25 years of Awesome.

Before I talk about the indestructible game of all time Street Fighter I gotta give a shout out to one of my best friend’s in college. Happy Birthday you crazy Owl.

So street fighter is 25 just like me and I must say..we age damn fine! As a lad I detested,hated, reviled this game. Why? Because I was not able to do the hadouken! I was not fierce enough or just didn’t have a sense of timing and Daslim scared the living shit out of me. Then when Street Fighter 4 came along…I discovered my main DAN(FATTTHERRRRRRRRRR) and finally the game made sense. I secretly played at my friend’s house a lot, and told no one about my secret training. I decided to unleash my new found skills on my brother by doing Akuma’s special and walking away. Then walking back to school him with Dan. So Happy Bday street fighter may we both age handsome.


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