aka DAN Adoption Documentary pt. 4

Part 4 is the one that tugs at my heartstrings the most. We get an inside look into Dan Matthew’s adoption experience as a baby and meet his foster mother Mrs. Lee for the first time since leaving Korea. Seeing the babies at the adoption center makes me grateful for parents who take the time to lovingly raise their kids. Without giving too much away, you can see Dan’s life was changed forever. Here’s the episode:

I completely relate to how Dan feels meeting his foster mother. I had a similar moment coming home to the Philippines and seeing relatives I don’t remember as a small child. It is difficult to reciprocate the love someone has for you with little to no memories of it. I am definitely grateful for that love and care and showed it to them throughout my stay.

Show love to the people around you because they do the same. Remember you are where you are because of them. You owe it to them to be great and lift others up. More with Dan when part 5 hits the ISAtv channel! Tweet me with your thoughts about this video at @999HP!

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