Fight Night Spring 2014 024

OtakuFIGHTER: Fight Night Spring 2014!! (Part 1)

Yesterday marked the first Fight Night event at The Boxing Club, and naturally, I was on hand to take pictures.  And that I did.

Mind you, I’m still getting used to this whole camera thing, so my pictures didn’t turn out so well.  Oh well, practice is practice.  I’m going to put a few of my fave pictures here, and at the end, there’s gonna be a dropbox link for the entire picture dump, so you can post the pics wherever you want, just as long as you keep the SSB logo intact.  Don’t be a dick and crop it out.

And in a few more days, Brian’s gonna have his pics from the event up, and they’re better than mine. :P

Fight Night Spring 2014 001 Fight Night Spring 2014 010 Fight Night Spring 2014 012 Fight Night Spring 2014 013 Fight Night Spring 2014 015 Fight Night Spring 2014 016 Fight Night Spring 2014 017 Fight Night Spring 2014 024 Fight Night Spring 2014 029 Fight Night Spring 2014 031 Fight Night Spring 2014 035 Fight Night Spring 2014 159 Fight Night Spring 2014 359 Fight Night Spring 2014 361 Fight Night Spring 2014 416 Fight Night Spring 2014 445 Fight Night Spring 2014 655-001 Fight Night Spring 2014 787

Fight Night Spring 2014 1086

The entire dump can be found here MAKE WITH THE CLICKING FOR GREAT JUSTICE!  DO IT NOW!! 

Big ups to TBC for putting together an awesome show, and even bigger ups to the people that participated.  I’ll be joining you guys soon enough.




OtakuFIGHTER: The best birthday present!?

I'm not doing any competitive running for a while, thank you.

I’m not doing any competitive running for a while, thank you.

Happy early birthday!?  I think, I’m not too sure what time it is.  Anywhoo, I ran my first half marathon in 3:20:52.  I might’ve finished backwards.

Big ups to the San Diego Half Marathon peeps and everyone that put it all together.  My legs are shot.

ufc weidman vs machida

Weidman vs. Machida for the UFC Middleweight Title!?

Earlier today, the Nevada State Athletic Commission banned the use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy in combat sports.  That includes MMA.  For some time, TRT was hailed as a safe alternative to steroid use, and its use was widely publicized.  Especially for the UFC’s resurgent star, Vitor Belfort.

Although as luck would have it, his supposed title shot against Chris Weidman that was supposed to go down at UFC 173, won’t happen.  The UFC just tweeted that the fight would go to the new middleweight Lyoto Machida.

ufc weidman vs machida


I wonder…why did Vitor Belfort lose the shot?  Was it the TRT ruling?  Or something else?  Like, Ninjas?  I bet it was Strider Hiryu.



So, our loyal readers, what do you think of all this?  Did Vitor Belfort pull out because he could no longer drink that TRT jungle juice?  Did Machida drink some peepee and gain hadouken magic?  Did Weidman break someone else’s shin?

Sound off in the comments section!

This band is dope.

Her Crimson Love X SSB – This is gonna be awesome!

This band is dope.

This band is dope.

You might be wondering why I’m doing an entry for a band.  Lemme break it down for you guys.

This band is dope.  Her Crimson Love is an all-female pop-rock(I LOVE THAT CANDY) band haling from our fair city, and they have an enjoyable sound.  You might remember, I did an entry about them last year when I caught their gig at the griffin.

Here’s a short bio from their official facebook page:

It happened in chemistry class. Hailing from San Diego, CA, the female rockers of Her Crimson Love (aka HCL) started out their days as a high school rock band that jammed in a garage to cover songs and made their own songs — and still do. The pop-punk, all-female band consists of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Jennifer “Jay Jay” Juliano, lead guitarist and backing vocalist, Jamie Manalili, bassist and lyricst, Melanie “Mel” Buhay and drummer, Phonesavanth “Pon” Elena Navasak. Pulling influences from bands like Jinxed, Rufio, and New Found Glory guides them in creating the sound that they have today.

They performed at bar venues in San Diego such as the Griffin and the Office Bar and recently, AMP Music Festival 2013; their first was the AMP Music Festival 2012. Her Crimson Love enjoys sharing the stage with the talented, local musicians and getting to know and share similiar musical interests. Currently, the ladies are writing new songs, are working on releasing their first EP, and have some shows lined up.

Sooo…I was talkin’ with their drummer earlier tonight and we talked about geeky shit.  The usual.  And so, we decided to combine our powers for good and defend the geek realm from all that is pretentious, creepy, troll-looking, and #notaboutthatgeeklife.  What can you expect from this movement?  Um….interviews, maybe a video or two, Pon kicking Jared, the sky’s the limit.

So fans, be on the lookout.  HCL & SSB are gonna be rocking out, punching kittens, drawing manga, and partying really hard!

Although one of the things probably won’t happen too soon. :/

Their ReverbNation profile is here

robocop 3 nes

8 Bit Nostalgia : Robocop 3′s Title Screen Theme

You know the future's bright when little girls are brandishing submachine guns.

You know the future’s bright when little girls are brandishing submachine guns.

I was in 4th grade when someone gave Robocop 3 to me.  I don’t remember who it was now, but man, this game was fun.  I sure as hell didn’t know any better, but I played the hell out of this game.  When I beat the game, I actually wrote into our calendar “Robocop 3 beaten by J.J.”  The hypest moment of the day.

The game hasn’t aged very well, and now I can see just how bad it was.  Everything about the game screamed mediocre.  The color palette, the controls, the presentation, damn near everything about the game was just….mediocre.  Well, when the source material was the worst Robocop movie in the trilogy, you can’t really expect much from the game.

Except for the music.  Ocean games were usually based on movie franchises, and they weren’t that good.  Except for the music.  They knew how to make music.

This song is my absolute favorite track from the NES era.  It’s the intro theme for the NES version of Robocop 3.  The intro starts out slow, then builds momentum and starts hitting you with a deep bassline, and everything else starts falling into place.  I kid you not when I say that I would never, ever skip this intro when I would play this game.  I would let it run until it ended, and then press START.

I honestly thought that I was the only person in the whole wide world that loved this song.  I was wrong.

Jeroen Tel, the song’s composer, is still active to this very day.  He’s the one that got the song playing on stage at that chiptune concert.  Every time I hear that song, I’m always whisked back to a time when the only responsibility I had was to do my damn homework.  Fox 6 kids actually had awesome programming, and the closest we got to gambling was POGS.  I didn’t have to worry about filing taxes, getting my car fixed, getting my ass kicked in the boxing ring, or running a half marathon.

It was a simple, fun time.  And I think that’s the power that chiptune music has over us NES kids.  It brings us back to that time, over and over again.




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