WonderCon 2013 Days 2-3, ‘cuz we’re all about that geek life.

WonderCon 2013 wasn’t that bad at all.  It reminds me of how San Diego Comic Con used to be.  Smaller, more intimate, and a helluva lot easier to get into.  That being said, I was able to get through the entire con floor within the span of a few minutes.

The size of a con doesn’t really matter though.  Having friends to meet up with and hang out with makes the difference between an okay con and a great con.  As you can see by my pictures, I had plenty of people to meet up with.  So for my list of shoutouts:

It was definitely great to see all of you guys at WonderCon.  Gives me hope that there really are people that are all about that geek life.

Last but not least, biggie ups to my fambam and crew that made it out with me, and got drunk off moscato, jack daniels, and shock top.  FRONT DESK?! BANG BANG!

  • Ferris B.
  • Andrew O.
  • Ivan L.

You asked for it, and here are the pictures from the con!

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Traditions and Revelations

Anyone ever heard of the Seven Churches Visitation? Well, it’s an annual tradition that usually occurs on Holy Thursday of Lent. It involves visiting 7 churches and praying before the Blessed Sacrament. Supposedly the number 7 came from one of the popes visiting the 7 churches in Rome. It is a tradition in my family to attempt this feat in under about 2 hours after Holy Thursday mass. We succeeded this year again and ate a late dinner at Chili’s to end the night. =)

Here is our timeline:
7:00 pm – Mass at St. Charles, Imperial Beach
8:15 pm – 1st church: St. Charles, Imperial Beach
8:30 pm – 2nd church: Most Precious Blood
8:49 pm – 3rd church: St. Pius X
9:02 pm – 4th church: St. Rose of Lima
9:17 pm – 5th church: St. Anthony of Padua
9:25 pm – 6th church: St. Mary
9:50 pm – 7th church: Corpus Christi
10:00 pm – Dinner at Chili’s

So I wasn’t exactly sure what type of prayers I was supposed to be saying while I was in the church, and I decided to just say one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and one Glory Be at each church. After reading about the Seven Churches Visitation online, turns out I was doing it correctly the entire time. Yay me! =) Even though there are no set prayers, but saying each of those basic prayers was good enough.

I’m still trying to understand as best as I can why some people seem to have such a grand disdain for organized religion. It’s like all some people see are the negative characteristics that have been exaggerated and popularized by the media. There are such wonderful things in religion, and institutions in general. I’ve heard various arguments on religion and institutions, and it’s funny to me how they always focus just on the negative things. I’m not trying to get all preachy because I respect everyone’s opinions and choices, but honestly sometimes it feels like people think it’s weird to be religious. It’s almost like I’m a religious geek, outcasted because I dare to have faith in God and in His church. Weird how people can make freaks and geeks out of almost anything. Just pick whatever is not the majority, and it can be deemed as a freak or a geek. It would work the same if most of America was religious, then the few that weren’t religious would be considered weird. Our world is weird. No wonder we have so many weird people in it (me included). =P

Inside Looking Outside


Perspective can sometimes be a mindf*ck. When you learn to view things at different angles, you slowly but surely come to form well-rounded stances on things. Take for instance anime. Before joining the Strawberry Scented Burnout crew, the only thought I had about anime was that it was a cartoon. A cartoon filled with exaggerated animation and subtitles. After speaking with various people about anime, I have come to realize that there is so much more to anime than meets the eye – Transformers! – and that there are deeper messages ingrained into these so-called “cartoons”.

The more angles I get to view, the more intrigued I am by this anime world. I no longer feel as if I am an outsider looking into this world of anime, but I now see myself as a student that has entered this anime kingdom, ready to absorb as much knowledge as I can. A part of me wonders why people think of this world as “geeky” because it seems that a lot of it is quite beautiful. The creativity that goes into the graphics and storylines is amazing. This Otaku culture that I keep hearing about proves to be more and more interesting. 😉

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Being on the outside looking in isn’t all that bad.

I don’t even know what day it is anymore of my social media ban/strike, whatever it is.  I’m starting to see shit.  Like…patterns.  Some things just sorta take a strange turn after you take a step back and look at shit objectively, rather than subjectively.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m in my thirties that I’m starting to see how people really are weird.  I mean, it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black for me, but I’m self-aware weird.  I know I am, and I’ve got nothing to fuckin’ hide.  I mean, I wouldn’t be a writer if I had shit to hide.  Being a writer means that you’ve gotta pull your pants down, show your bare ass to the world, and tell it to take its best shot (don’t seriously do this, ‘cuz you’ll get arrested, or worse)..

Or maybe I’m reading too much into shit and I need to just relax and play some videogames.


Courtesy of Ministry of Tofu 😛

Happy Drunk Day Twitch!

Tomorrow is Twitch’s birthday fellows, brethren, sisters and friends. Tonight the craziness begins! I don’t know how long i’ll be at this party, but I DO know that i’ll be spending every minute trying to get him drunk as f*ck. Last year I had to stop him from reenacting the scene from the movie Kickboxer where JCVD repeatedly kicks the sh*t of a tree…instead of Bangkok we were at Min Sok Chon. Instead of a tree he wanted to kick a light post instead. Needless to say, Twitch is an amazing drunk.

I personally think, getting shit faced is a bad look buuuuut,

  1. It’s not me, who looks the fool.
  2. You only turn 30 once.

I’ve been all over this weekend which is my excuse for the lack of blog posts but I’ll be back better than ever when all of the crazyness has subsided. 30 crazy years of life. From deep in the archives.

Happy Drunk Day 2012.
Here’s to you, Twitch!

[CGS] Detoonified!!

Detoonified- Logo

Today on Cool Geeky Shit, we feature a very cool geeky, artistic, and lively person, and a former member of SSB when it was still “Team Mixed Nuts”.  Her name is Sapphire Sandalo, and she’s one half of the duo that runs Detoonified, a new video series that deconstructs, explains, and enlightens viewers on what goes on in an animation.

Saph did logo work for the group when we first started out, and it was her logo that was featured on our business cards.  I’ll update the entry with the logo as soon as I get home.

She presents this series with her co-host, Sarah Jensen, so my loyal SSB fans, give them a view.  Real talk.


Red Matter/Roman Watchdogs/Wine/Her Crimson Love @ The Griffin

I’m a multifaceted geek.  So when my friends from the band Red Matter told me that they were gonna play at The Griffin, how could I say no?  I wasn’t disappointed.  I got to hear some amazing bands play, had some good times, got pretty smashed…and Her Crimson Love is a dope band.  Too bad they’re on hiatus.  Hell, they all were legit.

So Eugene, Sean, Arturo, and Tuan, this entry’s for you guys.  And Mr. Florendo.  Real talk.

Red Matter’s website

Her Crimson Love’s website

Roman Watchdogs website


Folks, our family grows stronger! Shogun Gamer will now be a partner of SSB!

That’s right! these good people are part of a great gaming website who has a die hard passion for Megaman games, and as part of our first event together, we will be hosting a Child’s Play charity event that is Megaman themed!

The money we collect will go into improving the lives of children in hospitals by providing them with toys games and among other things .

Shogun Gamer:
The idea started as the seed of Kyle Hill. He’s always wanted to utilize his passion for gaming and his appreciation of the work done by the Child’s Play organization. Considering he’s dumped more hours into Mega Man than anyone he knows, it seemed like the perfect fit. The idea developed as one that would encompass an entire weekend, featuring three players of varying skill making their way through the Mega Man and Mega Man X series. The idea now, is that donators will be able to directly influence the game by issuing addition challenges to increase or reduce the difficulty of the playthrough.

Now you may ask, what is our role here? Simple! we will be giving away posters and commissions to those who visit and help out with our goal!

The event begins December 8, 2012 and ends in December 10  at   http://mega-marathon.com/
I hope to see you there, and if you do, please mention that you came from our website!

Peace out!

For more information  please visit http://www.childsplaycharity.org/about