Childhood Rebooted


Today it was announced that 3 classic 80’s cartoons would be rebooted for the 21st century: Inspector Gadget, Danger Mouse, and Ducktales.

Both Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse will premiere on Netflix with the prior debuting in a few weeks on March 27th with brand new CGI-animation (click here for a short sneak peek) and the latter debuting in Spring 2016. British comedian Stephen Fry will voice Colonel K on Danger Mouse.

As for Ducktales, Disney XD will be relaunching the series in 2017 allowing a whole new generation of children to “WooHoo!” along side their parents.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy the classic opening themes for each respective show.

2 thoughts on “Childhood Rebooted
  1. Okay, I went back again. Great movie! I love it and don’t mind going back to see it again. Have a question for you (not that I think you’ll see this cmoemnt) Since you are into comics, do you remember Superman vs. Muhammad Ali? I found my copy of it and read it. A couple of things peeved me. Though there is no doubt Ali was superior Superman only last two rounds? Come on!

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