I’m not in it for the money, though it would be nice :P

This is related. Seriously.

I usually lead my entries with a youtube video of some sort.  They’re relevant most of the time.  This time, it’s CRITICAL that you watch the video.   CosplayJP, I know you’re reading this too, so you better pay attention.  Go ahead, watch the video.  I’ll wait.

Did you watch it?  Good.  What did you see?  A bunny girl flying around on a sword beating up various contemporary sci-fi entities?  Good.  If you look a bit deeper you’d see just how the depth of the madness.  You see, the video was created for the 1983 Osaka Sci-Fi convention, nicknamed “Daicon IV”.  And it was created by a bunch of otaku working out of their basements and garages.  They weren’t doing it for the fame, rather, they were doing it ‘cuz they loved being an otaku.  And I’m sure that they had fun doing it.

What happened to those guys that made that video?  Did they live happily ever after?  Sort of.  They went on to form a certain animation studio.  I don’t know if you’ve heard of ’em….they’re called Studio GAINAX.

Time and time again, Studio Gainax would reference their Daicon IV video in all their subsequent works.  Hell, even Haruko yells out “DAICON V”.  On top of all this, Studio GAINAX has a reputation for being the most hospitable to the otaku, since well…they are too.

Now back to the original point of this entry.  When I first created Team Mixed Nuts 4 years ago, I had no idea what I’d be in for.  I saw the Daicon IV video and got inspired by it all.  I got even more inspired after I learned the backstory and how Studio GAINAX got formed.  Now….here I am.  Surrounded by a crack team of creative minds that refuse to do anything less than epic.  I know that if it wasn’t for them, and numerous other people, I wouldn’t be here, still working on my webmangazine.  You can’t be doing this stuff because you want to be famous.  If it’s good, that’ll come on its own.  Along with the money.

I’m working on this webmangazine because I genuinely love being a geek.  It’s fun!  And I know everyone else on the team feels the same way.


The Beginning of Something Special

I am BNMotive, but you may call me BN. In short, I am a Mexican college student currently working on my Illustration mayor. However, what truly matters is that I come here to share with you my experiences as an artist. Why? Well, I didn’t have much guidance as a kid, and so I want share some of my experience with the readers.
That being:
-my art techniques (occasional tutorials)
-stories and photos of my trips
-and my views on entertainment. (like  games, comics, movies and shows).

Talking about sharing experiences, I think the 90’s entertainment made a huge impression in my life as an artist. Those were the times in which I was completely oblivious of story archetypes and clichés, so I was very open to anything I could get my hands on even if i didn’t understand it’s intended meaning. however, never the less we can all agree that we could never wait for new episodes of our favorite programs to show on TV, specially the ones with our favorite theme songs.

now days I can always come back and look back at that precious nostalgia and re-interpret all those theme songs and shows as an adult and bring a whole new light of appreciation for the things I love.

take Dragonball and Digimon in this case, back then I only saw the Mexican version since it was the only thing available at the time. but seriously, how was I supposed to know that all these great series came from a different country called Japan? and to make it even more intriguing, how was I supposed to know that each version of these series came in different languages and had variety of editing choices? knowing that information blew my mind. so I was hooked to know even more about the matter.

thankfully the internet these days are great sources for such things, so now we can appreciate the work of the people who made these shows possible. I went out there and did some small research, so here are some of the interesting samples I got for DragonBall and Digimon. personally, I like the intros the same in their own particular ways. in addition to that, I found a very interesting site that links to the portfolio site of American composer Shuki Levy. this man was involved in an incredible repertory of series that probably most of us grew up with, so give it a try and see what you can find, you could probably find something that you had forgotten in the past! also, here I sign out. enjoy!


Dragon Ball Z

Rock The Dragon by Shuki Levy and Kussa Mahehi. (United States)

Chala Head Chala By Hironobu Kageyama (Japan)

Chala Head Chala By Ricado Silva (Mexico)


Digimon: Digital Monsters by Shuki Levy:
The Biggest Dreamer by Koji Wada
Gran Sueño by Doblaje Intertrack Mexico

Hayabusa ensemble for Comic Con 2012 and beyond

Hayabusa ensemble for Comic Con 2012 and beyond

So I took the plunge and created a polyvore.  There’s no reason why Mixed Martial Arts shouldn’t be fashionable!   This is what I plan on wearing during comic con.  I’ve rocked gear from Fairtex (Muay Thai apparel) these past two years, so I’m going to change it up a bit.  I’m going with Hayabusa this time around because…well, it looks really cool.  And they’re comfortable.

PrideFC – No PRIDE, No LIFE.

Oh man, PrideFC.  Where do I begin?

As you guys already know, I’m a huge MMA fan.  I started watching MMA matches casually at my cousin’s house, and they were usually PrideFC matches.  I didn’t understand just how epic and awesome the promotion was until I bought my own PrideFC DVD’s and started doing my own research (Wikipedia and other internet sites, what can I say, I’ve got some free time).

Most of the MMA events that are going on these days follow the “Mixed Martial Arts Unified Rules of Combat“.  These rules are set up to offer maximum protection to the fighters involved, and with good reason.  Besides winning a match via KO or unanimous decision, one can win a match via submission.  That just increases the ways that anyone can get hurt.  PrideFC….did things just a little bit differently. (Wikipedia, thanks again)

  • Pride allows kicking and kneeing the head of a downed opponent. This is considered a foul in the Unified Rules, which only allows kicks and knees to the head of a standing opponent.
  • Pride allows a fighter to stomp the head of a downed opponent. This is considered a foul in the Unified Rules.
  • Pride allows a fighter to spike (piledriver) an opponent onto the canvas on his head or neck. This is considered a foul in the Unified Rules.
  • Pride does not allow elbow strikes to the head of an opponent. The Unified rules allows elbows provided they are not striking directly down with the point of the elbow.
  • Pride’s matches include a ten minute first round, with two minute rest periods. The Unified rules allow rounds no longer than five minutes, with rest periods not exceeding one minute.
  • Pride’s matches are not judged on the ten point must system, rather judges score the whole fight. The Unified rules call for all matches to be judged using the ten point must system.

There were some opportunities for some real mayhem, as you can see above.   Coupled with an insane production budget, PrideFC put on some amazing events.  Besides the awesome numbered events (such as Pride.31), PrideFC also hosted the “Bushido” tournaments, which really pushed the pace of MMA fights.  Stalling tactics and slow-paced action would be penalized by purse deductions, making for some fast-paced exciting combat.

For American broadcasts and subsequent DVD releases, we were treated to color commentary by MMA legends Bas Rutten and Mauro Ranallo.  For someone that was just starting MMA training, their commentary and insight was nothing short of a godsend.

The people that competed in PrideFC comprise a true “Who’s who” in the MMA world.  Here’s a (really) short list of their fighters.

  • Mauricio “Shogun” Rua
  • Murilo “Ninja” Rua
  • Quinton “Rampage” Jackson
  • Mark Coleman
  • Mirko “CroCop” Filipovic
  • Chuck Liddell
  • Kazuyuki Fujita
  • Shinya Aoki
  • Tatsuya Kawajiri
  • Sergei Kharitonov
  • Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira  (Big Nog)
  • Antônio Rogério Nogueira  (Little Nog)
  • Josh Barnett
  • Alistair Overeem
  • Fedor Emilianenko
  • Alexander Emilianenko
  • Mark Hunt
  • Dan Henderson
  • Don Frye
  • Takanori “The Fireball Kid” Gomi
  • Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva
  • Fabricio Werdum
  • Kazushi Sakuraba
  • Ryan Gracie
  • Rickson Gracie
  • Akihiro Gono
  • Denis Kang

Some of the names stand out more than others I’m sure, but it’s a testament to the caliber of fighters that fought in the Saitama Super Arena (mostly). 

You also had some crazy ring entrances.  Oh yes.  Even featuring current pop stars that wear pompadours.  (Akihiro Gono, you card.)

In 2007, the PrideFC organization folded, due to a myriad of factors.  Its soul lives on in the “Dream” fight organization, as many of the staffers that ran PrideFC joined the Fighters’ Entertainment Group (FEG).  Many of their fighters joined up with Dream afterwards, and their sister group in the US, Strikeforce.

You’re probably asking…what made PrideFC so special that even long after its demise, MMA fans still talk fondly about it?  If you ask me, I think it’s…love.  The people that put PrideFC together had a lot of pride and love for their events and it shows.  You did see the intro sequences for the events earlier on in the blog post, didn’t you?  That stuff was epic.  The PrideFC theme song, Lenne Hardt’s crazy announcing, the fireworks, the fighters, the roaring crowd…it was all so much to take in.   The spirit of PrideFC still lives on, even today.

Feeling Great, How are you?

Howdy, hello, greetings, salutations and such. Reporting alive and well from the desk in the corner of my room at approximately 1′o clock in the afternoon and things appear to be all sorts of grand. Did you ever find yourself amidst one of these invincible moods where nothing can touch you? It doesn’t even have to come after some grand accomplishment. Some days I wake up, roll out of bed, click my computer back on and allow a glorious soundtrack of Ranma 1/2 to go tearing through my ear drums while the afternoon is still young.


With an 90′s anime soundtrack of sheer victory now encompassing my body I proceed to consume a corn muffin with the ruthlessness of a Hun warrior. Standing a not too shabby five foot eleven inches clad in nothing less than Evisu Jeans and an Target Brand v neck t-shirt I take the keyboard in one hand and the mouse in the other and proceed to weaving a masterful symphony of mouse clicks and keyboard taps within Photoshop to create new banners and images of grand proportions.

It goes so much farther than the design work though. It’s amazing to wake up inspired and be able to crack out hours of work before most are getting their day started, but that’s not the end of the deal. It’s that feeling that you can really do whatever you want. In literature they refer to it as the confidence of the youth. The invincible armor many of us seem to be able to throw on that consist of blind ambition and never ending drive. It’s a beautiful thing when that becomes an everyday occurrence and you feel empowered just by waking up. I started writing this post and had no idea what it was I was writing about but it’s pretty abundantly clear to me now by the end of the post.

I’m having an amazingly wonderful time living life right now and I’m only getting started. If you’re not doing something that gives you that same feeling then my only advice would be to stop at nothing to find an occupation where you are doing exactly what it is you want to be doing. And if it turns out what you thought was for you really wasn’t. Drop everything again and move on. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to skip around your room in dances of euphoria but I am able to do that because simply living is making me happy right now. All the things that should be considered “work” are a pleasure. Once you’ve gotten to that point my friends it doesn’t get any better. Let’s make it happen, the sky isn’t even the limit, it’s only the beginning for us. No offense to the big man from Brooklyn.

Post #100 – Shoutouts!

Man, 100 entries down.  I didn’t think we’d reach that milestone that quickly.  Looks like we did it, team.  And boy, does it feel good.  So, here’s who I wanna thank and give my shoutouts to…

The new guys – 
Beau – Your art and creative direction got this group going again when things were going nowhere.  Thanks a lot.
Justin – Homie, we’ve known each other for a while, but we’ve only recently started hangin’ out and working together.  But man, it sure has been fun.  I’m honored to be working with someone as dope as you.
Eileen – Y’know, I knew there had to be a reason why I introduced myself to you 4 times.  Besides the alcohol.  You’ve got that special something that I can’t explain, or figure out.  You’re an awesome girl, and I’m chuffed to bits to be around you.  Just….don’t stab me.
Ro and Jan – You guys are new to the staff and your work has been awesome.  Glad to have you guys on board.

The Old Guard
Chibi – Wherever you are man, thanks for always bein’ the otaku side of my conscience.  Stay up.
Mochi – Your quiet dedication keeps us afloat, Mochi.  We notice your work, even when you don’t.  Thanks.
Jenn – This is only the beginning, Jenn.  Thanks for sticking around since the beginning.  You’ve been a greater friend to me than you can possibly imagine, and I thank you for that.
Jared – Bro, thanks for having my back since day 1 of our group.

Last, I wanna thank you, the readers, from wherever you guys are reading this blog, be it Japan, the UK, Iceland, Korea, or even the United States.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
 Here’s to many more posts.