aka DAN Adoption Documentary pt. 6 & 7

The Dan Matthews’ saga continues with a couple of crucial chapters of self-discovery. In episode 6, we follow Dan to Geoje Island, the place he was born. He tours the island with his family and has a glimpse of what his life could have been.  Here’s the episode:

In episode 7, Dan gets the DNA test results back to confirm the relationship with his family. Dan prepares for the biggest concert of his life as the International Korean Adoption Association Summit winds down. Dan also receives touching words of encouragement from important people in his life. Watch the episode:

I had a similar experience in the towns my mother and father were born. Traveling through the Philippines and learning about how my parents grew up was eye-opening. They had to travel far to go to school and lived very modestly. Just as Dan might have, I greatly appreciate how well I live in America. Have any of you had a similar experience? What was it like? Tweet me at @999HP!

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