Destiny: Rise of Iron Overview

Destiny ROI

Destiny: Rise of Iron is the next expansion in the Destiny universe coming one year after The Taken King expansion last September. Rise of Iron (ROI) is the fourth expansion coming to Destiny. It follows a familiar face, Lord Saladin, and the history of the fallen Iron Lords.

Lord Saladin

Lord Saladin is the orchestrator of the Iron Banner competitive event that appears once a month for a solid week and the star of this story. Lord Saladin wanted only the best to participate in the Iron Banner (IB) so they could be ready for the Darkness that was looming out in the cosmos. After many successful events, Lord Saladin is ready to mount the charge to take back the mantle of Iron Lords and bestow it upon all who aid him in his quest to destroy an ancient evil that has resurfaced due to the curiosity of the Fallen.


Enter the hype train. From here on out I’ll need your ticket, take a seat and enjoy the ride because we’re hitting light speed. This entry will be lengthy as I have a lot of info to cover. I would have got this out earlier, but I had to leave out-of-town unexpectedly. Anyways on to new content!


First off, the ROI reveal trailer. We finally get to scope Lord Saladin’s face:

So now that has wet your whistle, I’ll go over some basic facts about ROI.

-All new public zone called the Plaguelands.

-New social space, Felwinter’s peak that also is home to wolves.

-The entirety of the Cosmodrome has been given the winter treatment (winter has come GoT fans).

-Fallen are the main aggressors this time around enhanced by a techno-virus called SIVA.

GJALLARHORN IS BACK! Also comes in black with pre-order. (You have until September 19th).

THORN IS BACK! Prepare for the most controversial gun to strut its’ way back into crucible.

-All new artifacts themed after the fallen Iron Lords including one that mitigates DoT (Damage over time).

-A brand new raid called Rise of the Machine.

-Lots of new armor and I mean A LOT of armor, both legendary and exotic.

-New Trials of Osiris armor, Iron Banner armor, and Iron Lord Armor.

-The Khvostov makes a comeback, but this time it’s exotic.

-Brand new strike called The Wretched Eye, along with two old favorites, The Devil’s Lair with Sepiks Perfected, and The Summoning Pits becomes The Abomination Pit.

-Light Level has been increased from 335 to 385 and once the hard mode raid is released it will be 400. Level will remain at 40 so no change there.

-3 new Crucible Maps and one Playstation exclusive map. A new crucible mode called Supremacy, which if you have played Call of Duty’s Kill Confirm mode, you’ll feel right at home.


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Whew that was a whole lot of info to dump on you. I’ll be doing another entry with more details on what’s coming in Rise of Iron. Stay tuned!