aka DAN Adoption Documentary pt. 5

Dan Matthew’s takes a trip around Seoul with Megan Lee and Simon/Martina of EatYourKimchi. They hang out, catch up and give him advice on what’s happened to him thus far with his biological family.Here’s the episode:

Seoul is an amazing city! Friends of mine who’ve come back say it’s a pretty cool place. I don’t really track Korean stuff as closely as I do Japanese stuff though. It’s definitely on my travel list! The gift giving though… great idea! I wish people gave me gifts every visit! Definitely a custom I could get used to! Living in America helps you to appreciate when you’re able to visit your home country. Looking forward to the next akaDAN episode on the ISAtv channel!

Have any of you guys been to Seoul? What’s it like? What’s fun? Tweet me at @999HP!

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Special thanks to Dan Matthews. Learn more about Dan on his website (here)
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