Anime Conji: Day 2

ITS TIME FOR ANIME CONJI 2012! I’m posting live from the beautiful and quant Town and Country Resort. The weather is cold and damp but the air is still filled with excitment and surprisingly less body odor than last year.

What happens when you gather a bunch of nerds, nerdy girls, and geeks from all over California in one place? Well, cosplay, for one thing. Hard to know which started first but the idea is to make yourself as much like a character as possible, both in appearance and in the way you act and interact with others. Not exactly my kind of scene but it’s nice to be in the company of people who just don’t give a fuck about what you think of them. I love that.

Wondering who that handsome gent is in all the pictures? thats my buddy Mark M.


A new Sim City game?! ABOUT TIME.

Oh Sim City, if I could count the hours I spent laying down residential zones, power lines, railroad tracks, and watching my cities grow, and grow, and grow….and now you’re coming back in 2013?!

That sure as hell gives me something to look forward to.  Plus, who can forget the “reticulating splines” line?  They’d better have that in this game.  Plus that awesome Midi Jazz music.

On the glory of Squaresoft, NOT SQUARE ENIX.

The peeps at covered one of Richie Branson‘s earlier songs, however, this song hits a lot closer to home.  Justin blogged about Chrono Trigger a few entries ago, and this song also samples a track from the same game.  However the subject matter is different.

Richie’s song is an ode to Squaresoft, the once-king of the Japanese RPG.  He mentions a few games that came out in the 90’s, and ends on a good point.  Treat your fans better, and you’ll get somewhere.  He’s absolutely right.  I mean, if I were to ask you if you could name an awesome Squaresoft game, I’m sure you guys could just go on and on.  I know I could.

  • Final Fantasy I-X
  • Parasite Eve
  • Xenogears
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Final Fantasy Tactics
  • Vagrant Story
  • Brave Fencer Musashi
  • Bushido Blade / 2
  • Threads of Fate

I could seriously go on and on…but here’s the big challenge.  Can you name anything good that Square Enix has done…actually, let me rephrase that.  Has Square Enix made any game that captured the hearts and imaginations of its fans like any of the aforementioned games?  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

I’m in total agreement with Richie.  And I miss Squaresoft, not Square Enix.

Edit: Added his twitter link after he RT’d this entry.  Big ups, Richie.

Dom Kennedy and the Secret of the Forest

Dom Kennedy has one of the most layed back, graceful voices to lace a rap track in years and whether or not he stuns you with his lyrics you will no doubt leave a listening session with at least four phrases to raise your ego in the face of any situation. Dom is the kind of rapper who effortlessly laces beats. Never heard of him yet? thats because he’s GOOD. They don’t play GOOD hip hop on the radio.
Back in 1995 I was just a little nerdy asian kid living in Lemoore. I spent most of my days inside playing a game called Chrono Trigger on the SNES.  Chrono is a fantasy role-playing game based around time travel. The main character, Crono, has a series of misadventures that throw him and his two lady friends into a grim, dark future. There, they learn about a parasitic alien life form named “Lavos”…Do I really have to describe the game to you? If your on this blog, chances are your just as big a geek then I am about the game. 
I’ve probably played and beat the game hundreds of times so you can imagine me going ape shit when I heard Dom Kennedy’s track for the first time. Click the jumps below to hear what im talking about.     

Dom Kennedy – Locals Only