Drgaon Ball Z Resurrection No F Movie

“Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F” Trailer

Freeza is back! (and is now apparently a Lakers fan). The newest Dragon Ball Z film (following 2013’s “Battle of Gods”) will debut in Japan on April 18th, 2015.

Also, a fan film titled “Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope” recently debuted. It’s a live action adaptation of “The History of Trunks” and certainly trumps the abomination that was Dragon Ball: Evolution.


Destiny Digest #3 : I kicked Atheon’s ass.


On Friday night, I earned the “Raider” trophy as I finally beat Atheon.  I was in a 6-main raid with an acquaintance of mine met through our own Jonathan.  I was brought in as a ringer, since their slot was open.  How can I sum up my experience running the Vault of Glass?

Intense.  From opening the vault door, and making my way to Atheon, the entire raid didn’t drop in intensity.  It simply changed form.  From defending, attacking, hiding, and even platforming, the entire dungeon blended seamlessly to form one of the best MMO dungeons I’ve played in a long time.  Not to mention I got 2/3 raid gear armor pieces on my first try :).


Loitering. Because.

With that in mind, I can probably say that Destiny is the standout GOTY for me.  I haven’t had this much fun playing a shooter in a looooooooooooooong time.

In other news, my Extra Live team, “Team Kupo Yo”, reached its fundraising goal!  We raised over $1000 for the Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego.  Big shoutout to our very own Abe, who was participating in the actual stream from the get-go, Jennice for being the team captain and getting the whole thing organized, Thanh for running the away operations, and to all the teammates and people that donated money, thank you!

What’s next for SSB?  More Destiny, more humor, and hopefully more comic.  Admittedly, I’m still working on the last part.




Go-Busters? More like Maybe-Busters

FACT: Japanese tokusatsu (masked hero shows) have been in Japan for over 40 years. They are also loved by both children and adults alike, including man-children such as myself. I’ve been powering through season after season since a friend recommended them this passed Anime Expo,


The latest series I finished is Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. It’s hard for me to hate on Super Sentai but here goes… Suits, weapons and buddyroids are great. The robots are kind of meh compared to past seasons. The premise of stealing energy supplies is innovative and futuristic. However, when it comes to Go-Busters, I have two honest recommendations:

1) Watch the series from Episode 28
2) Watch the Go-Busters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger movie

I say this to spare you a great deal of trouble. I initially watched the first 20 episodes of this show and did not feel like continuing. After suggestions came from fellow Sentai fans to continue, I tried again and felt the same way. The core group was really boring until Jin Masato/Beet Buster and J/Stag Buster showed up to add humor to the cast. Other than that, it was really hard to like the show.


However, there is a notable change in the series. From EP28 onward, the opening credits change to an uptempo, more “anime” sequence. After this change, the style and pace of the show improve dramatically. Not sure if they picked up on low viewership numbers or if the show was hard for kids to watch but the overall quality increases after this shift.

The final episodes are very good. Plot lines evolve and give more depth to the core group and enemies. The show’s second act almost makes you forget how horrible the first half was. Keyword: ALMOST… Either way, you’ll be tearing up a little by the final mission.


THE VERDICT: Follow my two suggestions or just watch Hikouin Sentai Akibaranger. It also focuses on a team of three and is really funny! Go-Busters has its good points, but those good points cannot will you through an entire season. And to think… Saban is skipping over this gem to adapt Zyuuden Sentai Kyoryuger… (/end sarcasm) lol. More on that to come.
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters was created by Toei Company, Ltd. Original run was from February 2012 to February 2013 on TV Asahi. Modified screencaps taken from Orends: Range.

Magi: Labyrinth of Magic

Magi: Conquering dungeons and fans alike

FACT: More anime is good for you. Studies show that regular consumption of Japanese media over time decreases stress by 60%. This obviously isn’t a real statistic but it’s good to explore new shows.


I honestly wish Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic was a role-playing game. The series reimagines Arabic legends featuring characters such as Ali Baba, Aladdin and Sinbad. The characters focus on conquering dungeons to gain power and wealth. Along the way, we come to understand the world, everyone’s obsession to be king and why everything can become bat-shit crazy.

Honestly, this show is like Bleach without the ridiculous amount of self-loathing from Kurosaki Ichigo (yeah, I said it). The character’s powers and weapon systems are pretty bad ass and well thought out. Aladdin’s positivity and Sinbad’s confidence make up for most of the doubt other characters cast upon themselves. You can also grow fond of the characters very quickly.

To me, the humor in the show stands out. The show’s plot is serious but the characters aren’t always such. There were a few times where I was caught completely off guard. It comes at super random times but it adds to the viewing experience. Here’s one of my favorite moments:

Did I mention there’s a good amount of fan service? Sinbad is drunk and naked on more than one occasion and the females are… *gulp* well-proportioned. Surprisingly, this also does not take away from the content of the show. The character design will hook you at first, but the story will definitely keep you along for the ride.


THE VERDICT: This show is worth checking out. It has a great balance of emotional moments, sexual fan service and humor. The characters are very likable. Plus, you’d want to watch this to catch up. The second season currently airing in Japan!

Magi: Labyrinth of Magic anime is distributed by Aniplex USA and the manga publishes weekly in Weekly Shonen Sunday.

Megumi Nakajima FTW!

Ah, Megumi Nakajima.  One of my favorite seiyuu.  I wonder what she’s up to these days?  Oh yeah, she’s half-filipino.  Yay!  BTW, she’s the one in the white.  May’n is the girl on the left in black.  She provided the singing voice for Sheryl Nome in Macross Frontier.  Megu-chan did the voice work for Ranka Lee, and that included all the singing.  Versatile.

Did I mention that I love Macross?  And I hate Harmony Gold and Robotech?   BECAUSE OF THAT SHIT, I’LL NEVER SEE MACROSS FRONTIER IN THE STATES.  EVER.

Don’t even get me started on Macross 7.  :(



So why isn’t Megumi on all them Filipino shows?  She’s pretty famous.  SHE EVEN HAS HER OWN VOCALOID.

SDCC 2013: Friends, Family, Geek Nirvana.

First off, thanks to my friends, family, and all you cool geeks that made it out to SDCC 2013.  You all deserve a round of applause.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.


Okay, good.  Here are my pictures from that fun-filled nerd orgy.  Special thanks to my crew, Jabronie Pictures, Detoonified, The Stunt People, Almost Good Films, RhythmEmoti#n.net, and the #HLGKTA.

IMG_1783 IMG_1784 IMG_1785 IMG_1786 IMG_1787 IMG_1788 IMG_1789 IMG_1790 IMG_1791 IMG_1792 IMG_1793 IMG_1794 IMG_1795 IMG_1796 IMG_1797 IMG_1798 IMG_1799 IMG_1800 IMG_1801 IMG_1802 IMG_1803 IMG_1804 IMG_1805 IMG_1806 IMG_1807 IMG_1808 IMG_1809 IMG_1810 IMG_1811 IMG_1812 IMG_1813 IMG_1814 IMG_1815 IMG_1816 IMG_1817 IMG_1818 IMG_1819 IMG_1820 IMG_1821 IMG_1822 IMG_1823 IMG_1824 IMG_1825 IMG_1826 IMG_1827 IMG_1828 IMG_1829 IMG_1830 IMG_1831 IMG_1832 IMG_1833 IMG_1834 IMG_1835 IMG_1836 IMG_1837 IMG_1838 IMG_1839 IMG_1840 IMG_1841 IMG_1843 IMG_1844 IMG_1845 IMG_1846 IMG_1847 IMG_1848 IMG_1849 IMG_1850 IMG_1851 IMG_1852 IMG_1853 IMG_1854 IMG_1855 IMG_1856 IMG_1857 IMG_1858 IMG_1859 IMG_1860 IMG_1861 IMG_1862 IMG_1863 IMG_1864 IMG_1865 IMG_1866 IMG_1867 IMG_1868 IMG_1869 IMG_1874 IMG_1875 IMG_1885 IMG_1886 IMG_1887 IMG_1888 IMG_1889 IMG_1890 IMG_1891 IMG_1892 IMG_1893 IMG_1896 IMG_1898 IMG_1899 IMG_1901 IMG_1902 IMG_1903 IMG_1905 IMG_1906 IMG_1907 IMG_1909 IMG_1910 IMG_1911 IMG_1912 IMG_1913 IMG_1914 IMG_1915 IMG_1916 IMG_1917

SSB vs. Valvrave:The Liberator


It’s been about 11 years or so since Gundam Seed first hit us with its “space drama giant robots destroying colonies” schtick, and Sunrise decided that we were lacking in that department, so they sent us Valvrave.  They realized early on that teenagers go with giant robots, just like Evangelion (we all know how well that turned out, right).

No, not that.

No, not that.

[gg]_Valvrave_the_Liberator_-_04_[88D7EE45].mkv_snapshot_01.04_[2013.05.05_07.20.48] [gg]_Valvrave_the_Liberator_-_04_[88D7EE45].mkv_snapshot_01.08_[2013.05.05_07.21.09] [gg]_Valvrave_the_Liberator_-_04_[88D7EE45].mkv_snapshot_01.11_[2013.05.05_07.21.17] [gg]_Valvrave_the_Liberator_-_04_[88D7EE45].mkv_snapshot_01.18_[2013.05.05_07.21.30] [gg]_Valvrave_the_Liberator_-_04_[88D7EE45].mkv_snapshot_01.32_[2013.05.05_07.21.53] [gg]_Valvrave_the_Liberator_-_04_[88D7EE45].mkv_snapshot_01.37_[2013.05.05_07.22.08] [gg]_Valvrave_the_Liberator_-_04_[88D7EE45].mkv_snapshot_01.40_[2013.05.05_07.22.16] [gg]_Valvrave_the_Liberator_-_04_[88D7EE45].mkv_snapshot_01.42_[2013.05.05_07.22.25] [gg]_Valvrave_the_Liberator_-_04_[88D7EE45].mkv_snapshot_01.49_[2013.05.05_07.22.38] [gg]_Valvrave_the_Liberator_-_04_[88D7EE45].mkv_snapshot_01.54_[2013.05.05_07.22.52] [gg]_Valvrave_the_Liberator_-_04_[88D7EE45].mkv_snapshot_02.08_[2013.05.05_07.23.15] [gg]_Valvrave_the_Liberator_-_04_[88D7EE45].mkv_snapshot_18.24_[2013.05.05_07.25.30]

My first impressions after watching the first 4 episodes?

They threw Gundam Seed (NOT DESTINY), Code Geass, Vampires, Metal Gear Solid 4’s nanomachines, and TM Revolution into a blender, and this is the result.  A visual feast of stuff blowing up, teenagers making peace signs, and EL ERUFU.  I’m impressed by it.  Maybe it’s the fact that I’m older now, but I’m finding it harder and harder to get an anime to gel with me if it’s not Initial D.  I blame TM Revolution.

SSB’s “TM Revolution Rule of Cool” - If TM Revolution is involved with an Anime/Manga/Game franchise of any sort, it’s automatically cool, or at least tolerable.

So yes, I will be following Valvrave: The Liberator.

SSB vs. Yanderes

Taken from the megatokyo forums:


Yandere? A Japanese term for a person who is initially very loving, caring, and gentle to someone (or at least innocent) they really, truly like and care for a lot before their romantic devotion becomes mentally destructive in nature, often through violence and/or brutality. The term is derived from the words yanderu (病んでる?) meaning a mental or emotional illness, and deredere (でれでれ?) meaning to show affection. Yandere characters are mentally unstable, and sometimes are incredibly deranged and are not mentally sane, often using extreme violence and/or brutality as an outlet for their emotions.

The Yandere survival guide:

When obsession wins over love and you’ve got yourself an immensely affectionate stalker instead of a girlfriend, you have a yandere on your hands. These are the kind of girls that break into your house while you’re away, hide under your bed while you’re at home, schlick directly under you while you sleep, come out when you’re gone again, schlick again in your bed while licking and humping your pillows, and then proceed to check your messages to see if you’re involved with another girl. They usually don’t have any kind of higher ideal or ethical policy; they sometimes don’t even view themselves as people so much as an entity made out of the impulse or desire to be with their man. A yandere is awesome because it’s outwardly impossible to tell that the girl is completely insane; she has just enough presence of mind left over to maintain a convincing facade, and God help everyone around her if she decides to drop it. If you don’t react well, things could get messy, so in the off chance you don’t want to enjoy the fruits of your yandere’s darker exploits, here are several things you need to take into account.

Remember your objectives:
1. -Survive.
-Her mental integrity should be kept at a reasonable level and maintained.
-She should still love you unconditionally.

2. Be sure to remind her how much you love her and basically compliment her as you would any women. Be careful about criticism, though, because she’ll probably go a little over the top in attempting to fix this problem, and if she can’t, she’ll try to fix your perceptions of this problem instead. When prompted, re-affirm your hatred of those other skanky, dirty whores. Putting down other people is fun anyway, right?

3. When she starts talking nonsense, she is being put under stress. This stress is based on the belief that you are being unfaithful or planning on leaving her. Pacify her with constant, unadulterated attention and sex. Remember that one of the best things about yandere is that they’re completely devoted to you, so why shouldn’t you return at least some of the favor? This entire fiasco can be summed up in a single line: It’ll be great if he was nice and looked only at me. Yes, only at me. He can’t look at any other girls. I’ll look only at him, so he should look only at me. It’ll only fair, right?

4. Contact with the opposite sex in public should be kept to a bare minimum — the assumption should be that she IS watching. When she’s with you and you talk to other women, she’ll either flaunt you in front of them or discourage prolonged conversation. In either situation you should play along, expressing your undying love for your yandere all the way. In the latter one you should cut off contact as soon as she gives a prompt to do so. Occasionally she’ll become openly hostile to women she finds you speaking with, so diffuse that bomb before it explodes. Female relatives may or may not be accepted by the yandere, though for the sake of her facade she’ll usually ignore them.

5. The yandere likes to do things for you, so keep her busy doing chores that make her feel she is strengthening the relationship. This is one of the best parts about the yandere since she’ll spoon feed you if you ask her to and she won’t even see it as strange.

Now that you’ve won the affections of one of these very, very insane women, you surely want to know how this benefits you, right?

LOYAL: She will never — NEVER — betray you. Even when you’re dead.

LOVING: She knows the meaning of true love like no other girl, or even you, will ever know. Some of the love is for your own good.

CARING: She takes her entire budget of caring and places it all on you. Other people are… irrelevant.

PROTECTIVE: No bad fortune, villain, or evil conniving cheap slut will be allowed to have their ways with you for long.

HATRED: For other girls as pure as the darkness between the stars.

DETERMINED: She will never — NEVER — give up. Even if you end up hating her for it. She’ll never let you down, either.

OBSESSIVE: There is pretty much no limit to how far she’ll go just to get your attention. Once you go yandere, you can’t go back.

BRUTAL: Why should she go easy on those who threaten to steal you away from her?

PROACTIVE: Friends? Family? Better get rid of them before they start taking up precious time you could be spending with her.

DETESTING: Everyone that isn’t you.

Besides a very, very affectionate partner, there are plenty of ways to have fun using her unique features. For example, pick some girl you know likes you, give her your phone number and ask her to call you. Put yourself in a position in which you are with your yandere and open to being approached by this girl. Then confide in your yandere how this girl won’t leave you alone. Count the days until this girl disappears or stops communicating with you entirely. If the yandere decides to kill her rival right in front of you, marry her as soon as rationally possible.

One of the few potential cons that I can see is that intellectual conversations are nearly impossible with your yandere. She can’t comprehend anything outside of the context of your relationship with her. War in Iraq? You are saying you think she’s too clingy and so therefore some cheap slut is poisoning your mind against her. The nature of the universe? You are trying to break up with her so therefore some cheap slut is poisoning your mind against her. It’s okay to participate in activities that don’t involve her, by all means, please do, but it’s very, very difficult to get your yandere involved in anything that doesn’t directly have to do with her loving you. It’s not impossible, but I prefer to keep mine in the kitchen baking or knitting and would rather not provoke her.

Speaking of my own personal methods for dealing with yandere that might not work for some people, when a girl I’ll accept becomes yandere for me, I become yandere for her. That’s right, all that crazy shit. No looking at other men, not allowed to leave my presence for more than 3 hours, etc. I’ll stalk my precious yandere all the time and make sure no other men can get near her. Well, at least at first.

The problem with continuing this practice is that you can’t out yan the yandere. It would only drive her to a higher state of mental instability. Think about it – you’re stalking her everyday. She realizes it’s YOU who’s the third person walking by her to the grocer’s, or getting her car fixed, or chatting with the neighbors as people jog by. She starts wondering, “does he think me unfaithful? But… but that’s impossible. It’s just him I care for – only him!”

Then the attempts to reassure herself begin. More painful, scarring sex play, just to let you know “this body is only for you.” No matter how violent or messy, she does it with a broken smile. The meals become dull as she starts going out less and ordering in more. Minor things she can pick up from faceless stores to show you that she doesn’t NEED other people, so long as she has you. The artwork of herself she leaves in your desk at work (should you bother to show, as you’re so busy being full of her and dumping bodies of the ones who’d dare even glance…). The jagged crying night sessions – tears spilling down her face as she smiles delightfully, her voice full of laughter as she takes on any abuse, just for you.

The moment of broken screaming when she realizes despite all this devotion, you STILL don’t trust her.

And then you walk in one day and find that she’s jammed the biggest kitchen knife she could find into her sexual organs. That tearful, joy-filled face saying, you know, darling, you were right, my thoughts were impure and clouded by other faces, so I punished myself, but now it’s fine. I’ve punished those involved, too, those evil people that caught me in my moment of weakness・

The police will be over in the evening to arrest you both on the collection of bodies in the basement unless you had already prepared an escape route for different but similar reasons. So yeah, you need a cut-off point for being yandere to your yandere.


Ahem. Excuse me.

Point is, give them too much love and they’ll begin feeling unworthy of you; it won’t matter how many times you reassure them that they’re perfect, they’ll constantly feel not up to your love. Eventually they’ll take for granted that you’re betraying them because every other woman is better than them, and shit will degenerate rather quickly. Still, if you treat them badly they will still consider that a gesture of affection, so it’s the same shit. Getting them pregnant may possibly be the correct answer. They’ll focus their attention on your love’s “fruit” and that will wash away many of their insecurities as long as you spend enough time with both them and your child. You’d have to make sure she’s not seeing your son as you though, or things may get really hot, if you know what I mean.

Ah, yes, the question of children, a problem with no easy answer. In general, yandere would make poor mothers, and the child would be at constant risk of being targeted by the yandere’s psychotic episodes. The yandere may very well reject the child and see it as competition. It’s not impossible, however, with enough care from her man. Some yandere object to the idea of children because they see themselves as beings which must not bear new life, but other yandere may be quite open to it, or even feel they would want it as irrefutable proof of your love. Regardless, they will bow to the wishes of their loved one, so it’s something that would take some struggling at first, but will probably work out in the end.

Some extra thoughts regarding the psyche of the yandere:

1. Yandere are not opposed to safe sex, but they are opposed to mechanical means of birth control. It’s not because they enjoy sex physically more than any other girl, it’s because they view sex more as a spiritual ritual in which they become closest to combining with their loved one; she will always demand sex to be as raw as possible. If birth control is desired, they will generally have no problem taking the pill and consider condoms to be a barrier to achieving oneness with you.

2. A yandere will never, ever share you, nor will she accept any kind of rival; to her, other girls are nothing but enemies. Yandere don’t feel the kind of isolation some normal girls might, and so will never believe themselves to be different or special to other girls. To a yandere, other girls have the same filthy desires and conniving thoughts as she does, which is why she loathes other girls so much; she firmly believes other girls are out to steal her loved one. If two yandere met over the same guy, they would launch a war that wouldn’t end until one of them was dead. No mercy, no surrender.

3. The yandere will almost never rape her loved one if they are still outside of a relationship. The yandere will attempt to attract you using conventional means, as the yandere believes from her own upbringing and education that this is the correct method for getting her man. If she knew she could get you by raping you at gun-point, she would do so immediately.

4. I think that sometimes the attraction to yandere is based on the childish, idealized belief that your love can cure her. PFFT. This is DANGEROUSLY NAIVE. “Cure” her? Why would you want that? Her being an obsessive, potentially-dangerous psychotic is the whole POINT. To say someone finds such a person attractive out of some misguided belief they can “fix” them is like saying a “chubby chaser” finds big women attractive out of some belief that he can get them in shape, when really he just really likes the fatties. In all likelihood the stress of a relationship would make her psychosis even worse. Yandere are crazy and there’s no way to make them feel at ease, and if you think you can then you’ll end up with either you or her dead, possibly both.

5. Yandere only ever overstep their boundaries if you’re overstepping yours, maintaining a facade of perfection elegantly – and scarily – up until the point where it must be dropped, and even then, they are often very forgiving, even often coming with warning signs if you look for them. If she’s becoming a nuisance, think of something to occupy her; remember, she likes doing things that will strengthen her relationship with you, so basically all you need to do is give her chores. This is pretty damned simple. Anyone with half a brain can get someone else to do everything for them. This is one of the yandere greatest pros: -20 in sanity in exchange for +20 in homemaking.

6. There is no guaranteed method to stop a yandere, but the most reliable action is certain, definite death, and even that is not infallible even when it has initially succeeded. Do not expect any obstacle, whether it be public authorities, the distance between nations, or what have you, to be able to hold back or contain a yandere: she has all the tools and skills she needs to get to you, and she will focus all that is herself into achieving her goals in relation to you – pretty much the only goals she has. Yandere are resourceful, and the only way she’ll die in any manageable fashion is if she submits to death by your hand or is caught completely off guard. The only way she can be caught off guard is if she doesn’t suspect your betrayal at all and thus hasn’t planned ahead so that in such a situation she can entrap you and force you (or your corpse) into a position where she has the (sexual) advantage, so keep in mind that she may have a trap set for you or otherwise some sort of auxiliary plan.