Hammer Time

Ever taken a hammer to the head before? No, I don’t mean an actual hammer. I’m talking about the squeaky toy hammers that are usually sold to kids so they can hit things with the reward of a high pitch squeak to enjoy every single time.

When it comes to Asian television, there are a lot of variety shows that feature a big squeaky toy hammer to serve as a punishment by having its cast members being hit on the head by them. Why? Simple, it’s fun, funny, and for sure doesn’t cause that much physical damage to a person. After watching these comedians using these hammers I decided that I needed to buy one for myself and have some fun with some of my friends.

As I started my journey, I realized one thing, there are so many different hammers to get and there was huge difference one the kind of hammers when it comes to country of origin.

So I first started with a cheap one dollar hammer that I bought from a local Japanese dollar store. Needless to say, after doing some rigorous testing, this small cute toy hammer was left in pieces and my head had a new bump on it that wasn’t previously there. The pink part where you’re supposed to hit someone with had so little resistance when it came to compressing that the plastic part it was attached to destroyed me.

The first hammer broken into four pieces.

With that massive failure, I redoubled my efforts into finding a new hammer, one that could withstand the abuse we would put it through. First off, there was a small hammer which was cute, but definitely should only be used for kids as there was no in fact that the hammer would last that long. The mid-sized hammer that I tested next was decent, and the fact that it was cheap on Amazon, meant that I could buy more if I needed to. Was it THE hammer that I wanted? Absolutely not. So my adventure continued to find THE hammer. A week later, after paying an absurd amount for shipping, my friend received a hammer straight from Korea. After testing it a few times, I had finally found it, the squeaky toy hammer to top all squeaky hammers had finally graced me with its presence and it was incredible.

The one true hammer to destroy them all.

This hammer, not only could it withstand our abuse, it in turn gave us quite a bit of hurting, with such massive surface area, coming in at a whopping [need measurements], not only did it hurt more of our heads, it had a lot “oof” behind it. So was it worth it to buy this hammer where the shipping was about six times more than the actual price of the hammer? Yeah, I’d like to say it is, so far it has brought us great joy and pain, maybe a bit more pain to be totally honest though.