Nostalgia Bomb: Double Dare

I really wanted to crawl up a giant nose to find an orange flag.

I really wanted to crawl up a giant nose to find an orange flag.

“On your mark, get set….GO!”

You’d then be treated to the sight of people doing various “challenges” for points.  Right.  In the end, anyone competing in Double Dare would get messy.  That was the whole point

Double Dare was a game show that ran on Nickelodeon for about 7 years, starting in 1986.  Contestants would compete for points by answering trivia questions, or by doing PHYSICAL CHALLENGES. Its last episode aired in 1993.  So..twenty years ago?  Shit, time does fly.

During these competitions, especially during the obstacle courses at the end, the contestants would be subjected to being covered in slime.  Back then, kids didn’t really care about it, it was all in good fun!  These days, people are more prone to complain about that kinda treatment.  Sigh, the good old days.  Back then, crawling up a giant nose to look for an orange flag was a PRIVILEGE!

(Or they’d make some pervy jokes, but that’s neither here nor there)

I always wondered what happened to Double Dare as the years went on.  Marc Summers, the host of that show went on to some cool shit, like Good Eats! on the Food Network.  Then I found out that he had OCD…meaning that Double Dare must have been a nightmare for him.  A waking nightmare with no end in sight.

Maybe I should organize a “Double Dare” themed party.

Pirates, Cameras, Cards Against Humanity


I feel a little sad that I won’t be using cellphone pictures on this site as much, but I’ve gotta step up my game.  I got the camera from’s Lester, and it’s a fine camera for someone that’s pretty damn new to this whole DSLR thing.

I’m sure you guys are noticing a few changes on our site.  While we are upgrading our hardware and software, the core of SSB will remain unchanged.  The core of SSB is, and always has been the strength and the style of our writers and artist(s).

…hang on, I just bought Cards Against Humanity.

And here’s another episode of Detoonified, where Saph and Sarah break down a claymation feature.  Watch it!

…and is my strike almost over?  Sigh.





It’s a word you hear a lot in the IT industry.  You hope that it never happens to you, but sadly, in these troubled economic times, it happens more often than not.  Today was the end of my contract with Jack in the Box, and we ended it on a happy note.  We were on a hornblower cruise and we cruised around San Diego Bay for a few hours as we ate and drank.  Well….I did drink a bit.   It was sorta like my senior prom, but with alcohol.  So wait, it was exactly like my prom.  Right, Alissa?

I started working at JITB 6 months ago to fill in a vacancy left by a mass exodus of people that left the Restaurant Call Center (abbreviated to RTS for the rest of this entry), the department of the IT division that deals with restaurant computer issues, such as the registers or restaurant servers not working.  I was lookin’ for a job, so I applied and got the position.  I went through training for a month at RTS call center, then I jumped on the phones afterward. I made so many friends, the supervisors were really helpful and friendly, and by the end, we really felt like a family.  Today….at the end of our last work party, nobody wanted to leave.  One of our supervisors was tearing up(but he won’t admit it),

It’s the supervisor I lost to in the taco challenge.

Unfortunately, we were hired to relieve people that left in advance of an outsourcing.  Our department was outsourced to a call center located in Manila.  From a business standpoint, it makes sense.  For the cost of maintaining our current call center with its current numbers, they could get 4 times the number of analysts working.   However, they’ve just outsourced a bunch of experienced analysts and left the restaurants with a staff that’s entirely new.  So far the new call center has managed to shut down a few restaurants with a few….mistakes.

During work, I had the benefit of being around numerous experienced analysts, and they helped me grow as a IT professional, and as a call center employee.  Our counterparts in the Philippines…they don’t really have that benefit.  And it’s no fault of theirs, it’s just the way things are.

Still, I wanted to end things on a high note, so during our last week of work, I sent out an email to our department that highlighted all the fun things I picked up from working at the RTS Call Center.  Thermogenics, ghost peppers, protein, sandwiches, The Walking Dead, car batteries, and a bunch of other stuff was tossed around during work, and it was fun.  It really was.  I got a lot of thank-yous from people on the cruise that said they enjoyed reading my e-mail.

In the end, I got a ton of practical work experience with a Fortune 500 company in a IT call center, a nice severance package, and some funemployment time.  I’m going to miss working with those guys, but I’m gonna keep in touch with them as best I can.  They made me realize that I made the right choice in going into the IT industry, perilous as the threat of outsourcing is.

So for their sake and everyone else, I’m going to continue walkin’ down this path of the IT guy.  I don’t see a reason to stop now.  As long as there are computers, I’ll be needed.

Though I’m probably not gonna be eating too much Jack in the Box in the near future.  Maybe a taco or two in honor of Ryan.

SSB vs. @RondaRousey’s Couch

Ronda Rousey, if you don’t know her already, is the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion.  Her finishes?  All via armbar.  And they hurt.  But, she’s a human being like you and me, and she buys stuff off Craigslist.

SSB vs. Ronda Rousey's Craigslist Couch

No, she did not buy the couch off Charlie Murphy.

Good luck in all your future fights, Ronda!   We of Strawberry Scented Burnout wish you the best!

Is 30 the new 30?

I wonder.  Because I’ve been 30 for about a week now, and it still hasn’t quite set in.  I mean, I’ve still got hair, and people think that i’m 20.  Last week, I was training at my gym, and I was spending some time doing bagwork.  The dude next to me struck up a conversation and naturally, the subject sorta drifted towards our age.

“So, are you a pro fighter?”

“Me? Nah, I just do this for fun.  You?”

“*rubs his midsection*, I’m just trying to lose this belly fat.  I’m 28, so I figure that it’s high time that I do somethin’ for my body, y’know?”

“Um…I’m 30 :P.”


I’d like to think that those years spent doing taekwondo and all those other martial arts played a role in keeping my boyish charms.  Though I still need to burn off this fat, it’s starting to become a hassle carrying it around when I train.

This reminded me of Alissa's panda.

This reminded me of Alissa’s panda.

Being on the outside looking in isn’t all that bad.

I don’t even know what day it is anymore of my social media ban/strike, whatever it is.  I’m starting to see shit.  Like…patterns.  Some things just sorta take a strange turn after you take a step back and look at shit objectively, rather than subjectively.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m in my thirties that I’m starting to see how people really are weird.  I mean, it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black for me, but I’m self-aware weird.  I know I am, and I’ve got nothing to fuckin’ hide.  I mean, I wouldn’t be a writer if I had shit to hide.  Being a writer means that you’ve gotta pull your pants down, show your bare ass to the world, and tell it to take its best shot (don’t seriously do this, ‘cuz you’ll get arrested, or worse)..

Or maybe I’m reading too much into shit and I need to just relax and play some videogames.


Courtesy of Ministry of Tofu 😛

Sleeping Dogs : Year of the Snake

sleeping dogs yots1 sleeping dogs yots2 sleeping dogs yots3 sleeping dogs yots4

So you’re WEI SHEN MOTHERFUCKER!  You’ve taken down Big Smile Lee, Sonny Wo, and made Hong Kong a safer place for everyone.  So where’s your big fat reward and your ticket home?

Fat chance.  You get busted back down to a beat cop, and now some crazed-up cult wants to fuck things up!  What are you gonna do, Wei?

Kick ass and take names.  Like always.

This “Year of the Snake” themed DLC for Sleeping Dogs just dropped a couple days ago, and I’m downloading it as we speak.  I hope I get to keep all my cool abilities and guns!