That weird part of YouTube.

Since my little mini-vacation, I’ve found myself wandering into the strange parts of YouTube.  One of my favorite things to do is just watch one video and start wandering through all the suggested videos on the right hand side of the page.  I come across gems.  Like this scene from the ending of Hokuto no Ken 2.  I don’t know what it is about the scene that makes it so awesome, the butt rock, the exploding volcano, or the manly lava fragment that Kenshiro catches.



Slowing the hell down.

Being sidelined with various respiratory bugs blows and sucks.  Yet here I am.  I’ve been off for approximately one week over the past two weeks.  First it was a mild case of pneumonia(if you can call it that), followed by a cold.  I’ve been passing the time at home eating various foodstuffs and resting as best I could, but even I get restless.

I’ve been playing Destiny and MGSV to pass the time.  Some highlights include:

  • Taking down Oryx and building my light level to 303.  For the longest time I struggled since I couldn’t find people to raid with.  Especially since the last group I was in was especially meme-averse.  Now things aren’t so bad.
  • Beating MGSV and getting the “True” end.  Surreal as it was, I liked it.  Puts everything in order.  And fuck Huey.
  • Hopefully we’ll have some new comics soon.  Our artist is currently having technical difficulties.
  • And with the San Diego Asian Film Festival underway, our multimedia guru Brian is going to be quite busy.  I suppose it’ll be time to do something productive in the meantime.

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I also got Crunchyroll and upgraded my Hulu so there’s no commercials.  RWBY volume 3 is awesome, Love Live is awesome, and so is Hidan no Aria AA.

Welp, I’m going to run a stream and see if anyone’s down for Oryx.  See you there!


Ferris takes on Justin’s anime challenge, and NBA references abound.

Not wanting to feel left out, Ferris takes on the same anime challenge that I took.  And he compares an anime to Shawn Kemp.  Which one is it?  WATCH THE VIDEO AND FIND OUT.

And as a special gift, I’ve found footage of the Bible Black dub.  It’s pretty awful.

Happy Tuesday!


Drgaon Ball Z Resurrection No F Movie

“Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F” Trailer

Freeza is back! (and is now apparently a Lakers fan). The newest Dragon Ball Z film (following 2013’s “Battle of Gods”) will debut in Japan on April 18th, 2015.

Also, a fan film titled “Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope” recently debuted. It’s a live action adaptation of “The History of Trunks” and certainly trumps the abomination that was Dragon Ball: Evolution.


Destiny Digest #3 : I kicked Atheon’s ass.


On Friday night, I earned the “Raider” trophy as I finally beat Atheon.  I was in a 6-main raid with an acquaintance of mine met through our own Jonathan.  I was brought in as a ringer, since their slot was open.  How can I sum up my experience running the Vault of Glass?

Intense.  From opening the vault door, and making my way to Atheon, the entire raid didn’t drop in intensity.  It simply changed form.  From defending, attacking, hiding, and even platforming, the entire dungeon blended seamlessly to form one of the best MMO dungeons I’ve played in a long time.  Not to mention I got 2/3 raid gear armor pieces on my first try :).


Loitering. Because.

With that in mind, I can probably say that Destiny is the standout GOTY for me.  I haven’t had this much fun playing a shooter in a looooooooooooooong time.

In other news, my Extra Live team, “Team Kupo Yo”, reached its fundraising goal!  We raised over $1000 for the Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego.  Big shoutout to our very own Abe, who was participating in the actual stream from the get-go, Jennice for being the team captain and getting the whole thing organized, Thanh for running the away operations, and to all the teammates and people that donated money, thank you!

What’s next for SSB?  More Destiny, more humor, and hopefully more comic.  Admittedly, I’m still working on the last part.




Go-Busters? More like Maybe-Busters

FACT: Japanese tokusatsu (masked hero shows) have been in Japan for over 40 years. They are also loved by both children and adults alike, including man-children such as myself. I’ve been powering through season after season since a friend recommended them this passed Anime Expo,


The latest series I finished is Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. It’s hard for me to hate on Super Sentai but here goes… Suits, weapons and buddyroids are great. The robots are kind of meh compared to past seasons. The premise of stealing energy supplies is innovative and futuristic. However, when it comes to Go-Busters, I have two honest recommendations:

1) Watch the series from Episode 28
2) Watch the Go-Busters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger movie

I say this to spare you a great deal of trouble. I initially watched the first 20 episodes of this show and did not feel like continuing. After suggestions came from fellow Sentai fans to continue, I tried again and felt the same way. The core group was really boring until Jin Masato/Beet Buster and J/Stag Buster showed up to add humor to the cast. Other than that, it was really hard to like the show.


However, there is a notable change in the series. From EP28 onward, the opening credits change to an uptempo, more “anime” sequence. After this change, the style and pace of the show improve dramatically. Not sure if they picked up on low viewership numbers or if the show was hard for kids to watch but the overall quality increases after this shift.

The final episodes are very good. Plot lines evolve and give more depth to the core group and enemies. The show’s second act almost makes you forget how horrible the first half was. Keyword: ALMOST… Either way, you’ll be tearing up a little by the final mission.


THE VERDICT: Follow my two suggestions or just watch Hikouin Sentai Akibaranger. It also focuses on a team of three and is really funny! Go-Busters has its good points, but those good points cannot will you through an entire season. And to think… Saban is skipping over this gem to adapt Zyuuden Sentai Kyoryuger… (/end sarcasm) lol. More on that to come.
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters was created by Toei Company, Ltd. Original run was from February 2012 to February 2013 on TV Asahi. Modified screencaps taken from Orends: Range.

Magi: Labyrinth of Magic

Magi: Conquering dungeons and fans alike

FACT: More anime is good for you. Studies show that regular consumption of Japanese media over time decreases stress by 60%. This obviously isn’t a real statistic but it’s good to explore new shows.


I honestly wish Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic was a role-playing game. The series reimagines Arabic legends featuring characters such as Ali Baba, Aladdin and Sinbad. The characters focus on conquering dungeons to gain power and wealth. Along the way, we come to understand the world, everyone’s obsession to be king and why everything can become bat-shit crazy.

Honestly, this show is like Bleach without the ridiculous amount of self-loathing from Kurosaki Ichigo (yeah, I said it). The character’s powers and weapon systems are pretty bad ass and well thought out. Aladdin’s positivity and Sinbad’s confidence make up for most of the doubt other characters cast upon themselves. You can also grow fond of the characters very quickly.

To me, the humor in the show stands out. The show’s plot is serious but the characters aren’t always such. There were a few times where I was caught completely off guard. It comes at super random times but it adds to the viewing experience. Here’s one of my favorite moments:

Did I mention there’s a good amount of fan service? Sinbad is drunk and naked on more than one occasion and the females are… *gulp* well-proportioned. Surprisingly, this also does not take away from the content of the show. The character design will hook you at first, but the story will definitely keep you along for the ride.


THE VERDICT: This show is worth checking out. It has a great balance of emotional moments, sexual fan service and humor. The characters are very likable. Plus, you’d want to watch this to catch up. The second season currently airing in Japan!

Magi: Labyrinth of Magic anime is distributed by Aniplex USA and the manga publishes weekly in Weekly Shonen Sunday.