Super Street Kineda II

Had a chance to check out Kineda’s SF Hyper Collection yet? It’s signature Kineda art, plus you’re favorite Street Fighter II characters. The only thing that can top that is if they made more tee’s with SF4 characters… *cough, cough CODY…ahem.

I’m not big on graphic tee’s anymore, not since 05/06 or so but, Looking through the Kineda Store. I must admit i’m tempted to pick up a few things (I personally like the “Shoryuken” snapback). So if you’re big on Streetwear, still “hypebeasting”, a Capcom supporter, Street Fighter fanboy/girl. I suggest taking a look at the store and dropping some of that tax return money on some fresh shit.

Fighters of Cap?…OMG!

I know i’m probably late to this but the word on the street is that Capcom trademarked the title ‘Fighters of Capcom‘. If you know anything about me by now, it’s probably something to do with my chronic cycle of reflection mirror/window checking or the fact that I go ape shit over anything involving Capcom. I don’t know what it is but, I love Capcom fighting games and beatem ups. I’m not any good at them but i’m usually the first to reserve them at gamestop. Let’s hope that it’s the greatest fighting game in the WORLD and NOT some turn based card system game. If my prayers for this game to be the Greatest of all time comes true, I’ll go ahead and forget about Capcom Fighting Jam. All is forgiven.

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I spent the Halloween weekend dressed up as Sagat and pubcrawled Convoy Street.

To all our geek fam and fans out there on the internets….


And big ups to our friends at White Cygnus Media, Nerd Funnel, Min Sok Chon, and that one secret bar on Convoy….which is by Hobby People, in that same complex with the Yoshinoya, and sorta near Manna BBQ.

Darkstalkers and Awkward Boners


I remember being a kid (maybe 6 or 7) and walking into the arcade and seeing a huge crowd of dudes huddled around a arcade machine. I didn’t see anyone actually playing the game…just watching the game intro…That was the first time I was introduced to Morrigan and Felicia.


“Holy Crap!? can they do that? that cat girl has like, nothing on”

hence the Title above…
Darkstalkers was HUUUGE back in the day. cool characters, fast paced combo fighting action, Morrigan, classic Capcom art and game play, AND Morrigan! then after a while they simply just disappeared. fast forward to the present and it looks like Capcom may have been dipping into the imagination of Suda 51 for this teaser: showcasing what may turn out to be a brand-new Darkstalkers game. There were rumblings that Capcom would be announcing a brand new entry into the franchise: a prospect which instantly distracted me from anything of genuine importance in my life. Imagine my disappointment when I awoke to the news of there being an 360/PSN re-release of two of the original Darkstlakers titles on the horizon: in smudgy, stretched HD. Then, if you don’t mind me hi-jacking your mind again, imagine my excitement when I came home to this teaser! Oh, the joy! How it poured out of me.

This looks like some Street Fighter IV influenced goodness right here and I’m hoping that they’re going to bring with it some solid, one-on-one, traditional gameplay that’ll help me forget how terrible I am at Street Fighter X Tekken. If this is just another cruel tease, well, I still get to enjoy that guy loudly proclaiming his love for Yoshinori Ono at the end of the clip. Ono is the grown man in the Chun Li costume, by the way.

Street Fighter Gift #4 – Kickass females in gaming.

Up until Street Fighter II, you couldn’t really name any kickass females in gaming.  Well, besides Samus Aran in Metroid, but you only found that out at the end of the game!  Princess Peach?  She was always getting kidnapped by Bowser.  “Kidnapped”.  Right.

There was that one cyborg female in the Guardian Legend, but other than that, I can’t really think of kickass females in gaming from the cartridge era.

So, Capcom, thanks for giving us these kickass girls.

Sorry, no posterior shots here. These are classy.

Everyone likes Sakura! She’s my personal favorite.

Capcom must’ve known that I had a thing for strong willed crazy Korean girls. They’re in my head!

All hail the first lady of Fighting Games! CHUN LI!

Street Fighter Gift #3 – Yoko Shimomura’s music.


Within a few seconds of hearing Ryu’s theme music, you know that some shit’s gonna go down.  Hell, hearing any one of the Street Fighters’ theme music will get you pumped.

The music for all the original Street Fighter II characters came from Yoko Shimomura, who was then a fresh graduate from Osaka College Music when Street Fighter II was being made.  Since then, she’s provided the scores for numerous other titles within Capcom and later, Squaresoft/Square Enix.  Like Kingdom Hearts.

Her music gave the Street Fighter franchise something awesome besides the game itself.  To me, it’s one of the most memorable gifts that Street Fighter has given us.

So thank you, Yoko Shimomura.

As for my personal favorite theme….?  It’d have to be Balrog’s.  Ryu’s is in a class of its own, but Balrog’s theme music just gets me hyped.


(7 gifts from the Street Fighter franchise) Guile….just Guile.

Street Fighter week continues unabated at “Strawberry Scented Burnout”.  At the end of each day I’m going to list 7 things that the Street Fighter franchise has given to us, its children bathed in arcade light and stale pizza from Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Since this is the first day I figured that I should go with something we all know and love.

Guile.  Motherfucking Guile.

There’s only one thing to do when Guile tells you to go home and be a family man. Even if you have a vajazzle.

At this point, I’m going to assume that our readers know who Guile is.  Here’s the quick bio just in case you don’t.

Col. William Guile is an officer in the USAF, and he’s really pissed off at M. Bison for killing his homie Charlie.  He works closely with Chun-Li and Cammy.  He’s also Ken’s brother-in-law.  That must make family gatherings really awkward.

Street Fighter’s plot aside, Guile’s given us so much.  Like his victory message.

And of course, his theme song.

His theme song has proven to be so powerful that it can make anything awesome.  It does indeed go with everything.

So if you have time, salute the American flag and thank Capcom for making such a wonderful character.  Even if the live action movie was balls, it did give us this wonderful scene.


Happy Birthday Street Fighter!

Has it really been 25 years?! Time flies.

We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?  Street Fighter, the ubiquitous 2d fighting game has now turned 25 today.  Happy birthday, Street Fighter!!

And big congrats to Capcom and Ono-sensei for making such a wonderful fighting game.

The franchise itself has gone through numerous twists and turns to get to where they are today.  Mixing it up with other franchises seems to be only the beginning.

So, for this week, Team Mixed Nuts will be talking about their experiences with the Street Fighter games, the culture, the fighting game scene, and how it grew and changed with the times.

Now excuse me while I go ogle Han Juri.

mmmm…smexytimes with Chun Li while everyone watches. She’d be such an exhibitionist.
I love Han Juri. (If anyone knows who drew this, lemme know!!)