OtakuFighter – Reborn!

Being sick of being sick, and constantly watching my weight fluctuate, I decided to take a stand.  2 weeks ago, I’ve started a formal training regimen and diet plan with my fitness coach, Coach Jessica Lopez.  Before I began actually training with her, we had a meeting to discuss my goals, eating habits, and training schedule.

What it all boiled down to was:

  • Training too much
  • Eating improperly
  • Beer is like 7 slices of bread.

She established a few guidelines for me.  Notably my RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate of 1877).  With the way I train, I need a steady supply of good nutrients to foster muscle growth and fat burning.  I’ve also significantly reduced the amount of alcohol I drink.  That one’s probably a no-brainer.

My training schedule was more formalized and streamlined to include weight lifting and running.  After running through some lifting drills I learned that I had been doing it wrong my whole life.

What’s my goal?  I want to eventually get down to 165 lbs, and get shredded in the process.  I started out at 190 lbs.  Currently I’m hovering around the 180-185 lbs range.  Is it possible?  Follow me on the road to getting ripped on my new weekly series, #OtakuFighter, with updates every Sunday!