EA… What are we going to do with you…?

Earlier this month, an article was posted on Yahoo! Games regarding EA being deemed worst company in America…for the second year in a row… (Article can be seen here) Apparently, they seem to have a problem with shutting down their servers prematurely and provided poor customer service (if any at all) as the article purports…

Not very surprising… I even wrote a blog entry back in October (seen here) bashing them for their laziness on their sports games.

Today, I logged into Facebook and try to play SimCity Social, only to see a pop up message in-game stating the game will be shut down on June 14. Though I’ve only really spent about $20-25 on diamonds to use in this game, I feel really bad for those that spent more money and even purchased diamond vaults. Already, there’s a ton of complaints, of which some of those posting their complaints vow never again to purchase anything from EA.

Oh well… It sucks to be EA right now…

My game review criteria – it’s pretty damn simple

I’ve played a ton of games in my life, and I can tell you that I’ve read a lot of corresponding game reviews.  Do I trust ’em?  No.  Like most things, you’ve gotta take what they say with a grain of salt.  Some websites need the whole fuckin’ can of Morton salt.  When it rains it most definitely pours.

I do agree that games these days aren’t too cheap, and most people are loathe to waste their money on a game that sucks.  Fair enough.  That’s the million dollar question right there.  Does the game suck?  And what criteria do you base a game’s “suckage” on?

Sites like IGN, Metacritic, and countless others have their own criteria to judge a game’s suckiness.  I say, “FUCK THAT”.  Besides, you’ve got other factors like advertisement, time constraints, and player bias clouding the review (that shit can’t be helped, really).

Here’s my criteria for a game.

IS IT FUN?  It’s a simple question that requires one of two answers.  Yes, or no.



Let’s be real, we all play videogames, watch anime, or read comics because we’re bored and we need something to pass the time.  Fuck the bullshit, if the game is fun, we’ll let you know.  Real talk.