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A new subsection of Otaku Culture….THE AIDORU HELL SECTION

I’ve sat through the entire run of “Love Live!”, right down to the movie.  My Love Live! SIF account is at like level 72 or something at this point.  Most of my souvenirs from my Japan trip earlier this year were all Love Live related.  Like my Maki Nishikino T-shirt and Nenderoid.  I’m a proud owner of the Deluxe Boxset of Love Live! from NIS America.  So yes, it’s pretty safe to say that I’m deep in idol hell.

With that being said, I’ve started a new section of SSB that’ll be updated rather often, while our comic is being made.  Introducing AIDORU HELL, curated by yours truly and Josh.  In this section you’ll find stuff we find all over the internet that pertains to 2D idols.  3D idols…well, we’ll just leave that to the homies at DOKI PRESS.

So….shall we begin?  Nico?

nico nico YES