Just A Little Eyemusing

So dear Francis wanted me to write up a post about myself. I’ll let this video speak for itself:

If there is anything that you should really know about me, is that I don’t take myself too seriously. If you didn’t take that away from the video I just posted, then perhaps you should watch the second video I uploaded to my YouTube Channel.

Anyway, I suppose I am what Francis would call a “socialite.” Honestly, I believe real socialites have trust funds – but in contrast to the “geek world,” I guess that is what I am (albeit poor). I like to spend most of my time out in the real world, dancing at indie/disco/edm nights or meeting up w/friends to do whatever the hell it is my friends and I like to do. Most of geeky traits from my past have vanished, and I am left with only tendencies and obsessions that I hide in my closet behind the socially acceptable obsessions: fashion and music.

So this is where the light bulb clicks in and you realize that I was brought onto this project to help w/character design. The villainesses needed a fashionable look, and with my background in fashion and style (yes they are two different things) it was only natural for Francis to ask me for assistance. I think it also helps that I kind of relate to these “bad girls.” It’s not that I want to eliminate the world of nerd culture, I’ve just had my share of experiences.

So that’s it. If you want to know more about actual work that I do, you can check out my website www.oheyemusing.com or you can just follow my Tumblr. I post my character design concepts there.

– Eileen

PS If you must know what I geek out on, it’s Disney, Matt Groening, social media, and gadgets.

For those of you that don’t already know, I’m one of the many people that work for “Anime Conji”, an anime convention that’s in its third year.  My position?  Volunteer coordinator.  I’m the guy that goes around telling volunteers what to do.  Actually, no.  I politely ask.  I’m posting this now because….well, Anime Conji is coming up.  See that lovely graphic I stole from the Anime Conji website(Sorry Jennice)?  Those are the dates.

Swing by and check us out!

Anime Conji
Volunteer….you know you want to

Negatron of the Mighty Mixed Nuts

There comes a time for growth, there comes a time for change, and there comes a time to completely smack the world over the head with something no one saw coming. It’s an exciting time right now. Despite the decline where some things are concerned, the culture is poised for some big change. There are so many people out there right now who are on the cusp of really blowing things wide open with new and original ideas. Ideas that they are not only passionate about, but ideas that carry positive meanings along with them…Negatron is not one of those people.

Caught in between the pulls of sub-culture movements and real life’s demands, a college student based in the illustrious state of California spends what free time he has neglecting his studies, obsessing over comics and vintage clothing, and running a small blog when he sees fit. Thoroughly dedicated to having a good time whenever possible, Justin is just as likely to be found at the top of a mountain as on a downtown San Diego street corner. At this point in the bio, I stop writing in the third person and proceed to keep it funky. Somewhere along the line, I managed to convince Twitch to give me a spot on the SSB team. It could prove to be tragic, or by some slim margin it could work out to be entertaining. Hopefully you check back and decide for yourself.


Call it whatever you want, but Strawberry Scented Burnout is back.

It’s been a bumpy ride.  All I can say is that it feels good to be back in the creative saddle again.  Kinda hard when you’re juggling tech school, MMA, and a job.  I suppose I ought to introduce myself.  Name’s Francis, and I’m the leader of Team Mixed Nuts, the group that’s making this webcomic.  Some of this stuff is based off of my life, and the rest is just plain batshit insane fiction.  I’ll leave you guys to figure out which is which.

The comic is about the social divide that exists between “geeks” and “socialites”.  The “geeks” are your typical geeky people, the ones you see playing videogames, watching anime, reading manga, etc.  You get the picture.  The “socialites” are the ones partying and out having a good time.  Without giving away too much of the story, you can expect some pretty crazy things to happen between the two social groups.

Also for this webmangazine, as I like to call it, I’m going to have our different team members sound off about stuff that they’re into.  Fashion, Urban Wear, MMA, Anime, Videogames, ‘Murrican Comics, who knows.  Be sure you don’t miss a beat, as they know what they’re talkin’ about.

I hope you enjoy this ride.  I know I will.

(PS, the comic is fiction.  Trying out anything you see in the comic will get you killed, sued, maimed, burned, flattened, squished, pounded, or even calcified.  DON’T DO IT.)