As some of you already know, I’m in the middle of getting back into Muay Thai/MMA.  Since I’ve been out for about a year, I needed a little help getting back into the swing of things.  When I first rejoined, I decided to take a Muay Thai ALL LEVELS class at my gym…and I got my butt handed to me.  HARD.  Not only was I rusty, my body just couldn’t move as fast as it once did.  That and I had weighed in at 195 lbs.

Since then, I’ve made adjustments to my diet.  Not only am I trying to eat smaller meals more frequently, I’m also trying to adjust my protein intake. I’m also trying to get the proper amount of sleep. I’ve got some isolated whey protein mixes which I’ve been drinking.  I also decided to give something different a try, for once.

It tastes like really clean gatorade!

It tastes like really clean gatorade!

Yep.  I’ve started taking MusclePharm’s “Assault” pre-performance amplifier.  It’s got a mix of vitamins, creatine, and a bunch of proteins in a proprietary blend that’s supposed to act as an energy booster/fat burner/muscle builder.  The directions are simple.  1/2 scoop of this stuff in cold water 20-30 minutes before a workout.  Like my caption says, it tastes like really clean gatorade.

I managed to find the nutritional information for this powder as well:

I love how they put their proprietary blend in its own section.

I love how they put their proprietary blend in its own section.

So the million dollar question on everybody’s mind is, “does it work”?  That’s exactly what I’m going to find out.  I’ve started taking this stuff before my workouts, so we’ll see how my body turns out at the end of this “experiment”.  Right now, I can say that it does help during my workouts, which are pretty damn intense already.

And I weighed in at 191.5 lbs. this morning.  Yay me.

The Turbine From Hell spins in heaven.

RIP, Ramon.  Gone too soon.

RIP, Ramon. Gone too soon.















Ramon Dekkers, you were an inspiration to many.  Especially me.  When I first started Muay Thai a few years ago, I really didn’t have any references, as I had been watching K-1 fights.  Charlie showed me this highlight reel when I first started training.

Holy fuck this shit was intense.  It inspired me to keep training, no matter how many times I was knocked to the canvas (which was pretty damn often).

Your accomplishments were many, and they’re only overshadowed by the influence you had on so many of us farang nak muay.  I, and so many others like us can never express how grateful we are to have you as a hero, a guide, and an inspiration.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Well, I can only hope that they’ve got enough heavy bags in heaven.  Maybe your turbine can spin there too.  I’m sure it can.  And even if it can’t, I’m sure you’d spin it anyway.

Farewell for now, Ramon.  We’ll keep training and fighting on in your place.  That much I can promise you.

Social Media Blackout Day #7 – Can’t be touched.

I’m in love.

You can say what you want about Women’s MMA, but let me say this.

Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche fought with the intensity of like 20 dudes.  That shit was epic.  Ronda’s armbar?  Pure class.  And that’s like the only moment where I would love to be armbared.  By Ronda Rousey.

UFC 157 was a damn good event.  Between Urijah Faber’s spider monkey choke, the back and forth exchanges between Machida and Hendo, and the action of the other fights, the card was great and did not disappoint.

Makes me all hyped up to start training again :).

Kyokushin vs. Traditional Karate

Kyokushin Karate is one of my favorite martial arts. It’s a hard striking style, and its emphasis on practicality makes it a very useful art to learn. If I had a Kyokushin Karate School close to where I lived, I probably would’ve learned that art instead of Taekwondo.


Maybe that’s why I’m learning Muay Thai now.

This video comes courtesy of the “Stunt People”.  I’ve met their director, Eric Jacobus a few times during comic con. He’s a class act.  Apparently he knows Fernando and Anthoz.  Go figure.

Hey, Mark Gadia!  I’m still training, but I’m still down to be in one of your movies :).

Muay Thai brings people together. It may sting a little.

I met Anthony Noceda at last year’s SDAFF when he was a facilities coordinator (I think).  The two of us hit it off when we realized that we had something in common.  Muay Thai.  While I started learning Muay Thai purely out of interest in the martial art, Anthony’s actually had some real ringtime.  Check out this video that one of my friends showed me of Anthony, it’s a pretty solid exhibition of Muay Thai, and it includes a Wai Khru prefight ceremony and padwork.

Anthony, we miss ya bro.  Stay up!


Strawberry Scented Burnout: Taekwondo #2 – Mina’s first fight!

Property of Team Mixed Nuts, so don’t steal this. Serious.

Without further adoo-doo, here’s issue #2 of Strawberry Scented Burnout: Taekwondo!  Mina and Jay are about to have their first fight, but not before Jay goes over the rules.  Rules are important, you know.