Creepity Creep Creep

Howdy patnahs, I’m Ericka. Mr Twitchy decided to turn my everyday disasters into a new column. I get this a lot “What happened this time, lil sis?”–YES. I’m the “Normal Geek Girl” though I don’t feel worthy of the honor of that title. I’ve evolved from an outwardly looking geek to an inner geek, and oh, I can prove it.

How Embarrassing.

Raised the typical Asian way, GET STRAIGHT A’s or consider your life OVER.

It was always assumed my path set before me was to be a programmer. And oh, did I avoid it when I got older. Went in Biomedical Engineering, then Computer Science–wanted to punch my professors in the face, then finally moving on to the medical field. AND GUESS WHAT I’M DOING NOW?! Yep, Web Programming, Web Design, and iOS App developer. NOT what I went to school for. Can’t fight fate. DAMN. AND OF COURSE, writing for this lovely blog.

I want to learn how to do everything. Especially things that only “boys” are supposed to do, I have some inferiority complex and feel like I want to know that I CAN do it too. Seriously. Case and point: I wanted to learn how to fix a car, bought an s14 w/ manual trans, learned how to drift. Done and Done.

I need to know when people are talking crap about me, and I can do so in Tagalog, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean. Keep me away from MMO RPGs because I will disappear from life for a VERY long time. Same with Korean Dramas. SIDETRACKED.

Let me tell you this–I LOVE NERDY, GEEKY, INTELLIGENT guys. You know, the ones who read because they WANT to, have their own hobbies…such as anime, video games, can tell you about the most random of random things yet catch your interest because how enthusiastic they are about it…anyway. They make the BEST boyfriends.

BUT..they need to learn a few tricks of the trade. Well, you’re in luck. Use my horrible stories and experiences as a learning tool. For now I will bring you up before I bring you down in the next posts. As suggested, “HOW NOT TO ACT CREEPY”..well, here’s some good qualities for you.

CONFIDENT: It may not be in the same sense as other guys, but damn, they are confident when they are talking about something that interests them. Just give up. Come on, I don’t care what kind of socially awkward penguin you are but you must agree with me here. They don’t care what people think of them–or shouldn’t anyway…

LOYAL: As dedicated as they are to not missing out on that raids/instances, they can be just as dedicated to their ladies. Though, there needs to be a balance here when it comes to the two–I’ll get into that later.

FUNNY: 99.9% of the time these guys will always get you to laugh and have a good time…even get you out of your OWN comfort zone. Always good.

GENTLEMEN: These guys don’t know how to be playboys. You’ll appreciate this later.

I’ll stop here…but now that I’ve made you feel better about yourselves, in the next post I’ll tell you HOW to use these traits in your FAVOR and scrap the CREEPY, stereotypical behaviors. Oh goodness what am I getting myself into.

Girlfriends and Football

                                                                                                 RG3 has some anime fans…

Football season is here!!!, which means it’s time for me to get religious on Sundays. Let me go ahead and drop some knowledge on you ladies out on the blogosphere…Let me be VERY clear: Root against your mans team and consider us done. We’ll call you in the off-season.

To me, there is no bigger slap in the face than when a woman purposely roots against a man’s team. I’m perfectly fine with a woman having a team of her own, if she’s rooted for the team her whole life. But if she’s the type of woman who never really paid attention to my three favorite sports (football, basketball, and baseball), and never had a team, then she needs to be on my side.

Now, I have heard some women say it’s fun to root against their man’s team because if his team is losing they think it’s sexy when he gets all angry.

It isn’t.

Let’s say I’m watching a movie with my woman about a man in love with two women, one named Jung Soo-yeon, the other named Stephanie Mi Young Hwang, and my woman is pulling for Jung Soo-yeon, wouldn’t I be an asshole if I was rooting for Stephanie? Even if I thought Stephanie was WAAAAAAY better, out of respect for my lady, I would still root for Jung because I’m no dummy.

Consider this your warning, ladies: Men want our women to root for the team we’re rooting for. Period. And if you don’t, it’s over…At least until the off-season.

We men are the fine wines of life.

When people compare women to wine…I tend to disagree. So disclaimer..I am not trying to be sexist or derogatory but this just how i see the aging process. Please leave all hater comments in the comment sections and I might or might not reply to you. Thanks.

So I feel we men are the real wines when it comes to aging. Look at many men (minus plastic surgery) we do age better with time. It may not be all physical but mentally we mature and that makes us that more appealing to women. Also it is much easier for us to turn fat into muscle or to keep of pounds (holler at your boy testosterone yaaa boyyy). I can say that I feel much more fitter, healthier and better then I did at 18-24. At 25 I thought it would be game over, I was dead wrong. The fun just starts now. So to all the under 25 crowd get used to working out or being healthy so you do not have to climb a mountain later on in life. To those over….time is all not lost you have much more years ahead of you so get on it.

Be the robust red wine, or the soothing white wine. Or if your like me that fresh moscato that guys hate on and girls end up loving.


Miring? Keep Miring Brah.


At first glance this picture might remind of you a douchebag. You know the sort you always see at the club/bar/supermarket/gym…that guy who is ripped and he knows it. Well I want you to read the quotes…this particular man Zyzz, was that guy but INSPIRED people to get of their ASSES and do something. When I saw his tribute (google Zyzz legacy) video I thought “wtf who is this guy…but dope music”.

When I finished the video…I felt this urge to push myself in everything I do and live my life to the fullest. There is no point in life going around be a sad fool..who hates life/is afraid of it. In life you have to do what makes you happy (as long as it’s right and your not pissing of people just to piss them off). So instead of hiding under a rock, go grab life by the stupid pointy horns and do something with it.

Forever Miring.

P.S – After reading and learning about Zyzz, I began to eat right. Train with heart/passion/rage and lost 12 pounds in a month. I just gave you another reason to mire so keep Miring Brah.