Busy Busy Busy + Death Electro

Is it just me, or have we all been working our asses off lately? Many of us are staff or volunteers for Anime Conji (today is Day 0!) so we’ve been trying to balance our time carefully. As I continue to work on SSB, Anime Conji, planning zombie events (more on that someday later), and other personal work – I must have appropriate music. What have I chosen? Death Electro. Obviously Beau is going to go on and say that it isn’t music – but it’s totally dance and thrash music. It gets my adrenaline going.

This duo is called Knife Party, they are described as seizure music, and you can understand why. The song I have chosen to share w/you all is “Internet Friends.” Give it a listen, it’s like a movie – and find out what happens when you delete someone off of your Facebook! PS this track is NOT safe for work!

Alright – now back to work for me!

– Eileen

Jagaken “Snake Fang Sword”

Just like my boy Sekhmet would attack you with 6 katana blades of venom. I’ll be attacking you with 6 songs. Instead of making you blind, i’m making you deaf with my March playlist of music…if you didn’t understand that, Go wiki Sekhmet from Ronin Warriors. DO SOME HOMEWORK!

Pusha T – Don’t fuck with me
The title says it all. Pusha delivers better lyrics and more quotables in this freestyle than most rappers did on their albums this year. Covert disses abound as he takes subliminal shots at a rapper on his sophomore release (possibly Drake, but likely Consequence) and another who worked with Trey Songz (possibly J. Cole, but likely VA rapper, Ambassador Rick). Along with honorable mention, “Sweet” by Common, Pusha proves that there is still beef in the rap game and that diss rap is alive and well.
Sonically, “Don’t Fuck With Me” takes what Kanye started with 808s & Heartbreak, and what 40 has borrowed for every Drake release following 808s, and completes the experiment. Sans Drake’s R&B influences, Pusha produces pure lyricism over the minimalist beat, simultaneously harking back to the origins of hip hop with his subject matter, and producing sonic progression.

Craig Mack- Flavor in ya ear
The year is 2012 and you have stepped freshly out of your front door laced in your favorite pair of J’s, a sparkling clean grey crewneck sweater and a brand new snapback. You are as clean as the day your mother birthed you and your proverbial “swag” (I will never use the word again.) is at an all time high. Well Craig Mack is the soundtrack to that moment. When you hop step off of your front step and saunter down the block to buy a dollar arizona ice tea, this is the song playing in the background. This is the song you make a statement to, the song playing when people snap their necks and take notice of you. That 1-2 dropping beat will never fall out of favor.

Passion Pit – Swimming in the Flood
What happens when one of these so called “hipster” bands comes along and produces something that is really actually quite good and easy on the ears? Do you back track on everything you said and admit that some of their music is actually pretty good? Or do you just sit by and continue to argue that only American Apparel/Fedora wearing kids listen to that band and that “they still suck dude.” Well luckily enough for me, I try to avoid calling any music “hipster” music. I am not a huge fan of Passion Pit’s other work, but this song right here is just about as good as it gets. Cool progression, what I consider some pretty cool vocals and all around very cool vibe surrounding the track. When it starts raining throw this on. Check out the rest of their music as well, craft your own opinion.

A$AP Rocky – Peso
Whoever said, “Don’t believe the hype” should shut up. Not Public Enemy, obviously, though this is a nice instance of things coming full circle. A$AP Rocky put himself and his entire crew on in 2011 through the hype of “Peso.”
What this track represents more than the explosion of DIY rap is the diffusion of regional hip hop. At one point in time every city and state had their own signature sound; L.A. had G-funk, Houston had chopped and screwed. Now, hip hop has gone through enough generations that the sounds of individual cities are being incorporated by artists from all across the country, creating an amalgam of classic rap sounds. “Peso” is a prime indicator of this as A$AP combines Harlem and Houston sounds with a dash of Kanye’s fashion aesthetics.

Toro Y Moi – New Beat
So sometimes you get this one song, right? Suggestion from a friend, random download from a playlist, picking up an unknown album from a record store, whatever the means of possession might happen to be, this certain songs comes into your life. In today’s current age you drag the little file over to iTunes waiting to see what this mysterious little MP3 file holds for you. The file loads and through the speakers out blasts some glorious cacophony the likes of which you have never heard.
It’s hard to describe but sometimes certain songs hit you on particular days and they literally just change your life for that day. Music really has an incredible power to change the way a person thinks, feels and acts. It can call an entire group of people to action or at least get them to start “White People/ Nerd dancing”…you know damn well what I’m talking about.

Blu & Exile – Seasons
Might you be a fan of Nujabes(RIP) beats? You are!? you’re going to love this Exile beat then. “Seasons,” for one, is pure poetry. Lyrically, it’s was the most eloquent song of 2011 and still is here in 2012, which I can say having listened to every rap song that was released this year. It exemplifies dedication to hip hop and constant creation, despite a lack of widespread recognition. Each release from Blu in 2011 was sonically different and individually incredible. Despite being one of the XXL freshmen in 2009, he seemed to voluntarily avoid the mainstream, devoting himself, instead, to just creating good music. With a beautiful descending piano line and a rough Tom Waits sample turned sweet, “Seasons” is a modern classic in all senses, proving to any nonbelievers that honest, unabashed hip hop still exists.


超流破 – Chouryuuha!

Oh great, another Ronin Warrior themed entry.  You’re wrong there.

I’m a fan of K-pop.  Korean pop music.  I still can’t explain why, after 10 years.  Maybe it’s the presentation, the music, the lyrics?  Or the cute girls?  Yeah, probably the latter.  The group in the above video is KARA, produced by DSP media.  DSP was known for producing a number of popular groups, one group in particular:

Yep.  They produced Fin.K.L. (which supposedly stands for Fine Killing Liberty….or something like that).

Do you know what I really want to see?  A Korean version of Japan’s AKB48, fighting against AKB48 in a battle royale.  That would be so many degrees of awesome, no keyboard would be able to control all of the fury.

Dom Kennedy and the Secret of the Forest

Dom Kennedy has one of the most layed back, graceful voices to lace a rap track in years and whether or not he stuns you with his lyrics you will no doubt leave a listening session with at least four phrases to raise your ego in the face of any situation. Dom is the kind of rapper who effortlessly laces beats. Never heard of him yet? thats because he’s GOOD. They don’t play GOOD hip hop on the radio.
Back in 1995 I was just a little nerdy asian kid living in Lemoore. I spent most of my days inside playing a game called Chrono Trigger on the SNES.  Chrono is a fantasy role-playing game based around time travel. The main character, Crono, has a series of misadventures that throw him and his two lady friends into a grim, dark future. There, they learn about a parasitic alien life form named “Lavos”…Do I really have to describe the game to you? If your on this blog, chances are your just as big a geek then I am about the game. 
I’ve probably played and beat the game hundreds of times so you can imagine me going ape shit when I heard Dom Kennedy’s track for the first time. Click the jumps below to hear what im talking about.     

Dom Kennedy – Locals Only