AKB0048 – They gave AKB48 an animé? WHAT.

So you’re AKB48, Japan’s biggest and possibly greatest pop group ever (though fans of Morning Musume would beg to differ).  You’ve released a bunch of overly cheery J-pop songs that ooze saccharine.  The songs are so sweet that they induce cavities within 10 seconds of listening.  You hold theater performances every couple days.  What’s next?

You get Shoji Kawamori to make you into an anime, that’s what.  Yes, that’s right, Mr. Macross himself is directing an AKB48 anime.  I shit you not, ladies and gentlemen.  And you know what?  I’m actually psyched to watch it.  Can you imagine if it’s actually set IN THE MACROSS UNIVERSE?!  OOOOOOOOOOHHH YEAHHH!!

SM Entertainment, are you listening?  You’d better make a Girls’ Generation anime where they’re in a hot springs inn and they all fall in love with their manager.  AKB48’s got the lead here, and they’ve already called the space opera setting.  Your move.

Oh yeah, we of Team Mixed Nuts want to wish our friend Lester  a very happy birthday.  He’s one of the bloggers from rhythmemotion.net.  So give him his birthday punches. 🙂

The Beginning of Something Special

I am BNMotive, but you may call me BN. In short, I am a Mexican college student currently working on my Illustration mayor. However, what truly matters is that I come here to share with you my experiences as an artist. Why? Well, I didn’t have much guidance as a kid, and so I want share some of my experience with the readers.
That being:
-my art techniques (occasional tutorials)
-stories and photos of my trips
-and my views on entertainment. (like  games, comics, movies and shows).

Talking about sharing experiences, I think the 90’s entertainment made a huge impression in my life as an artist. Those were the times in which I was completely oblivious of story archetypes and clichés, so I was very open to anything I could get my hands on even if i didn’t understand it’s intended meaning. however, never the less we can all agree that we could never wait for new episodes of our favorite programs to show on TV, specially the ones with our favorite theme songs.

now days I can always come back and look back at that precious nostalgia and re-interpret all those theme songs and shows as an adult and bring a whole new light of appreciation for the things I love.

take Dragonball and Digimon in this case, back then I only saw the Mexican version since it was the only thing available at the time. but seriously, how was I supposed to know that all these great series came from a different country called Japan? and to make it even more intriguing, how was I supposed to know that each version of these series came in different languages and had variety of editing choices? knowing that information blew my mind. so I was hooked to know even more about the matter.

thankfully the internet these days are great sources for such things, so now we can appreciate the work of the people who made these shows possible. I went out there and did some small research, so here are some of the interesting samples I got for DragonBall and Digimon. personally, I like the intros the same in their own particular ways. in addition to that, I found a very interesting site that links to the portfolio site of American composer Shuki Levy. this man was involved in an incredible repertory of series that probably most of us grew up with, so give it a try and see what you can find, you could probably find something that you had forgotten in the past! also, here I sign out. enjoy!


Dragon Ball Z

Rock The Dragon by Shuki Levy and Kussa Mahehi. (United States)

Chala Head Chala By Hironobu Kageyama (Japan)

Chala Head Chala By Ricado Silva (Mexico)


Digimon: Digital Monsters by Shuki Levy:
The Biggest Dreamer by Koji Wada
Gran Sueño by Doblaje Intertrack Mexico


Sometimes, on certain days, the internet just doesn’t get to be a part of my life. Today was one of those days. I often feel like I’m betraying the family out there if I go a few days without a post but I hope you can understand that quite simply, some days it just doesn’t happen. The internet has become such a huge part of people’s lives these days it’s staggering to step back and notice. If someone isn’t at home, watching TV on their computer, Twittering and chatting on AIM, than they are out and about while Twittering from their phone and checking sites through their phone. It’s an inescapable thing that opens so many doors but really changes your day when you have to be connected at all hours. With that being said, I am taking another vacation from the internet today and throwing together this slightly lazy but still classic post featuring a few videos that have been on rotation on my iPhone and Laptop.

Ar Tonelico – my love, my feels, and all of my money!

Damn, this is some pretty hardcore otaku shit.

I can’t explain why I love the Ar Tonelico series.  On paper, it shouldn’t work.  There’s nothing about the story, the battle system, or even the art that hasn’t been done already by a traditional Japanese RPG, or even a Visual Novel.  When you look at the box art above for all three games, what do you see?  Typical JRPG fodder.  To me, I see….LOVE.

Before I go any further, let me give you a BRIEF rundown of the synopsis of all three games.  In the distant future, mankind fucks up the world so bad that the remnants of humanity are forced to live on 3 towers that hover well above the Earth’s surface.  These towers are administrated by Reyvateils, girls that can harness song energy to power up magical attacks that can blow up some shit (Sort of like Nanoha on her period).  The relationship between the Reyvateils and the humans differs between the three towers, ranging from worship, to outright discrimination.  How so?  Ooooh, you’re just gonna have to play the games and find out.

No, this is a legitimate JRPG.

Dorodere and Tsundere

Why is Tyria almost naked?

They certainly aren’t lacking in the art department.  The AT characters are some of the best illustrated I’ve ever seen, and I never tire of looking at them.  They’re just so…fun!  And HAPPY!

Still, the Ar Tonelico (abbreviated to AT from now on) series is a favorite of mine.  It’s like Jeremy Clarkson’s views on Alfa Romeos.  He contends that Alfa Romeos are the heart and soul of the automotive industry, and I can see where he gets that.  AT and the rest of the JRPGs coming out of GUST are the heart and soul of the JRPG.  While Square has their infinitely good pedigree when it comes to JRPG’s, Capcom with their Breath of series, Namco Bandai with their Tales series, Atlus with their MegaTen games….the GUST games, specifically the AT games, have the JRPG’s heart and soul.  Let me give you an example.

I promise you, you didn’t just watch a porn.  It’s moments like this that remind me that this game wasn’t made by a zaibatsu that was trying to make money over every little detail, these games was made by GUST, and they put every bit of love they could into every moment.  Sometimes….too much love.  Like Lyner did to Aurica.  With a life-extending agent.

No really, the reyvateils in AT2 level up by taking baths with each other.  With crystals, bath salts, and conversations!


These games have a certain je ne sais quoi about them.  Maybe it’s the music?

You’re probably wondering what language they’re singing.  At first listen, it sounds like Celtic chanting doesn’t it?  Good guess, but you’d be wrong.  For their AT games, GUST came up with a brand new language called Hymnos.  They made up their own language.  For their songs.  Holy shit.  That’s some deep love right there.   This is what the Reyvateils sing during battles and during cutscenes.

So let’s go over what we know so far.  The AT games have borderline porn, awesome art, and crazy-involved music.  Like I said before, this sounds like a recipe for disaster.  But….you’d be wrong.  These games are full of love.  Not the typical love you’d find between a fat person and a chocolate bar, but…

Seriously, play these games for yourself.  These AT games are full of “love” moments that I can’t divulge here without spoiling each game.  Really.


The Ar Tonelico games are property of GUST, NIS America, and Tecmo Koei.  Yes, I actually have these games.  I just can’t find them.


whoa! whoa! whoa! I can see that your mad and I know why. It’s because this ANIME/WEB COMIC blog has been overrun by stupid stuff like “fashion” and clothes as of late. Here’s the opening to Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei followed up by the Phoenix Wright remake/parody. Hopefully that gets us back on track. chill out ya’ friggin NERD.

try playing them at the same time.

Rebellion + Sleigh Bells

On Tuesday the members of Team Mixed Nuts decided to meet and discuss things. Sadly I could not attend this meeting because I am a girl made up of calendars. You must schedule things w/me at least 1-2 weeks in advance. So what was I doing? Working and self-branding. But who wants to know about that really? Hashtag, boring! OK, maybe you do want to know… and maybe later. Cause I’m sure everyone at some point wants to know why I was basically naked in the middle of a field, right? In due time, due time.

Right now all I know is that I am supposed to be doing a couple posts: 1) My breakout manga and/or anime 2.) Something about Prada and Final Fantasy (insert plug to read the fashion site I am COO of www.wetheurban.com – where many found out about the collabo). But you know what? I’m in a rebellious mood and I am rather exhausted from several restless days w/o an end in sight.

Instead I am going to tell you about what I did after my nakedness in a field: I went to a show. That night I saw Sleigh Bells – and this was the first time I was ACTUALLY seeing them. Every time I tried to catch one of their sets, I missed it. Missed them when they were in SD the first time. Missed them Coachella 2010 because of the stupid new changes to tickets/wristbands and I was outside in the line just to get in. Couldn’t find parking when they opened up for LCD Soundsystem at Hollywood Bowl, so by the time my friend and I got to the turnstiles – they were playing their last song “Tell ‘Em.” SORTA got to see them Coachella 2011 but from a far distance in the beer garden cause we were hungry and wanted booze. So last night? Last night I finally got to be mashed up against bodies and thrashing in sweat w/Alex getting all up in everyone’s faces – then dousing us with her bottled water.

This was the show that made me realize, well fuck. I’m not a teen anymore. But it was still super fun! So now I leave you w/their live performance of “Infinity Guitars” at this year’s SXSW. TBH, this live is waaaay better than their recorded. Also, next time I shall stand in the back and get drunk while the kids can thrash dance in the front.