Versus!  We’re going to pit two things together and we’re going to decide who comes out on top!

Let’s see who we’ve got in our corners.

Fighting out of the red corner, from Tokyo, Japan in the year 2000, we have a Renai Revolution 21-era MORNING MUSUME!

thank you jpopcdcovers!

And in the blue corner, we have fighting out of Seoul, Korea, the current queens of the K-pop world, Girls’ Generation!

Shit just got real.

The rules are simple.  In this non-championship bout, there will be three rounds of five minutes each. Fighters will be scored based on octagon control, aggressive striking, effective takedowns, and moe/aegyo prowess.  Winners of a round will get 10 points, losers will get nine or less.

So readers, it’s time for you to sound off.  Either on our facebook page or in our poll, who do you think would come out on top?  A year 2000 Morning Musume, or Girls’ Generation?

Whatever happened to….? Jimmie’s Chicken Shack

It’s time for a new segment on SSB.

“Whatever happened to…?”

One of us will be talkin’ about a group, a fad, something, anything that was big back in the day…that just sort of disappeared.

Like this group.

What did they do right?

It’s 1999 and I’m in my sophomore year of high school.  I’m catching some MTV before I go to school and I see a video that didn’t make any sense.  It had a catchy tune, awesome guitar sounds, and random happenings all over the screen.  It was a microcosm of my adolescent brain.

The group was Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, and it was the video for their single “Do Right”.  Did it blow my mind?  Yes.  With the advent of FREE MP3’S and FTP sites/services, this was one of the first songs I downloaded.  Ahhhhh…good times.  I didn’t really realize the weight of the lyrics until I grew up a bit and realized just how laid back these guys were.

12 years later, yeah….what do I do right?  Some things, I hope.  I think.

But on the real…where are they now?  Are they still performing?  If Wikipedia is to be believed, then they’re still together.

I hope.  ‘Cuz that song rocked.

PSY – Gangnam Style (How I learned to stop worrying and love K-Pop)

K-pop’s come a long way.  Why, back in my day, I had to download videos and music off IRC and AOL chatrooms.  Nowadays, you can find the songs pretty easily, and the videos…well, let’s just say that they’ve gone viral.  With the advent of the internet, Korean Pop Music has taken the world by storm.  It’s the first splash of the Hallyu, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

Except for me and a few other people, like Joshua.  My fascination with Korea began long before Psy started dancing with Hyuna and Yoo Jae Suk.    Though now, I can’t remember why.

If my memory serves me correctly, my fascination with Korea began not long after I joined Taekwondo.  This was when I was 15 or 16.  I slowly started watching the videos on Music Video Heaven, then I slowly got sucked into the fandom.  Hell, I even joined a Baby VOX forum.   Wait, I’m pretty sure I’ve covered the how, but….WHY?

Why?  I suppose that it was different, fun, and quirky as hell.  Plus…well…the girls were hot.  I ain’t gonna lie.  And Korea’s only gotten better at producing these K-pop stars.

But don’t take my word for it.

Korea’s pop music has taken over the world.  And I for one welcome our new South Korean overlords.  Just let me be Tiffany’s underwear.


Unicorn Kid Needs U

You know that type of morning where you wake up wrapped around your Japanese Dakimakura Love Pillow, bathed in pools of rave lights and then wander out into an anonymous metropolis while incorporeal hands claw at your face and reality is repeatedly punctured by incursions of flashing psychedelia and translucent avatars of video game characters? You don’t? Then you guys have clearly never eaten Long John Silver’s just before going to bed.

Anyway, here’s the new video for Unicorn Kid’s exultant track “Need U” and as I’m sure you gleaned from the feeble attempt at description above, this clip has all of the intensely trippy visuals to stand up to the track. Part Enter The Void, part Scott Pilgrim, part Hype Williams, and all Unicorn Kid. U need this video…maybe?