEO, back with another round of updates.  We’ve been pretty busy as of late, and it shows.  We’ve got a smattering of videos and other stuff so without further ado…

For the first time ever, Justin sits down with myself and Brian and discusses his views on fandom, magic missiles, and all types of ill shit.

I eat a california burrito.  Justin eats carne asada fries.  Brian and Justin eat an El Grande Burrito.

SDSU final four = Shave my head!


Yes, you have read the title correctly if my beloved SDSU Aztecs reach the final four I will shave my head. Let me preference this by I effing love my hair by going to Moga Salon and using only Shisiedo hairwax. You must be wondering “why would you do such a thing if you love your hair that much?”. I am doing it because I love SDSU that much more and have been saying this for 9 years now. I remember in 2005 when i was a wee freshmen and SDSU was no where near as good as it is now in sports, I would say it as a joke to my friends knowing it would never happen ever. Also it might be quite selfish of me to do so because I miss that wonderful time of being a college kid where I had really no real responsibilities and I was with my frat (what up Alpha Phi Omega!), my nursing family and girls who would break my heart.  So I would do anything to relive those days even if it is for a moment and at the cost of my hair. Well here we are now and this might be the team SDSU fielded so I say get that damn final four berth and let me shave my head! And yes there will be videos of me cheering/crying if this ever comes to pass. I hope there is pizza and beer at least…..