Earl Sweatshirt. Whoaaaaaaaaa

I forgot how much I really use to ENJOY writing about music on this here blog or any of my solo blogs.  People hit me on Twitter every once and a while and remind me about the old playlists that I use to have running on my blogs.  If you were around for those times, then you remember when Mike Posner was a nobody but we still had him jamming along on the side bar of my blog. Pac Div, Dom, Bambu, Miguel, XV and all sorts of goodness quietly carrying on while I talked nonsense.

All I’ve been listening to lately is the Odd Future shit. Hence their inclusion in this post.  The dude’s from OFWGKTA are on a roll, The emergence of MellowHype (Hodgy&Left Brain), Domo Genesis, and most notably Earl Sweatshirt are the reasons I’m just going to come out and say that AS OF RIGHT NOW…they reign supreme.

No, not some dream you get after you huff too much paint, it’s the visuals for Earl Sweatshirt’s new video, ”WHOA”.  A follow up to late 2012’s “Chum”, “WHOA” serves as the second single off his highly anticipated album, Doris. The Odd Future crew has both toned down the transgression from their earlier tapes while distilling and concentrating all the aspects that made those tapes unique. Unlike “Chum” or other new Odd Future tracks, “WHOA” is a direct throwback to that earlier sound. Thankfully, Earl has traded in the gratuitous references to rape and murder for a few carefully placed lines about drug use and masturbation, which makes them all the more grotesque and intriguing.

Part of the appeal is the juxtaposition of these lines with Earl’s laconic apathy in the video – the dude is floating on filthy water in the middle of a reservoir tank.  Casual…no big deal right?  Regardless of what you think about Earl and Odd Future, whether the video is just weird for the sake of being weird, no one can ignore the hotness of a line like “Get ‘em higher than the pitch of metal tea kettle songs”.  
Doris doesn’t have a release date yet, but if “WHOA” is any indication, it’ll be worth the wait.


Lil B X Final Fantasy VI…Thank You Based God

I’m going to assume a lot you are familiar with Lil’ B and his new peculiar approach to the rap game. If not, prepare to laugh, abhor, or tilt your hat in regard to thy Based God.

I’m going to save most of this harangue in hopes of a more in-depth feature. You may or may not remember him from the bay area group, “The Pack”. He’s come along way from rapping about slip-ons. Nowadays, the Berkeley rapper feeds listeners with this based-induced rap. Going against the norm seems to bring all the attention to the 23-year-old artist. I like Lil’ B’s music because it always makes me laugh. Remember when music was just about having fun?……..Me neither.

Thank You Based God


Chrono Jigga

So if you’re a music head/gamer you probably stay up a night and wonder when someone will do a mash up of one of the GREATEST RPG’s of ALL TIME and Jay-Z…no? is that just me then?
I don’t know what it is about Jay-Z songs that mash up so well with other instrumentals. Any of you heard Jay-Z and Danger Mouse’s ‘Grey Album’? that sh*t was PERFECT.

Click HERE to listen to the mixtape.

(credit: Francis for the find)

Red Matter/Roman Watchdogs/Wine/Her Crimson Love @ The Griffin

I’m a multifaceted geek.  So when my friends from the band Red Matter told me that they were gonna play at The Griffin, how could I say no?  I wasn’t disappointed.  I got to hear some amazing bands play, had some good times, got pretty smashed…and Her Crimson Love is a dope band.  Too bad they’re on hiatus.  Hell, they all were legit.

So Eugene, Sean, Arturo, and Tuan, this entry’s for you guys.  And Mr. Florendo.  Real talk.

Red Matter’s website

Her Crimson Love’s website

Roman Watchdogs website

SNSD’s Tiffany sings “Call Me Maybe”. The universe weeps tears of joy.

Um…..Tiffany.  Singing “Call Me Maybe”.

I can do without the hipster glasses.

I can do without the hipster glasses.



Yep.  2013 will be a wonderful year.

And thanks to Ed for sticking this on my facebook, and monmonsnow for ripping this and sticking it on youtube.


wu tang list logo

Crafted in some deep, abysmal, iron kettle in the shadows of Staten Island, 9 original practitioners of rhyme from the hells of urban plight to lace unforgettable dungeon instrumentals with vibrant tales of their everyday life. Wu Tang easily made it’s way into my top 3 ‘Greatest Rap Groups of All Time’ list.

Method Man

Method Man is not my favorite member of the group (That title belongs to Raekwon) but It would be impossible not to mention his colorful career.  Originally the Clan member donned in dirt biking gloves and a ridiculous assortment of Busta Rhymes-esq headwear, Method Man went on to release a number of mainstream singles, star in Hollywood pieces, put together what I feel was a pretty horrid television show and still retain the raw energy that made him Meth. Method Man was hard…and then he did this

We can argue all we want about Supreme Clientele vs Only Built for Cuban Linx because Method Man has now made every Wu released album/track obsolete.  ‘The Worlds Gone Sour‘ is a homage to Sour Patch Kids. In an interesting bit of marketing they’ve taken a rebellious route and allowed Meth to spit a not-so-kiddie-friendly rap (penis pumps are mentioned). According to the track, Sour Patch kids are a scrappy bunch of pricks who like fucking with you. Not exactly screamin’ out  Shaolin, but this doesn’t surprise me coming from the star of Fox’s Method and Red.

Cello’s and Lightsabers

Back, back, way back I had a problem identifying with groups of people in HS and College. On one hand I played sports, was SOMEWHAT popular, had a decent fashion sense, proper hygiene, an ear for underground hip hop, a girlfriend. I never really considered myself a “cool kid” On the other hand I was REALLY into anime, D&D, 2D fighting games, and comics. I guess you can say I was conflicted. Conflicted until the day I met Twitch

Twitch basically showed me that it’s cool to be a hybrid. So when most people would watch the video I posted below, I’m sure some people would say “that’s the nerdiest thing i’ve ever seen” When hybrids, like myself watch. I’m sure we can all agree that that’s the coolest thing we’ve seen.

Dance/Electro Cello Star Wars music? yes please

Twitchy’s Anime Rocking Chair – The Animix Project.

Back in 2003, a group of people from animemusicvideos.org decided to get together to make an anime music video.  On April 4, 2004, the video was finally released.  Using a 1990’s dance megamix as their soundtrack, over 100 AMV editors banded together to make an anime music video that ran for one hour.   This is where things get kinda crazy.  You have to remember that the average anime fan’s attention span is rather small.  How did the creators of this AMV deal with the length?

Simple.  They used a ton of anime series, and each clip doesn’t go over one minute.  Plus, the video was skilfully edited together so it all just flows.  All you see is the goodness.

I’ll admit that the video is a little dated now, but it’s still fun to watch.  And I’m a huge fan of 90’s eurodance/techno songs.  Double win.

I’ve tried to get into contact with the head of the animix project, but I haven’t been successful as of yet.

I first saw this during my stint with the Southwestern College Anime and Games/Pacific Media Club.  Ahhh…memories.