Crossing Over: Street Fighter X Mega Man

….he must be asleep.  Or he’s at work?  Neggy?  You there?


Okay, here goes.


Normally, Neggy’s the one to handle anything Capcom related, but I figure I’ll fill in for now.  I have no idea why the fuck I’m awake anyway.

Since two of Capcom’s most popular IP’s are celebrating their 25th anniversaries, Capcom decided to give the little blue bomber a brand new game….featuring the characters of Street Fighter as bosses.  Sounds pretty legit, doesn’t it?
I’ll be honest with you all.  I never got to play very many Mega Man games.  My NES was taken away from me at a relatively early age, and shipped off to the Philippines where my cousins plugged it into a 220v outlet and fried it.  I stated out playing Mega Man X on the SNES, and beating Mega Man X4 and X5 on the PlayStation 1.   I bought Mega Man 2 for my cousins on their Wii, and man…that shit was fun.   So suffice it to say, Mega Man isn’t one of my personal favorite IP’s of Capcom.  Doesn’t mean the IP sucks, by no means, it’s just not one of my favorites.  And I’m glad that they’re doin’ stuff with Mega Man, because I still think he should’ve been in MvC3.

Now Street Fighter….well, that’s a whole other story.  I devoted an entire week to Street Fighter, so I’ll leave that alone.

I am excited for this, and it’s free!  A FREE PC DOWNLOAD FULL MEGA MAN GAME WITH STREET FIGHTER BOSSES.  HOW CAN YOU LOSE?  It’ll be on the capcom-unity website on the 17th.

Crossing Over – Project X Zone

Another crossover game. And we’re probably never gonna see this.

Capcom, Namco, crossing over must be working out for you, because you decided to throw Bandai and Sega into the mix.

Project X Zone is another crossover game featuring characters from the franchises mentioned in my previous sentence.  I can probably go over the plot with you.  World crisis threatens the dimensions all the characters live in, and they all have to team up to defeat whatever world crisis is threatening them.

However, in past attempts, their efforts were marred.

Namco X Capcom – Horribly slow-paced gameplay.  Everything else was cool though.  Serious.

Cross Edge – Clunky and needlessly complicated game.  EVERYTHING WAS COMPLICATED.  I wondered just how the flyin’ fuck they went to the bathroom, what with all the menus and shit.  And it was a grind-fest.  YOU NEEDED A STRATEGY GUIDE PLUS ALL THE DLC JUST TO BEAT THIS GAME.  UGH.

This game seems to have solved the problems marring both previous crossover attempts.  See this trailer and judge for yourself.

And here’s some pictures I jacked from the internet.  Because I care 🙂

Jill, Ryu, Xiaoyu, and Yuri. Some shit’s gonna get real.

And a partial list of the characters featured in the game:

Jill Valentine X Chris Redfield – Resident Evil
Ryu X Ken Masters – Street Fighter
Zephyr X Leanne (Reanbell) – End of Eternity/Resonance of Fate
Chun-Li X Morrigan – Street Fighter/Dark Stalkers
X x Zero – Mega Man X
Yuri Lowell X Estelle Sidos Heurassein  – Tales of Vesperia
Dmitri X Dante – Dark Stalkers / Devil May Cry
Jin X Xiaoyu – Tekken (Namco is shipping them soooo hard nowadays.)
Those two people from some game where you drive tanks and kill people with moe moe kyun camera shots (Valkyria Chronicles III – LOL BOZZ DEAN EDIN COLAK THIS IS FOR YOU HAHAHAHAHA)
That one game with those characters that date and fight robots and shit in a past Tokyo (Sakura Taisen)