Blink-182’s “First Date”

You know, this is probably my favorite Blink-182 song.

Yesterday, I had a chance to spend some time with my family.  And then….it happened.  THE INEVITABLE QUESTIONS.

  • ARE YOU SINGLE? (yes)
  • ARE YOU DATING? (sure, why not?)

It was then that I got to thinking….how would that first date go?  If I did decide to go through with it, that is.  Which I didn’t.  I mean, I’m still a hopeless romantic and I wish that I could just fall in love with someone and live happily ever after.  Still, I’m 30.  Not gettin’ any younger.

My first real brush with arranged marriages came when I was 25 or 26.  I was hanging out in Oceanside with an old acquaintance of mine, and he wanted me to meet a few friends of his.  Then it turned into something like a marriage meeting, because they wanted to find a husband for one of their relatives in the Philippines.  Yikes.


That same day, another friend of mine called me up, asking me to straight up marry her cousin so she could get a visa.

Sheesh, maybe I’m the weird one and this is how dating goes nowadays.


What if she turns out to be crazy?  What if I actually like that kinda shit?


Traditions and Revelations

Anyone ever heard of the Seven Churches Visitation? Well, it’s an annual tradition that usually occurs on Holy Thursday of Lent. It involves visiting 7 churches and praying before the Blessed Sacrament. Supposedly the number 7 came from one of the popes visiting the 7 churches in Rome. It is a tradition in my family to attempt this feat in under about 2 hours after Holy Thursday mass. We succeeded this year again and ate a late dinner at Chili’s to end the night. =)

Here is our timeline:
7:00 pm – Mass at St. Charles, Imperial Beach
8:15 pm – 1st church: St. Charles, Imperial Beach
8:30 pm – 2nd church: Most Precious Blood
8:49 pm – 3rd church: St. Pius X
9:02 pm – 4th church: St. Rose of Lima
9:17 pm – 5th church: St. Anthony of Padua
9:25 pm – 6th church: St. Mary
9:50 pm – 7th church: Corpus Christi
10:00 pm – Dinner at Chili’s

So I wasn’t exactly sure what type of prayers I was supposed to be saying while I was in the church, and I decided to just say one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and one Glory Be at each church. After reading about the Seven Churches Visitation online, turns out I was doing it correctly the entire time. Yay me! =) Even though there are no set prayers, but saying each of those basic prayers was good enough.

I’m still trying to understand as best as I can why some people seem to have such a grand disdain for organized religion. It’s like all some people see are the negative characteristics that have been exaggerated and popularized by the media. There are such wonderful things in religion, and institutions in general. I’ve heard various arguments on religion and institutions, and it’s funny to me how they always focus just on the negative things. I’m not trying to get all preachy because I respect everyone’s opinions and choices, but honestly sometimes it feels like people think it’s weird to be religious. It’s almost like I’m a religious geek, outcasted because I dare to have faith in God and in His church. Weird how people can make freaks and geeks out of almost anything. Just pick whatever is not the majority, and it can be deemed as a freak or a geek. It would work the same if most of America was religious, then the few that weren’t religious would be considered weird. Our world is weird. No wonder we have so many weird people in it (me included). =P

Harlem Shake By The Backstreet Boys

Um. The Backstreet Boys doing the harlem shake video was actually quite amusingly weird. Talk about cleverly creative. Oh no they didn’t go for the sexual appeal, legitimate dancing, or stupidly silly dancing. They went for the extremely off-the-wall-random-raise-your-eyebrows kind of video. I don’t know if it’s just because I grew up with the Backstreet Boys and seeing them in this way is contradictory to how I remember them. But for whatever reason, I couldn’t help but bust out laughing when I watched this video and think to myself “what the hell am I watching?” I would imagine there are a lot of harlem shake videos on YouTube that may give me a similar effect, but this is the Backstreet Boys. Haha.

I mean come on! Freaknasty Spiderman? Perverted Easter Bunny? Captain America Ballerina? Rocketeer Helmet? Naked man in a Dr. Seuss hat? I can’t possibly be the only person who thinks this is weirder than weird, but I guess that’s what they were going for? Mission accomplished? You’ve succeeded in freaking me out!! =P

And what’s one stage down from being a geek? Hmmm. I kinda think it’s being a freak. And no, not in sexual terms. Freak as in even the geeks think you’re weird. You know what I’m talking about!! Haha. (side note: I loved the show Freaks and Geeks) Criticism aside, I really just want to hold onto my teen perception of the Backstreet Boys. But even though I want it that way, I know people change, times change, and I have to accept that the Backstreet Boys have changed. I mean I just have to quit playing games with my heart and enter the reality that the Backstreet Boys are no longer boys (although I think when they were popular they were actually quite old). They are men. Men, who as long as you love them, will continue to make more music and more extremely weird videos. I’m sure that will definitely make them happy and they will feel larger than life.

Ok I’m done. No wait. Final thoughts. There really is just no way. No how. I’ll never break your heart because I always give you all I have to give. And that, my dear friends, is the shape of my heart. <3

Turkey with a side of Pepper Spray

Hi, Hello, Greetings and Salutations, how was your Thanksgiving? whatever.

With Thanksgiving over, the Christmas season is now officially underway, and with that comes the traditional pepper spraying, shooting, and stabbing of holiday shoppers. What, that’s not tradition where you’re from? Oh it’s not traditional here either? Well, it unfortunately might be now. in recent years, shoppers intending to capitalize on Black Friday deals had more to deal with than just long lines, as people across the country were injured in attempts to get survival necessities like PS3’s and waffle makers.

A woman who pepper sprayed over twenty people in a Los Angeles-area Walmart in order to get to a crate of XBOX 360’s. Though really, can you blame her? Those things go fast. And apparently, a security guard in North Carolina also pepper sprayed customers looking for various electronics. Two bucks says he’s from Davis.


Creepity Creep Creep

Howdy patnahs, I’m Ericka. Mr Twitchy decided to turn my everyday disasters into a new column. I get this a lot “What happened this time, lil sis?”–YES. I’m the “Normal Geek Girl” though I don’t feel worthy of the honor of that title. I’ve evolved from an outwardly looking geek to an inner geek, and oh, I can prove it.

How Embarrassing.

Raised the typical Asian way, GET STRAIGHT A’s or consider your life OVER.

It was always assumed my path set before me was to be a programmer. And oh, did I avoid it when I got older. Went in Biomedical Engineering, then Computer Science–wanted to punch my professors in the face, then finally moving on to the medical field. AND GUESS WHAT I’M DOING NOW?! Yep, Web Programming, Web Design, and iOS App developer. NOT what I went to school for. Can’t fight fate. DAMN. AND OF COURSE, writing for this lovely blog.

I want to learn how to do everything. Especially things that only “boys” are supposed to do, I have some inferiority complex and feel like I want to know that I CAN do it too. Seriously. Case and point: I wanted to learn how to fix a car, bought an s14 w/ manual trans, learned how to drift. Done and Done.

I need to know when people are talking crap about me, and I can do so in Tagalog, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean. Keep me away from MMO RPGs because I will disappear from life for a VERY long time. Same with Korean Dramas. SIDETRACKED.

Let me tell you this–I LOVE NERDY, GEEKY, INTELLIGENT guys. You know, the ones who read because they WANT to, have their own hobbies…such as anime, video games, can tell you about the most random of random things yet catch your interest because how enthusiastic they are about it…anyway. They make the BEST boyfriends.

BUT..they need to learn a few tricks of the trade. Well, you’re in luck. Use my horrible stories and experiences as a learning tool. For now I will bring you up before I bring you down in the next posts. As suggested, “HOW NOT TO ACT CREEPY”..well, here’s some good qualities for you.

CONFIDENT: It may not be in the same sense as other guys, but damn, they are confident when they are talking about something that interests them. Just give up. Come on, I don’t care what kind of socially awkward penguin you are but you must agree with me here. They don’t care what people think of them–or shouldn’t anyway…

LOYAL: As dedicated as they are to not missing out on that raids/instances, they can be just as dedicated to their ladies. Though, there needs to be a balance here when it comes to the two–I’ll get into that later.

FUNNY: 99.9% of the time these guys will always get you to laugh and have a good time…even get you out of your OWN comfort zone. Always good.

GENTLEMEN: These guys don’t know how to be playboys. You’ll appreciate this later.

I’ll stop here…but now that I’ve made you feel better about yourselves, in the next post I’ll tell you HOW to use these traits in your FAVOR and scrap the CREEPY, stereotypical behaviors. Oh goodness what am I getting myself into.

Congrats Felix Baumgartner. Change your name to Cid Highwind.

Congrats, Felix.

Props to the Red Bull Stratos team and Felix for completing one of the most ballsiest jumps in human history.

This is our generation’s moon landing.  We’re still waiting on confirmation of the records broken today.  Also, uncomfirmed reports have this song playing during the fall.



At some point last night, perhaps around midnight or so, a distant corner in the far reaches of the Mixed Nuts room was lit by the dim yellow glow of a tired old lamp. Hushed whispers punctuated the soft warbling of the new 2 Chainz (2 CHAAAAAINZ) record in the background. I decided to make my return to the team…

I grew up being told that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. That saying is a big reason I’ve been away from the team blog. When somebody tells you that you’re writing style AND thoughts aren’t suitable for the blog, it makes you go through some shit.
At first I asked myself how I can change my writing style to better fit a PG audience. I thought about it for a long time. and here’s what I came up with. why the FUCK should I (the head blogger and newly appointed script writer) change my posts after I’ve carried this blog on my back for months. why should Twitch and I change the way we write? our writing, ideas, and thoughts are a HUGE reason why we now have regulars that frequent this blog. Most importantly..why the fuck would I listen to you?  and therein lies the kicker. I tried to change for someone that doesn’t write for this blog, and I’m pretty sure doesn’t even read it on a regular basis. As my good buddy Twitch says “we are NOT ign” Twitch and I are here to inform, entertain, communicate, understand, humor, and sometimes piss you off. THAT”S WHAT WRITING IS. it’s MY ART. telling someone to change their style of writing is like telling an artist that his drawings suck. SUCK IT!……ANYWAY I digress. This wasn’t the only reason I haven’t been blogging… 

Busy? Sure. Planning the return to school? Without a doubt. A little lazy? Probably some of that as well. All of that contributed a fair deal but at the end of the day friends, the whole drive to hop on the horse here and get to business has been seriously lacking. I’m not going to go into my whole dictation on the state of the blog world again, we’ve heard that about 3 times too many as it is, but I will say that I am not going to give up on blogging. The new experience I have planned will be a new inspiration to really take this whole form to a new plateau which inherently will result in me actually wanting to do posts multiple times a day. When I feel like I’m stuck in a rut it gets difficult to feel inspired to post, the ability to innovate and feel like I’m bringing some new to the table is what really brings me back at the end of the day.

So on that note, I appreciate your guy’s patience for rocking with the blog through these days of literary and visual abstinence. In the mean time through this somewhat dry spell here’s a clip of my boy Riley describing my mood right now…