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I feel a little sad that I won’t be using cellphone pictures on this site as much, but I’ve gotta step up my game.  I got the camera from RhythmEmotion.net’s Lester, and it’s a fine camera for someone that’s pretty damn new to this whole DSLR thing.

I’m sure you guys are noticing a few changes on our site.  While we are upgrading our hardware and software, the core of SSB will remain unchanged.  The core of SSB is, and always has been the strength and the style of our writers and artist(s).

…hang on, I just bought Cards Against Humanity.

And here’s another episode of Detoonified, where Saph and Sarah break down a claymation feature.  Watch it!

…and is my strike almost over?  Sigh.


Super Street Kineda II

Had a chance to check out Kineda’s SF Hyper Collection yet? It’s signature Kineda art, plus you’re favorite Street Fighter II characters. The only thing that can top that is if they made more tee’s with SF4 characters… *cough, cough CODY…ahem.

I’m not big on graphic tee’s anymore, not since 05/06 or so but, Looking through the Kineda Store. I must admit i’m tempted to pick up a few things (I personally like the “Shoryuken” snapback). So if you’re big on Streetwear, still “hypebeasting”, a Capcom supporter, Street Fighter fanboy/girl. I suggest taking a look at the store and dropping some of that tax return money on some fresh shit.

Earl Sweatshirt. Whoaaaaaaaaa

I forgot how much I really use to ENJOY writing about music on this here blog or any of my solo blogs.  People hit me on Twitter every once and a while and remind me about the old playlists that I use to have running on my blogs.  If you were around for those times, then you remember when Mike Posner was a nobody but we still had him jamming along on the side bar of my blog. Pac Div, Dom, Bambu, Miguel, XV and all sorts of goodness quietly carrying on while I talked nonsense.

All I’ve been listening to lately is the Odd Future shit. Hence their inclusion in this post.  The dude’s from OFWGKTA are on a roll, The emergence of MellowHype (Hodgy&Left Brain), Domo Genesis, and most notably Earl Sweatshirt are the reasons I’m just going to come out and say that AS OF RIGHT NOW…they reign supreme.

No, not some dream you get after you huff too much paint, it’s the visuals for Earl Sweatshirt’s new video, ”WHOA”.  A follow up to late 2012’s “Chum”, “WHOA” serves as the second single off his highly anticipated album, Doris. The Odd Future crew has both toned down the transgression from their earlier tapes while distilling and concentrating all the aspects that made those tapes unique. Unlike “Chum” or other new Odd Future tracks, “WHOA” is a direct throwback to that earlier sound. Thankfully, Earl has traded in the gratuitous references to rape and murder for a few carefully placed lines about drug use and masturbation, which makes them all the more grotesque and intriguing.

Part of the appeal is the juxtaposition of these lines with Earl’s laconic apathy in the video – the dude is floating on filthy water in the middle of a reservoir tank.  Casual…no big deal right?  Regardless of what you think about Earl and Odd Future, whether the video is just weird for the sake of being weird, no one can ignore the hotness of a line like “Get ‘em higher than the pitch of metal tea kettle songs”.  
Doris doesn’t have a release date yet, but if “WHOA” is any indication, it’ll be worth the wait.




What sort of noise should I put in here..?


Does this go here? No, there? Hm…

Remember a few months ago, how I wrote a certain article about a certain magical Korean-styled variety show? Well, our director Mark is still workin’ on it, and I caught up with the director/video editor to see how it was going.

  • Right now, the footage is being edited, and will be released in three parts.
  • Expect another teaser to drop within a month.
  • It’ll be pretty sweet.

And I’m not just sayin’ that ‘cuz I’m one of their PR guys.  I genuinely think this show’s gonna be mad dope.  The fact that it’s being filmed at my dojang is pretty sweet.

Mark, handle it!