The last day of SDAFF 2012 and a special message from the CEO.

Today marked the end of the 13th San Diego Asian Film Festival.  I had a blast, and we all did good.   To the staff, volunteers, patrons, guests, industry members, and everyone else, THANK YOU.   You guys rock.  I took some quick pictures during the closing hours.

Guys, we’ve hit the 20,000 view mark.  And we’ve done it in a pretty decent time.  I just wanna say thank you to all you fans and subscribers out there for following us since the beginning.  Big things are coming up during this month, so stay tuned!

Muay Thai brings people together. It may sting a little.

I met Anthony Noceda at last year’s SDAFF when he was a facilities coordinator (I think).  The two of us hit it off when we realized that we had something in common.  Muay Thai.  While I started learning Muay Thai purely out of interest in the martial art, Anthony’s actually had some real ringtime.  Check out this video that one of my friends showed me of Anthony, it’s a pretty solid exhibition of Muay Thai, and it includes a Wai Khru prefight ceremony and padwork.

Anthony, we miss ya bro.  Stay up!


999HP and the San Diego Fighting Game Club Present: NERD REACTOR 2: BOARD GAMES AND CRAZY MADNESS!

I’ll admit, I made that title up.  Yesterday was 999HP‘s birthday, and being the classy guy that he is, he decided to host a videogame tournament in support of sick children.  The event was covered REALLY REALLY WELL on and via the boys at Gigaventure, so the links I’ve provided will send you to those pictures (when they’re uploaded).

What I’ve got here is what happens when a few people decide to gather for board games.  WHO NEEDS ELECTRICITY AMIRITE?!  Though after the game, the discussion got mad crazy.

Biggie ups to TX3017, lenejenius, kawaii_kupo, kupomatic, ferrisb1, richandcreamy, and the crew of Gigaventure.  Stay up.



Old old school (Dedicated to all my homies from the airport at SWC).

Which one were you? Fess up.

Yes, shit was cray cray back then.  10 years ago, I was a member of an anime club.  It was called the anime and games club.  My claim to fame back then?  My cousin was one of the founding members (and another founding member is part of Team Mixed Nuts today.)  Our own MFNegatron also met me during this dangerous period of my life.

Durning my tenure at the “AnG” as it was called, I met all sorts of wonderful and crazy people.  I also spent time doing Judo, Kung-Fu, a girlfriend (that would later serve as the basis of a manga), and classes when I could spare the time.  So like most other kids stuck in the junior college trap, I spent about 4 years at SWC.  Most of those years were spent in the company of people like those in the picture above.

I don’t regret it though.  It was because of those fellow geeks that I was able to accept my geek side fully and live without regret or limits for the first time.  Up to that point, I had to keep my powerlevel relatively hidden since nobody could really relate to my geekdom.  We had anime viewings, club festivals, and game days….but we spent a lot of time dicking around in our cubicle.  And people loved to complain about that.

(Fortunately I didn’t mind reaching out to the other clubs in the ASO, so we eventually reached mutual understandings.  For the more stubborn clubs, I would show up in my Judo gi and be up front with them.)

Fast forward some 10 years later, and I’m now a staffer for Anime Conji, San Diego’s first anime convention.  The more that I think about it, the more I realize shit hasn’t changed.  Anime fans are still the same.  Maybe that’s why I don’t mind working with anime otaku, because I’m used to it.

Which brings me to a point.  I am the way I am because I was shaped by all these experiences I had.  Especially with these anime otaku.  That’s why I can speak and write the way I do.  I gained a lot of confidence from all those people in my past.

So if you don’t have any confidence in what you do, write, or say, then it’s time you took a good look at yourself in the mirror and say,

“Fuck it.  What’s the worst that can happen?”

These people taught me to be yourself, and that your identity is the single most important possession.  Don’t lose it.

We men are the fine wines of life.

When people compare women to wine…I tend to disagree. So disclaimer..I am not trying to be sexist or derogatory but this just how i see the aging process. Please leave all hater comments in the comment sections and I might or might not reply to you. Thanks.

So I feel we men are the real wines when it comes to aging. Look at many men (minus plastic surgery) we do age better with time. It may not be all physical but mentally we mature and that makes us that more appealing to women. Also it is much easier for us to turn fat into muscle or to keep of pounds (holler at your boy testosterone yaaa boyyy). I can say that I feel much more fitter, healthier and better then I did at 18-24. At 25 I thought it would be game over, I was dead wrong. The fun just starts now. So to all the under 25 crowd get used to working out or being healthy so you do not have to climb a mountain later on in life. To those over….time is all not lost you have much more years ahead of you so get on it.

Be the robust red wine, or the soothing white wine. Or if your like me that fresh moscato that guys hate on and girls end up loving.


Miring? Keep Miring Brah.


At first glance this picture might remind of you a douchebag. You know the sort you always see at the club/bar/supermarket/gym…that guy who is ripped and he knows it. Well I want you to read the quotes…this particular man Zyzz, was that guy but INSPIRED people to get of their ASSES and do something. When I saw his tribute (google Zyzz legacy) video I thought “wtf who is this guy…but dope music”.

When I finished the video…I felt this urge to push myself in everything I do and live my life to the fullest. There is no point in life going around be a sad fool..who hates life/is afraid of it. In life you have to do what makes you happy (as long as it’s right and your not pissing of people just to piss them off). So instead of hiding under a rock, go grab life by the stupid pointy horns and do something with it.

Forever Miring.

P.S – After reading and learning about Zyzz, I began to eat right. Train with heart/passion/rage and lost 12 pounds in a month. I just gave you another reason to mire so keep Miring Brah.