The Strawberry Scented Fantasy Football League

Oh boy, oh boy…Ladies and gentlemen the talking of proverbial “smack” has begun!

From all corners of the world and from all realms of existence people are coming out of the woodwork to tell me about how they would destroy me in some Fantasy Football.

From emails, texts, DM’s, Snaps, even by assault with deadly Facebook-account I am being attacked in preparation for this seasons antics. Well all I can say my good friends is that I hope you are prepared in the most proper way possible. I am coming out in the most tip top Shane Falco form of competition and there is no Coach McGinty to hold me back from my quest to reign supreme. I welcome all sorts of competition, Sports Guru’s, Auto Drafters, Former FF Champions, Waiver Wire Surfers, I don’t care!

I’ll be starting my very own Strawberry Scented Fantasy Football League In the next day or so with plans of bringing the respective internet friends and family along with a live draft. Friendships will be broken, tortilla chips will be consumed, wide screen high definition broadcasts will be watched, and an epic live draft will take place.

First Fantasy Football season….and it looks like I’m in a strange situation.


I consider myself to be pretty damn lucky.  I’m one of those otaku that tread the fine line between being an otaku while maintaining a somewhat normal social life.  Believe me, it’s pretty damn hard to pull that off sometimes.  One one hand, you’ll have a night like this where we all just ate chips, pizza and wings while we talked shit about each other’s picks.  On the other hand you might have a night where you spend it alone gaming for an 8-hour session.   The key is balance, and keeping an open mind.

It was a pretty chill night, though my picks apparently leave something to be desired.


My first Fantasy Football season begins tomorrow…

Any ideas on who I should be picking for my draft tomorrow?  This is my first Fantasy Football season…and the last time I thought seriously about football was when this song was big.  When Michael Vick was a Falcon and on the cover of that season’s Madden game.  2004.

Now he’s an eagle. And injured.