Justice is served

Just the FACTS, ma’am. 


THE LOWDOWN: I’m a new writer to the SSB blog but this isn’t my first rodeo. I’m actually here to do what I love to do: Gush about geeky things. I can be a number of things but dishonest about what I love is not one of them. I’m here because you need me, Internet.
That is a FACT.

I can sit here and tell you what to like but you can make that decision just fine without my intervening. I like to encourage people. I have a weird sense of humor. I like too many things to count. All of these are choices.

THE VERDICT: The FACT that you are reading this is a choice. I will honor that choice by being as honest and entertaining as possible. Thank you for the warm welcome, Internet and look out for my content soon. My brand own of justice will do justice to the spirit of SSB.
That is also a

And if you can’t handle these facts, my boys got a message…

RhythmEmotion x Strawberry Scented Burnout
I’m glad to be here. Let’s get along! 🙂

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