I failed in the 10 taco challenge.


The champ. 5:35.

I attempted the 10 taco challenge earlier this morning.  I was going up against the reigning champion, Ryan B.  The current record was 6:01.  The rules were:

  • One taco had to be consumed at a time
  • Tacos had to be unwrapped individually
  • Contestants could drink water.

My DNF is right above Frankie’s.

If you didn’t see the above picture, I got a DNF,  the other contestant, Frankie G., finished 8 tacos.  I only finished 5.  One thing’s for sure, I’m not gonna be eating Jack In the Box tacos anytime soon.  :X

And Ryan?  He shattered his previous best.  5:35.

This conversation happened later:
Neggy: i saw it when my email informed me there was a new post
Neggy:: you lost then
Me: yep.
Me: my supervisor killed it
Neggy: loser…
Neggy: jk
Me: all i can say is that the toilet is gonna be the real loser
Neggy: AHAH

The GANGSTA Mac. And an update for Chapter 1 of SSB!

imageMy supervisor named my creation, the “Gangsta Mac”, because Jack In The Box is all about that gangsta biznass.  It’s a Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger with a Taco inside.

Well, I can’t eat it now, it’s a lenten Friday.  But I can look at it and dream.

After all, I’m training now, so starting monday, I’ll be eating a lot more fruits, veggies, and protein powder.

BTW, I weighed in at 194 lbs today.  Some progress…I suppose?  I mean, there isn’t much else for me to do since Chapter one is being drawn out as we speak.


[Hood Eats] “Golden House”

Negatron and myself are doing a new feature on SSB.  Hood eats.  Simply put, we’re lookin’ for good cheap food that probably flies under the radar on Yelp.  We’re focusing our search on establishments “South of the 54”.  The criteria that I’m using to judge them is considerably different from Justin’s.  I’m looking for taste, the ambience, and the price of the food.  Negatron’s criteria?  Um…. I’ll let him talk about it in the second part of this inaugural entry

First up, let’s give you guys the 4-1-1 on the place.

Golden House Chinese Restaurant
4370 Palm Avenue
San Diego, CA 92154
(619) 690-2688

Price: 1 0ut of 5 rims.
The price of one lunch combo runs for $5.50, and you get an entree, a hearty helping of rice, a cream cheese wonton and egg drop soup.  That’s a LOT of food.  Especially when you factor in the price, it’s a steal.  Perfect place to go when you need somethin’ cheap.

Taste: 4 out 5 rims.
It’s good hood chinese food.  It’s nothin’ to write home about, but man is it satisfying as hell.

Ambience: Not too hood.
It’s kinda hard to measure this.  For one thing, despite being in the “Del Sol” area of San Diego (which was a hotbed of street racing back in the day), it’s really clean and well-lit.   The shopping center it’s located in is pretty clean and inviting as well.   Hood eats?  Definitely, though the appearance will throw you off.  The service was good, though since we went during the lunch rush, things got kinda hectic.  Not their fault.



Ahoy hoy, SSB fans! Justin/Negatron here for my portion of the blog. My rating system is a bit different than Twitch’s. I’ll be using a 1-5 scale. 1 being nasty, and 5 being AMAZING

Price:4 Ice Cube records (before all the family movies) out of 5
Like Twitch said, you get a decent amount of food for the $5.50 lunch specials. The rest of the menu is moderately priced. I didn’t see anything over 12 bucks.

Taste: 3 Yin Yang Twins out of 5
It’s good. I’ve had better…

Ambiance: 1 Kimbo Slice out of 5!
I don’t know why this was difficult for Twitch to measure. This place was NOT hood at all…just because the area around it is hood doesn’t mean the restaurant will be. I was disappointed to walk in the door and NOT see a 25 cent Homies Figure machine. Stop me if i’m wrong but a “hood” restaurant wouldn’t have a juice bar next to it…it’s supposed to be sandwiched between a Liquor store and a Pawn shop. Am I right or am I RIGHT?

                                                                                Making it rain tip money