Childhood Rebooted


Today it was announced that 3 classic 80’s cartoons would be rebooted for the 21st century: Inspector Gadget, Danger Mouse, and Ducktales.

Both Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse will premiere on Netflix with the prior debuting in a few weeks on March 27th with brand new CGI-animation (click here for a short sneak peek) and the latter debuting in Spring 2016. British comedian Stephen Fry will voice Colonel K on Danger Mouse.

As for Ducktales, Disney XD will be relaunching the series in 2017 allowing a whole new generation of children to “WooHoo!” along side their parents.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy the classic opening themes for each respective show.

About Jonathan Florendo Jonathan was born in Hawaii and raised in San Diego. Therefore, he gets cold very easily. He does not ride bicycles or wear shorts very often, but he does watch a lot of television. His best chums growing up were Cory Matthews, Doug Funnie, and Seth Cohen. His boyhood crushes include Winnie Cooper, Buffy Summers, and Veronica Mars. When he’s not watching TV, Jonathan can usually be found eating ice cream with his significant other and their pet mini-dachshunds.
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